Activism Project


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Activism Project

  1. 1. Activism Project Allison
  2. 2. Rape and Abuse Crisis Center  Mission Statement: – The mission of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead is to provide crisis intervention, advocacy, and counseling services free of charge to all persons affected by domestic violence or sexual abuse, and to provide education and prevention programs to end personal violence in society.
  3. 3. Services of the RACC • Crisis Intervention – 24-hour crisis line and in- person assistance. • Advocacy – assistance with legal, medical, social service, and other systems. • Counseling – support counseling for female and male victims of all ages and their families and friends. • Play Therapy – for young child victims. • Support Groups – for female and male victims, children through adults.
  4. 4. Services of the RACC • Emergency Housing – temporary safe shelter. • Legal Advocacy – assistance with Orders for Protection. • Criminal Justice System Intervention and Monitoring – assistance for victims involved in the criminal justice system and a Court Watch Program for monitoring domestic violence and sexual assault cases. • Community Education and Professional Training – speakers are available to provide education on domestic violence, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse.
  5. 5. Services  All the services of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center are provided free of charge.  They rely largely on donations by the public.
  6. 6.  In 2008 services were provided to: – 1173 victims of sexual assault – 1727 victims of domestic violence – Assisted with 104 Orders for Protection – Observed 1903 court hearings related to domestic violence and sexual assault – And reviewed 1190 police incident reports – Presented 795 educational programs to 16,377 people in our community.
  7. 7. What I did  During my service learning experience I spent time working where I was needed. – Due to the very sensitive nature of what is dealt with at the RACC they mostly needed help at the front desk and working with children at the childcare center.
  8. 8. What I did – I spent my 10 hours working the front desk checking people in for their counseling sessions.  Because frequently the case is an abusive and/or obsessive individual the front door was controlled access and had to be constantly monitored. – I also spent time in the Childcare area.  This time was spent playing, helping and supervising children either waiting for their counseling sessions, the sessions of their siblings or parents.
  9. 9. Reflections  I really enjoyed my time spent helping out, at first I was disappointed I wasn’t doing something more involved in helping but after talking with one mother (of 5 children) who had just gotten out of an abusive marriage and was getting counseling and advise, felt better. She said it was such a relief to be able to take her children with to the sessions so she knew they were safe, they were close by and with someone trusted (a volunteer at the RACC). She also appreciated the play enviroment, so they could ‘just get to be normal playing kids for a while.’
  10. 10. Reflections  I also formed a friendship with a young girl while playing candyland, she was there along with her siblings who were all receiving counseling.  I think when my schedule settles down I will volunteer on a more permanent basis. It felt good helping out and not getting anything for it.