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21 Pro Visual Marketing Tips for a Packed House at Your Webinar or Live Event



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Are you planning a webinar or live event? Preparing your message can be easy compared to the challenge of attracting the right audience to hear it. So, where do you start with marketing the event online? We asked the Pros and they shared 21 Visual Marketing Secrets for attracting a packed house to their live webinars and events. … plus we have put together a free “backstage pass” cheat sheet that takes you through 5 examples, step by step!.. Filling a webinar or event can be hard, but these 21 Pro Tips for using Visual Marketing - you'll have a packed house every time! Grab the Cheatsheet too!

When it comes to live webinars and events, one of the biggest mistakes we make is to spend so much time on the content, that we forget to market the event effectively.

It can be hard to come up with a marketing plan when your headspace is in content or sales or your product/program that you want to offer.

Which is why we asked the pros – they know what it is like to market a webinar or event effectively. And they know how important it is to have strategies planned out. Marketing your event at the last minute is stressful … ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, jump into this SlideShare and see what the Pros revealed about how to draw a packed house at your next live webinar or event!

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21 Pro Visual Marketing Tips for a Packed House at Your Webinar or Live Event

  2. Ready to take your message LIVE? Webinar Online Summit Live Event
  3. Planning an event can be challenging... let alone marketing it to your ideal audience.
  4. So how do you attract a PACKED HOUSE to your next event or webinar?
  5. We asked the Pros to share their secrets… their VISUAL MARKETING Secrets.
  6. Follow their advice to make YOUR next webinar or live event a SELL OUT.
  7. Kim Garst Create a variety of great graphics that are sized for the various social media platforms and share them on social in advance of the event. Make sure the graphics include the details of the event because sometimes viewers don't check out the text, they only focus on the visuals. Boom Social with Kim Garst 1
  8. Amy Porterfield Go for total content immersion around your webinar theme on your blog/podcast and social media sites, leading up to the event. Visually tease your fans with engaging quotes and tip images - they’ll read your blog, register for the webinar, and be primed to hear your message. Podcaster & Social Media Strategist 2
  9. Sue B Zimmerman We love to use a photo holding a digital device such a phone a tablet or computer looking down at it … people will want to know what you are looking at and are more likely to read your description and Call to Action which takes them to a webinar or live event. The Instagram Expert 3
  10. Amy Schmittauer When a new email subscriber joins my email list, I offer them a graphic on the "check your email" confirmation page that also lets them know about my next live training. They already trust me to join my list so why not offer the next most important thing at the same time? Founder - Savvy Sexy Social 4
  11. Peg Fitzpatrick Create SlideShare presentations and embed into a blog post with links to resources. Author, The Art of Social Media | Social Media Marketing Pro 5
  12. Rich Brooks We get all of our speakers to create one minute videos talking about their presentations and how excited they are to be part of Agents of Change, then promote those videos through social media. Director, Agents of Change Conference 6
  13. Azure Collier Give your audience a sneak preview of your webinar content by creating a checklist of the tips you share, images with interesting facts that you’ll cover in the webinar, or an infographic that includes some of the important stats and takeaways. When your audience sees the value you’re providing, they’ll be more likely to attend the event. Content Manager, Social Media and Core Curriculum at Constant Contact 7
  14. Ian Cleary My best tip is to Split test the images and use a UTM tracking code to see which drives more traffic and conversions. Images need to be tested. Razor Social 8
  15. Phil Mershon Create custom graphics of your speakers that they will enjoy posting on their website and sharing on their social accounts. Director of Events, Social Media Examiner 9
  16. Want more SECRETS… for a PACKED HOUSE at Your Webinar or Live Event?
  17. Laney Galligan Create buzz on Instagram with a visual countdown of the number of weeks to the event, and focus on a different element/feature of the event each week. Problogger Events Manager, Problogger 10
  18. Zach Kitschke Develop a brand for your event. Keep the same visual style across all graphics in the lead up to build momentum and catch people's attention. Head of Communications at Canva 11
  19. Vincent Ng We use images of multiple speakers within one image to increase curiosity about an event and lure them to click. A viewer may not be familiar with one speaker, but may definitely know another one. Co-founder of the Visual Social Media Marketing Conference 12
  20. Donna Moritz Images on Twitter get 2X the Retweets - Tweet images about your webinar content a few weeks ahead. Create quotes and tips about related content or ads for the webinar. Visual Content Strategist, Socially Sorted 13
  21. Jeff Sieh A cool trailer or video you tease on Facebook can make a world of difference on getting people to notice your webinar or event. Humor can really help you stand out! Don’t forget to re-purpose your video as a shorter version you can share on Instagram and Twitter as well! Podcaster, Host at Manly Pinterest Tips 14
  22. Alisa Meredith For our podcast we’ve moved to to live stream our recordings. Allowing the audience to see us and feel a part of the show increases that connection and leads to subscribers. Producer/Co-Host of Superheroes of Marketing Podcast 15
  23. Phil Mershon Create custom quote graphics of your speakers. Director of Events, Social Media Examiner 16 original quotes from your speakers get shared
  24. Melonie Dodaro One of the ways that I continue to drive traffic to an evergreen webinar is to create a series of LinkedIn graphics/tips that I share via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. I then add this call to action at the bottom of each image: Want more tips like this? Check out my free webinar: "Cracking The LinkedIn Code" at Top Dog Social Media 17
  25. Kim Garst Use Facebook ads to advertise your event by retargeting those that have previously visited your site. This way you know that people are more likely to attend and you keep your ad costs lower. Boom Social with Kim Garst 18
  26. Rich Brooks We hire local videographers to capture our entire event. Now we have content for a digital pass as well as a highlight reel to attract next year's attendees. Director, Agents of Change Conference 19
  27. Rebekah Radice As well as creating shareable images to promote Post Planner's #ViralChat on Twitter, we create an infographic for each chat, and embed that into a detailed blog post featuring tweets from our guests and participants. Global Brand Ambassador, Post Planner 20 It's engaging, helpful, and promotes the hashtag, URL and time of our weekly Twitter Chat.
  28. Amy Porterfield Video Ads on Facebook are amazing for retargeting fans who visited your webinar landing page but didn't opt in to your webinar. Videos provide a different way to get in front of people, re-engage, and invite them to come back. An added bonus is that you can create custom audiences from video views for future ad retargeting! Podcaster & Social Media Strategist 21
  29. Want a BACKSTAGE PASS to see how the Pros get a Packed House at their Webinar or Event?
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