2012 research report on global and china activated alumina industry


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global and China 17 major Activated Alumina companies basic information

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2012 research report on global and china activated alumina industry

  1. 1. 2012 Research Report on Global and China Activated Alumina Industry2012 Research Report on Global and China Activated Alumina Industry> was professionaland depth research report on global and China Activated Alumina industry. This report hasfirstly introduced Activated Alumina definition classification industry chain etc relationinformation. Then introduced Activated Alumina technology and manufacturing process. Andthen Summary statistics of Global and China major Activated Alumina 2009-2016 ActivatedAlumina capacity production supply demand shortage and Manufacturers (global 17manufacturers China 12 manufacturers) Activated Alumina production Market Share andalso introduced Activated Alumina selling price cost profit margin and production value. Andthen also introduced global and China 17 major Activated Alumina companies basicinformation, 2009-2016 Activated Alumina capacity production price cost profit margin andproduction value etc details information. In the end, this report introduced ActivatedAlumina 10000Ton/year project feasibility analysis and investment return analysis. And alsogive related research conclusions and development trend analysis of China ActivatedAlumina industry. In a word, it was a depth research report on Global and China ActivatedAlumina industry.Buy your copy of this report @ http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/168318-2012-research-report-on-global-and-china-activated-alumina-industry.htmlMajor points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:Chapter One Activated Alumina Industry Overview 11.1 Definition 11.2 Activated Alumina Classification 11.2 .1 Hydrogen Peroxide Special Use Alumina 11.2 .2Activated Alumina Desiccant 21.2 .3Activated Alumina Fluoride Removal Agent 21.3 Activated Alumina Use 21.3.1 Hydrogen Peroxide Special Use Alumina 21.3.2 Activated Alumina Fluoride Removal Agent 41.3.3 Activated Alumina Desiccant 51.3.4 Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier 61.3.5 Sulfur Recovery Catalyst 71.3.6 Transformer Oil Adsorbent 71.3.7Air Separation Special Use Activated Alumina 81.4 Method to extend the Service Life of Activated Alumina 81.5 Activated Alumina Regeneration Method 91.5.1 Activated Alumina Regeneration Method 1 91.5.2 Activated Alumina Regeneration Method 2 91.6 Activated Alumina Ball 101.6.1 Rapid Dehydration Powder Form Ball 101.6.2 Aluminum hydroxide Directly Form Ball 11
  2. 2. 1.6.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Processes 111.7 Activated Alumina Development Overview 11Chapter Two Activated Alumina Manufacturing Technology and Process 12Chapter Three Activated Alumina Production Supply Sales Demand Market Statusand Forecast 233.1Activated Alumina Market Overview 233.2 China Activated Alumina Development Problems Analysis 243.2.1 China Activated Alumina Enterprises Scale Small 253.2.2 China Activated Alumina Produce Serious Pollution 253.2.3 China Activated Alumina Disorder Production Management 253.2.4 China Activated Alumina Poor Technolog Ability 253.3 Global Activated Alumina Development Outlook 263.4 China Activated Alumina Development Suggestion 263.4.1 Industry Collaboration 263.4.2 Science and Technology and Production Cooperation 273.4.3 Strengthen the Development of New Products 273.5 Global Activated Alumina Production Overview 273.6 China Activated Alumina Production Overview 353.7 Activated Alumina Production Market Share 393.8 Global and China Activated Alumina Demand Overview 403.9Activated Alumina Supply Demand and Shortage 413.10 Activated Alumina Cost Price Production Value Profit Margin 41Chapter Four China Activated Alumina Key Manufacturers 43Chapter Five International Activated Alumina Key Manufacturers 725.1 Alcoa (United States) 725.2 Almatis (United States) 745.3 BASF (Germany) 755.4 Rusal (Russia) 765.5 MAL Magyar Aluminium (Hungary) 78Chapter Six China Activated Alumina 10KT/Year Project Feasibility Analysis 79Chapter Seven Activated Alumina Industrial Standards 907.1 Range 907.2 Normative Reference Files 917.3 Classification 917.4 Requirements 917.5 Test Method 927.6 Measurement Policy 997.7 Mark, Label 997.8 Packaging,Transport,Storage 100
  3. 3. Chapter Eight Activated Alumina Industry Research Conclusions 100List of Tables and FiguresReport Details:Published: June 2012No. of Pages: 101Price: Single User License – US$1600 Corporate User License – US$3200Contact:Priyank TiwariTX, Dallas North - Dominion Plaza,17304, Preston Road,Suite 800, Dallas 75252Tel: +1-888-391-5441sales@reportsandreports.comConnect With Us: