No Such Thing as TMI: How to Create a Culture of Sharing - revised version


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Donna Talarico, integrated marketing manager at Elizabethtown College, shares examples that worked at her institution in relation to creating a culture of content sharing. This includes web, social media and internal communications. This presentation was first presented at eduWeb 2012 and at the 2012 HighEdWeb national conference (where it was awarded the 'best of track' award). The presentation has since been given at the 2013 eduGuru Summit and to private groups.

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  • (front side of annual fundraising mailer used Linda’s story as solicitation)
  • No Such Thing as TMI: How to Create a Culture of Sharing - revised version

    1. 1. HighEdWeb2012 – @DonnaTalaricoNo Such Thing as TMI:How to Create a Culture of Sharing
    2. 2. Share it.Maybe?
    3. 3. Why should we share? Better communication Accurate information Bigger audience More resources Different points of view Avoid duplication of efforts Prevent missed opportunities Protect brand messaging
    4. 4. Creating and Sharing ContentWhat gets shared and where.
    5. 5. Sharability Quotient?Create Content thatBegs to Be SharedMonitor What ReceivesReponses Compelling Useful Memorable Emotional Funny Entertaining Good News/Pride Insights Analytics Retweets/Mentions Hashtag Use Web Traffic Qualitative
    6. 6. Who’sYourLinda?
    7. 7. Linda Lokey is most definitely not“Low Key”!
    8. 8. Ask andEncourage…
    9. 9. … And You Shall Receive
    10. 10. Sharethelove
    11. 11. Share the
    12. 12. Find Content to Share What are others on campus producing that youcan share/curate? What is happening on campus for which you cancreate content? Whose story can you tell? What are external people/outlets doing that youcan share? Can you get on the agenda at departmentmeetings?
    13. 13. Sharing … to the core
    14. 14. Sharing …. a mealA randomconversation with anart professor led to: Local Sundaynewspaper story Video footage forwebsite As-it-happenedsocial mediacoverage Facebook album Freelancephotography forfuture view bookuse
    15. 15. Content-Sharing ToolsHow can we share content? And make it easier toshare?
    16. 16. Make it Easy to ShareWhere to Share Sharing Tools Social Media Website Partner Websites Email Word of Mouth Sharing Icons Storify RSS CMS features To the left…
    17. 17. User-Friendly CMS = Sharing Does your CMS make it easy to create and sharecontent? Tools we use within our CMS, OUCampus Snippets Assets SPIFs Photo Sharing Tagging Twitter integration Facebook Integration CMS Training
    18. 18. CMS & Social Sharing Features
    19. 19. Social Sharing in CMS cont’dVoila!
    20. 20. Content Sharing in CMS - Assets
    21. 21. Content Sharing in CMS - AssetsSame info on Businessoffice website andFinancial Aid officewebsite, but info onlycreated once!
    22. 22. Content Sharing CMS - SPIFs
    23. 23. Content Sharing SPIFs – Cont’dLocally!Globally!
    24. 24. Content Sharing in CMS - Snippets
    25. 25. Content Sharing on the WebCreate in One Place… … Share on Another RSS feeds on departmentpages (news, events) Make profiles assets sothey can be shared easilyfrom one department toanother (ex: a studentdouble majors) Social sharing buttonsembedded in news,events, articles, etc. Cross-promote onaffiliated sites (alumni,athletics, etc.)
    26. 26. Share Knowledge Guide to Social Media on Campus CMS Training Content Training Employee Orientation New Student Orientation Cues and Reminders Before Campus Events
    27. 27. Lead by Example Share on personal accounts Find allies Student ambassadors
    28. 28. Share the Glory Give credit within post Storify it Internal kudos
    29. 29. Blue Jays Were Made to Tweet
    30. 30. Any Questions?