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Bloodinpee ebook

  1. 1. Blood in Pee: What Causes It & Treating it From HomeI: IntroductionII: Kidney StonesIII: Urinary Tract InfectionIV: Kidney DiseaseV: Blood DisordersVI: Certain MedicationsVII: Enlarged ProstateVIII: DiabetesIX: Jarring of the BladderX: Kidney InjuryXI: Conclusion Disclaimer The author of this eBook does not give medical advice; this information was written out of personal experience for educational and informational purposes. We claim no ownership or right to any images contained in this works. Whenever utilizing any home treatments you should always consult a certified medical practitioner for approval. We assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information. Intended for 18+ only.
  2. 2. I. IntroductionFirst off, if you have just recently found blood in your urine there is noneed to panic just yet. Simply put, there are dozens of things that couldhave caused this that are non non-life threatening. For the most part, many .of the causes of blood in pee areminor and can be treated right from dhome. That said, blood in the urine is .still a serious condition that deservesyour attention right away.By taking the time to know what the most common causes of blood inurine are you are giving yourself peace of mind. You will not have toencounter sleepless nights wondering if there is something seriouslywrong with you. Instead, you will have a good idea of what is causingthe problem and be able to remedy it right from the comfort of yourown home. Of course, there are instances where the blood i caused the isfrom things that need the attention of a medical professional When professional.this is the case you will need a doctor’s diagnosis in order to ensure
  3. 3. that you are getting the proper treatment. Even when a diagnosis likethis is made, however, there are still some things that you can do fromhome in order to eliminate the blood from your urine as well as easeyour mind.II. Kidney StonesKidney stones are one of the most common causes of blood in pee.Kidney stones often go undiagnosed in people until they start to showsigns because there is no one singular reason why people develop thesestones. There are normally a number of factors that contribute to thedevelopment of the kidney stones themselves. Included in these factors are things such as diet. People that eat poorly are more likely to develop these painful kidney stones. When this is the case one of the first signs that will bevisible is blood in the urine. If you have a family history of kidney stonesand are experiencing blood in the urine you may want to try out a few
  4. 4. home remedies to see if your symptoms can be alleviated. One of thefirst things to do is to lower your vitamin c levels. Believe it or not, thismay allow you to see some relief almost immediately. Eat a bowl ofbran flakes in order to get rid of that calcium and increase the amountof fiber in your diet. In addition, in order to alleviate blood in peecaused by kidney stones you might want to simply try taking an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. This will help to eliminate anyinflammation and irritation that may be present. Finally, you will wantto limit how much salt you are eating as there is a relationship betweenyour sodium consumption and blood in the urine as it relates to kidneystones.III. Urinary Tract InfectionUrinary tract infections can be very painful as there are not too manywarning signs. If you are lucky enough to spot blood in your pee youmay be getting an early indication that you, in fact, do have a urinarytract infection. In over ninety-percent of the cases the infection is
  5. 5. caused by bacteria that have invaded your urethra. When this happensthe infection can spread quickly all the way up the urinary tract andinto the kidneys. Because of this, it isimportant to begin a course oftreatment as soon as you may suspect oonan infection. The best home remedy forthis type of infection is drinking a lot ofcranberry juice and a modified diet. Thecranberry juice is useful because theanti-oxidants that it contains will help to fight off any unwanted oxidantsbacteria that may be present in the urethra. In addition, it is not harsh eriaon the bladder. Beverages such as coffee will irritate the bladder thuscausing more pain in many instances. Cranberry juice will not cause anypain at all. Of course, if you suspect that you have a urinary tract thatinfection you may want to take an anti anti-inflammatory ease any pain orsymptoms that you have. This medication will help to calm down any
  6. 6. flare up that may be present which will help to eliminate the blood thatis present in your urine.IV. Kidney DiseaseKidney disease is a very serious condition that affects thousands ofpeople worldwide. The disease is so common because there are manydifferent things that can cause it. Simply put, you may be at risk for kidney disease and not even know it until you begin to show signs. Blood in the pee is one of the classic signs that there is something going on with the kidneys. If you have beendiagnosed with, or suspect that you may have, kidney disease then you ,need to figure out what caused it so that you can treat it correctly. causedSome of the most common causes of kidney disease are: • Diabetes • High Blood Pressure • Overuse of Ibuprofen
  7. 7. • Hardening of the ArteriesOf course, there are a lot of home remedies out there that can helpeliminate blood from your pee if you have kidney disease. It isimportant to note, however, that if the cause is overuse of Ibuprofenthen you may want to avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medications.You should instead look into ways that you can alter your diet. Alteringyour diet will help to lower the stress that is placed on the kidneyswhich in turn will help to eliminate the blood from your pee. Whengoing on a diet to help fight kidney disease you must consider thesethree things: • Protein: Limit the amount of protein that you intake each day by lowering the amount of meat that you eat. Instead opt for fruits and vegetables. • Potassium: Eat a lot of apples, cabbage and carrots so that you can keep your potassium at a moderate level. Try to avoid bananas and tomatoes if possible.
  8. 8. • Salt: Avoid foods that have added salts in them. Meals that are frozen or canned may have too much salt in them for your kidneys. V. Blood Disorders Disorders of this nature are one of the leading causes of blood in pee. The most common blood disorders that will cause you to visibly see blood in the urine are: • Sickle Cell Disease • Blood Clot in the Kidneys • Low Number of PlateletsIf you suspect that you have one of these disorders you should see yourdoctor right away. Only the doctor will be able to give you a positivediagnosis and suggest a course of treatment for you. The doctor willmost likely give you a few things that you can try from home in order toeliminate the amount of blood you have in your urine from one of
  9. 9. these disorders. In addition to the physician prescribed treatment,there are also some remedies that are thought to help clam thesedisorders. Chief amongst them are the consumption of folic acid. Folicacid will help to increase the numberof healthy red blood cells you have.These healthy red blood cells will helpyou become healthier and eliminatethe amount of blood in your urine. You can get the folic acid you needeither by taking a supplement or by choosing a diet with a variety ofcolorful fruits and vegetables. fulVI. Certain MedicationsThere are some medicines out there that actually increase the risk ofbleeding and are damaging to the kidneys. If you are taking any of thesemedications the best thing that you can do is stop taking the By them.eliminating the medicine from your routine you will be eliminating the
  10. 10. cause of the blood in your pee. The medicines that most commonlycause blood in pee are: • Asprin • Warfarin • Coumadin • PlavixVII. Enlarged ProstateIt is not really know exactly what causes an enlarged prostate. What wedo know, however, is that the condition affects thousands of people all over the world. Because of this we are becoming increasingly sensitive to the warning signs of prostate problems. As problems such as prostate cancer become cermore widespread it is really important to learn the warning signs suchas blood in pee. It should be mentioned that all prostate problems do
  11. 11. not have to be as serious as cancer. For these less serious conditions itis possible to utilize a few home remedies in order to eliminate the homeblood from the urine. • Eat Pumpkin Seeds: The zinc in the seeds helps to heal the seeds prostate. • Fish: Eat 2 servings a week that are high in Omega 3 oils. Omega-3 • Soy: Eating soy will help to lower your testosterone production This will help to sooth your prostate ill prostate. • Water: Drink 8 glasses a day day.VIII. DiabetesIt is a little known fact that one of the side effects of diabetes can be blood in the urine. Spotting the blood early can be an early warning sign of the onset of diabetes. In addition to this, things such as high blood pressure, highblood fat levels, a high fat diet, alcohol abuse and obesity can cause
  12. 12. diabetes with blood in the pee as one of the side effects. If you thinkthat you may be diabetic and you have blood in your pee you shouldreally see a doctor right away. In the meantime, you can try some ofthese home remedies in order to eliminate the blood that is showing upin the urine. • Olive Oil: It is thought that a diet high in olive oil will help to reduce the blood sugar levels. • Asparagus: Eat plenty of it. It is thought to be a mild diuretic that can help control your diabetes. • Lemon: Substitute it for salt. • Parsley: Acts as a diuretic and helps to lower the blood sugar in general. • Watercress: Strengthens the body of people that have diabetes.IX. Jarring of the BladderBelieve it or not, during exercise it is possible to jar the bladder to thepoint where it will start to bleed. The end result will be blood in the
  13. 13. urine. In order for this to happen the exercise will typically have to be willvery strenuous and prolonged. This is something that is most oftenseen in people that are competitive weightlifters or in people that train on a daily basis forthings such as triathlons. If you do experienceblood in your pee after a strenuous workout eryou should immediately contact your doctor aswell as consider modifying your workoutroutine. However, there are some homeremedies that you can look into that will help to ease the situation: • Relax: Often by just relaxing for a bit the situation can take care of itself. You may have to modify your workout routine for a few days. • Stay Hydrated: Drinking a lot of water will help you urinate more frequently which will help to eliminate the problem. Staying hydrated will also allow you to avoid any infection.
  14. 14. • Avoid Salt and Caffeine Salty foods and caffeinated drinks may Caffeine: irritate the bladder thus causing the symptoms to persist for days.X. Kidney InjuryAn injury to one of the kidneys is a reason why you may see blood inthe urine. Take the time to think back about any incident that may ehave caused damage to one or both of your kidneys. Simple things such as playing a sport or wrestling with your children could trigger an injury to the kidney. Of course, things such as a caraccident or a bad fall can also damage the kidneys and cause largeramounts of blood in the urine. If you feel that one of your kidneyswas recently injured the best thing that you can do is get some rest.Resting will allow the body’s natural healing powers to take over.You should see the blood in the urine subside after two or threedays. In addition, you will want to watch your diet to make sure thatyou are not eating foods that can aggravate the kidneys and the
  15. 15. bladder. Foods with salt and caffeine should be avoided so that thereis no unnecessary irritation. Finally, make sure to protect the injuredkidney from further damage. Though this may sound obvious, but itis very easy to further damage a kidney when doing simple taskssuch as setting the table for dinner or carrying the groceries in thehouse.XI. ConclusionBlood in pee is a serious problem that needs a doctor’s attention.However, there are instances where the problem can be treatedright from the comfort of your own home. The important thing toremember is that you need to make sure you are altering your dietand your lifestyle in a way that ensures your problem does not getany worse. By using a few good home treatments there is a chancethat your symptoms will go away in a matter of a few days. DisclaimerThe author of this eBook does not give medical advice; this information was written out of personal experience for educational and informational purposes. We claim no ownership or right to any images contained in thisworks. Whenever utilizing any home treatments you should always consult a certified medical practitioner for approval. We assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information. Intended for 18+ only.