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Energy foods and drinks industry


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Products are defined as ready to drink (RTD) products, and other packaging conventions such as powdered sport recovery drinks are explicitly defined in relevant sections of the report.

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Energy foods and drinks industry

  1. 1. Energy Foods and Drinks: Global MarketsThis study provides a comprehensive analysis of market for energy drinks and energy foodson a global basis. Its aim is to provide a range of information, from detailed productanalyses within health and wellness subsegments to overall industry trends, in order toquantify and qualify the market for products and services in the energy drink and foodmarket segment. Individual product types are forecast on a global basis, as are overallsegments. Forecasts and trends are developed from a cross-reference of data points, whichhave been obtained from proprietary industry sources, company publications, industrybenchmarking, and other divergent data sources to arrive at a cogent and coordinatedforecast.Current and projected product forecasts during the forecast period (2011 to 2016) arediscussed. New product launches will be discussed. Revenue figures for 2010 are givenexcept where actual results have not been reported, due to the release timing of the report.Request a Sample for or Inquire before buying the report Energy Foods and DrinksMarketThe report includes analysis of leading and emerging competitors in the current worldwideenergy food and drink market. Profiles of manufacturers of leading products as well ascompanies with novel products in development are analyzed to define their specific productstrategies employed. This report also assesses companies poised to introduce productsduring the forecast period and discusses how these introductions will change the face of thecompetitive environment. The competitive environment is examined with a special focus onhow new products and technologies are influencing the current consumer population.Detailed profiles of current market leaders are discussed, as well as companies withinnovative products poised to advance within the forecast period.Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:Chapter- 1: INTRODUCTIONChapter- 2: SUMMARYChapter- 3: MARKET OVERVIEWChapter- 4: PRODUCT SEGMENT ANALYSISChapter- 5: GEOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF THE GLOBAL MARKETChapter- 6: MARKET SHARE PROJECTIONSChapter- 7: MAJOR INGREDIENTS–STRATEGIC INSIGHTSChapter- 8: COMPANY PROFILES
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