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The NextGen Approach to Getting it Done: Web 2.0 in the Weinberg Memorial Library


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Poster presented with Kristen Yarmey at PALINET08 in Philadelphia, PA on October 28, 2008. Download file to view full-sized.

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The NextGen Approach to Getting it Done: Web 2.0 in the Weinberg Memorial Library

  1. 1. Invitation Title The NextGen Approach to Getting it Done Web 2.0 in the Weinberg Memorial Library Donna Mazziotti, Public Services Librarian Kristen Yarmey-Tylutki, Digital Services Librarian SPREAD THE VIRUS LISTEN When you’re surrounded by fascinating, fun technology, it’s easy to get carried away and lose track of your goals. We sat down with a group of our Library student workers early this semester to get a feel for what students are really looking for. What we got was a reality check: our students weren’t interested in technology for the sake of technology. What they did want was pure, simple, useful content, that could be accessed at any time, from any place. While we talked about podcasts and RSS feeds, the students wanted to hear about how to write a good paper, or how to start a research project – even how to use the printers in the Library. With this feedback, we’ve adjusted our goals to focus on content first, technology second. We look at what students need to know first, and then figure out the most effective way (or ways) to deliver that information. Kristen Yarmey- Tylutki COLLABORATE The Web 2.0 world thrives on collaboration. To have the best chance of success with our Web 2.0 initiatives, we avoided a traditional, hierarchical workflow model and instead focused on collaborating across Library departments, across status lines, and across the entire University of Scranton campus. We made connections with the University’s Systems and Software Resources group and Public Relations office, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, faculty members in various disciplines, and our Library student workers. Most importantly, we’ve encouraged the Library’s faculty and staff to get on board and participate in our projects. In order for our Web 2.0 endeavors to succeed, we need buy-in from the entire Library, so that students hear a consistent message when they come to the building or visit our web site. So far, we have eight different authors on our blog, and twelve Library staff and faculty members have joined Facebook and become fans of our Library’s Page. With all this collaboration, though, we’ve learned that each project should have a single “champion” who’s chiefly responsible for updating and maintaining what we’ve done. This way, we steer clear of having too many cooks spoil our Web 2.0 broth. Posted by Kristen Yarmey-Tylutki on October 28, 2008 Facebook IMBlog Student Newspaper Library Newsletter Email Library Homepage E-Newsletter Word of Mouth BE AUTHENTIC Posting your picture will help students recognize you at the reference desk. JUST DO IT STEP 1: Identify need. STEP 2: Find right tool. STEP 3: Use tool to meet need. STEP 4: Pitch finished and fully operational project to colleagues and superiors. STEP 5: Adjust as needed. If the tool really meets the need, endorsement for the project should swiftly follow! Reference Librarian Facebook Page Internet Resources Wiki Phone Reference Desk Blog Podcasts IM 24/7 Chat Frustrated Student Bring it Together ROLL THE CREDITS Our WML “Twopointopian” Team: Donna Mazziotti Kristen Yarmey-Tylutki Jennifer Maher George Aulisio Special Thanks To: Bonnie Oldham Charles Kratz