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About the lean startup @ gmit programme


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20 slides to outline the new Entrepreneurship programme delivered on behalf of the GMIT Innovation in Business Centres (IiBC) in Galway and Castelebar by Donncha Hughes.

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About the lean startup @ gmit programme

  1. 1. Innovation in Business Centre - Galway CREATING KNOWLEDGE Facebook:InnovationinBusinessCentre 2
  2. 2. Innovation in Business Centre - Castlebar CREATING KNOWLEDGE Facebook:InnovationinBusinessCentre 3
  3. 3. Lean Startup @ GMITEight module (set day per week) programme• 3 hour workshop – Start 9AM (15 minutes Tea/Coffee break at 10.30)• 1 hour Facilitated Peer Network at 12 Noon• One to one sessions between 2 – 5PM (45 minutes each so cover group over 2 weeks)• 2 Major Deliverables (templates to be provided) – Market Validation – Business or Sales & Marketing Plan
  4. 4. Eight Training Modules1. Business Model Canvas 6. The Business Plan2. What’s my idea? 7. Financial Projections3. Market Validation for your Business Plan +4. Lean Startup Marketing Presenting Skills5. Making the Sale 8. Making the Pitch Practical exercises in every session 5
  5. 5. Module 1 – Business Model Canvas• 9 Building Blocks to examine and define your Business Model (how does your business make money?)• Clarify how your business creates value Draft your Business Model Canvas 6
  6. 6. Module 2 – What’s my idea• The burning problem faced by your Customer• How to communicate your solution Define your solution and ideal customer 7
  7. 7. Module 3 – Market Validation• Ready, Aim, Fire approach to Market Validation ~ …. Understand how to use Secondary and Primary Research to test your market opportunity before you invest significant money in product development. Know your market & talk to customers 8
  8. 8. Module 4 - Lean Startup Marketing• The Lean Startup ideas – Build Measure Learn Feedback loop and the LEARN BUILD Minimum Viable Product (MVP)• Invest in Marketing after data Product reach Product Market Fit MEASURE Identify your Engine of Growth
  9. 9. Module 5 – Making the Sale• Appreciate your Customer’s Buying Cycle• Sales Process• Routes to Market• Skills of Selling Your Sales Pipeline 10
  10. 10. Module 6 – The business plan• Use a template – Structure & Layout – Appendices• Review Sample Plans• Make the Plan RealPlus• One Hour on Legal Issues for Business (IP, HR etc)• Product /Service Know why you are preparing this plan 11
  11. 11. Module 7 – Financial Projections• A practical session using a template for Financial Projections Cashflow Profit & Balance• Quick view of Enterprise Loss Sheets Ireland Financial Data Sheets • Incoming • Outgoings • Sales • Assets• Overview of Supports for • Costs • Liabilities Business • Profits • CapitalPlus• One hour session on Presentation skills• Product /Service Know your planning assumptions 12
  12. 12. Module 8 – Making the Pitch• All participants to make a ten minute presentation to the Peer Group• Followed by Q&A Present the business case 13
  13. 13. Peer Network• One hour facilitated group session where participants discuss issues relevant to their business – Set Goals – Commitment to taking action – Brainstorming and sharing contacts Focus on milestones & targets 14
  14. 14. One to One Sessions• Will focus on 1. KEY SUCCESS Business Planning FACTORS and the Business Plan Value 4. EXECUTION 2. STRATEGY Proposition• 45 minutes sessions tailored to status of each promoter/ 3. TEAM team and business. Support tailored to you 15
  15. 15. Google SiteWill get instructions and an invite to this site 16
  16. 16. Deliverables• Participants will be assisted to develop two documents (templates provided): – Market Validation summary – Business Plan That demonstrates that they have: – The Team (domain knowledge) & – A product solution – That meets a specific identified problem of a cohort of customers• such that a sustainable business can be established with ongoing support provided by the Innovation in Business Centres in Galway and Castlebar. Focus on tangible outputs for all parties 17
  17. 17. Profile of Participants• The programme is tailored for male and female promoters with an ambition to establish a business which has international market appeal.• The Lean Startup @ GMIT programme will give participants the opportunity to explore what is involved in starting and running a knowledge based business.• Enable participants to network with other like-minded individuals. Entrepreneurs with Passion & Commitment
  18. 18. Donncha Hughes Marketing Mentor to Technology Startups and Professional Service SMEs.• Trainer – e.g. New Frontiers Phase 1 in GMIT & Phase 1 & II in DKIT• Areas of Expertise – Marketing, Sales, Business Plans, R&D Applications, Growing your business• Mentor – Enterprise Boards, Enterprise Ireland, LEADER• Former Manager of LIT’s Enterprise Acceleration Centre • 3 HPSUs created in my 4 years who created a total of 30 jobs. • Designed and launched the LEAP Programme.• Prior to joining LIT I worked for 7.5 years with IBEC.
  19. 19. Any