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The Illusion of Visual Content Strategy


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With visual content being so hot right now, an effective visual content strategy is becoming more important as a critical component of your marketing. But where do you start? We talked to brands and experts who are getting real results with visual social media. In this SlideShare presentation we reveal the magic tricks used by these visual content "illusionists" - their tips, tools and tricks for executing a successful visual content strategy.

Published in: Marketing
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The Illusion of Visual Content Strategy

  1. The of Strategy 8 Experts Reveal their Tricks
  2. Visual content is so right now!
  3. An effective is becoming more important as a critical component of marketing.
  4. Eight experts & brands reveal their magic tricks for getting you to , & through to devour more of their content.
  5. Matthew Steele, San Diego Zoo  Identify, cultivate, and connect with your brand evangelists  Test, Test, Repeat
  6. “We noticed that we had a strong contingent of high quality fan photographers, so we reached out to them to forge mutually beneficial relationships in which they provide us content and we provide them notoriety and perks.”
  7. “We often share a piece of visual content on one channel to see if it would be a good fit for other channels. For example, we might test a piece of visual content on Tumblr, and if it performs well we might post it on Facebook knowing that it has a better chance of overcoming the strict news feed algorithm.”
  8. Sarah (Sos) Mattsson, Tourism & Events Queensland  Content efficiencies  Build audiences and engagement with high quality visual content
  9. “Not all visual content can be used across all digital channels. But where you can, push the efficiencies of the content to make sure you’re squeezing enough awesomeness out of the work you’re doing.”
  10. “The Instagram audience and engagement grows every day as we focus on republishing a variety of destinations and experiences, but we always try to feature high quality images. We want to make people feel like they are there – sipping on that cocktail at sunset at Hamilton Island or getting into the kayak at the Noosa Everglades.”
  11. Sue B Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert Start in advance Use Dropbox
  12. “Don’t wait until the day you publish something. Allow yourself enough visual content “creation space” and plan ahead. Creativity takes time!”
  13. “Put everything in Dropbox. Keep a folder just for graphics and images as well as a stock of fresh professional photos. One great photoshoot with a lot of variety goes a long way.”
  14. Caz & Craig Makepeace, Y Travel Blog Optimize your images Use text overlays
  15. “We try to use as many of our own photos as we can for our images, so we can keep to our travel brand and story. Portrait size images work best so we’re conscious of making sure we grab portrait size photos when we’re out exploring. We use Lightroom to edit our images.”
  16. “We use Canva or PicMonkey to put text over our images. We prefer PicMonkey for its ease & simplicity. We have constant internet connection issues while travelling around Australia & PicMonkey works better on slower internet speeds.”
  17. Grab the Click Here to Read More & Download the Checklist of Visual Content Strategy Secrets!
  18. Azure Collier, Constant Contact  Create branding guidelines  Show the people behind your business
  19. “Choose colors and types of images or icons that visually represent your brand and your voice and use them consistently across social networks.”
  20. “We share lots of photos that show off our hard work & expertise, but also give you a look at what happens behind the scenes at Constant Contact. I try to keep tabs on what’s happening in the building, from events to holiday decorations to interesting things I see in workspaces or conference rooms. I use employee-generated content as well.”
  21. Kristin Ammerman, Social Media Image Designer  Don’t be boring!  Create a publishing schedule
  22. “People are on social to see videos of cats or touch base with their friends. They don’t come to visit social websites to see you. So to compete, your mindset must be set accordingly and always employ one of the following three elements: Educational, Inspirational and Entertaining.”
  23. “Don’t wing it! Use a calendar that everyone on the team can see. Have this planned out up to 3 months in advance. Look ahead at the calendar and see how you can tie in seasons and holidays.”
  24. Scott Ayres, Post Planner “Ambassador of Awesome” Facebook Instagram
  25. “On Facebook, we 100% use the Viral Photos tool inside the Post Planner App to find photos to post to our page of course! By posting photos already proven to have high engagement on other pages we consistently have a weekly Reach of over 7 million, from our page of 100k Likes!”
  26. “On Instagram, we use a combination of repurposing photos that performed well on our Facebook page along with original graphics that contain quotes or lead users to our blog posts. From time to time our staff will also post pictures of what’s going on in their world around the globe. As a distributed team that can be quite interesting at time with people in the US, UK, Europe and Asia!”
  27. Rebekah Radice, Digital & Social Media Strategist  Don’t reinvent the wheel  Make your own quoteables
  28. “Rather than create multiple versions of one image, create one image that works on multiple platforms . I create an image that’s the perfect size for Google Plus and Pinterest and then an image that works on Facebook and Instagram. I have found that portrait images perform well on Google Plus and Pinterest.”
  29. “Position yourself as an industry leader by sharing your thoughts and quotes. One easy way to do this is with the “Save Publishing” Chrome extension. Save Publishing will magically highlight quotable text. This text is highlighted in red and clickable. Copy and paste this text and add it to an image using a tool like Quotes Cover. Voila – you now have a series of quotes to add to your social channels!”
  30. That’s a of visual content strategy!
  31. Go and start creating some visual content !
  32. Want to some of the tricks from the “Visual Content Strategy Illusionists”?
  33. to Grab the Visual Content Strategy Checklist !
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