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Caring for stainless steel cookware


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Caring for stainless steel cookware

  1. 1. Caring for Stainless Steel CookwareTake a look around your home and inside your kitchen. It is not uncommon to find astainless steel refrigerator or stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel does not readilycorrode or rust like ordinary steel. Therefore, stainless steel products are highly attractiveto consumers who do not want to deal with products that are easily prone to rust andcorrosion. It is also worth mentioning that stainless steel cookware is not the holy grail ofall cookware products since it is not completely stain-proof. Thus, proper caring andmaintenance of stainless steel cookware items needs to be adhered. To understand how tocare for stainless steel cookware, one must first familiarize themselves with the productprior to it being sold in retail stores.Stainless steel products have a passivation layer that protects the stainless steel fromcorrosion and rust. This chromium oxide film allows the stainless steel to prevent furthersurface corrosion. You can only passivate the stainless steel when oxygen is present andthe level of chromium is high. Other benefits of stainless steel passivation includereduction of corrosion vulnerability, reduction of product contamination potential, anddecrease in equipment downtime.To know more details about passivate please visit: clean your stainless steel cookware, be sure to wash the cookware first with soap andhot water with a soft cloth prior to cooking. To clean, allow the cookware to cool off firstbefore submerging it in cold water. Be sure to clean the cookware thoroughly after eachuse and dry with a soft towel. To avoid any potential damage to your stainless steelcookware, allow your food to cook or come to a boil before adding salt. The reason isbecause salt can destroy the protective passivation layer of your stainless steel cookwarecausing stains to appear.Proper caring for your stainless steel cookware involves following certain rules so thatthe product lasts a lifetime. It is essential to know that one must never use abrasive
  2. 2. cleaners on stainless steel products. Scratching and other damages to the finishing surfacecan occur to your cookware when using steel wool and brushes. In addition, one mustnever overheat the stainless steel product or else discoloration on the cookware willbecome apparent. Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to extend the life of yourstainless steel cookware.Before one can understand how to care for their stainless steel cookware, they mustrecognize the protective passivation layer on their stainless steel product. This layer isapplied to reduce corrosion vulnerability on stainless steel surfaces. Adhering toappropriate cleaning and caring measures can enhance and increase the life of yourstainless steel cookware. Contact a company who specializes in passivation or evenelectro polish to learn more about the passivation process for stainless steel products.To find more details about electropolish please visit: