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This is a sneak preview of a virtual seminar I'm doing on September 16, 2010. The presentation will be all about organisation schemes and which one to choose for your information architecture project

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  • Intro me. Virtual seminar inseptember. Here’s a sneak preview
  • In an information architecture project, one of the main decisions you’ll need to make is what organisation scheme (or schemes) to use for your content.For every set of content, there are many ways you could organise it, many different schemes you could use. For example, even for something simple like books we could organise them by author (maybe alphabetically by name), by subject (fantasy, crime, romance), by audience (we could keep the kids books separate from the adult books), by context – kitchen books in the kitchen, gardening books in the…no that doesn’t work so well.
  • …wecould even organise it by colour.This could work. If you knew what your books looked like, you could easily find a book you wanted. If this were someone else’s bookcase, and they had books you had, you could find what you wanted. But in most situations it wouldn’t work – when you need a HTML reference or some tips on information architecture, where do you go?(by the way, this is peter merholz’ bookshelf after a spring clean)And that’s what this talk is all about – choosing the right organisation scheme or scheme for your content. One that works well for your content, but most importantly works well for the people who will use it.In this sneak preview, I’m going to talk about one of my least favouriteorganisation schemes. In the full seminar, I’ll talk about some of my most favourite as well.
  • Another common implementation is tutorial material. Let’s say I want to figure out how to do something in photoshop – do I want a tutorial, an article, a tip. I don’t know. I just want to know how to make an effect…
  • lets look at a few times when it can work.I’ve done lots of government work. One thing I know is that some people know that government produce publications, and know they want a ‘publication’Similarly, if you’ve seen something before you may know what format to expect it in, and would look for it that way
  • Sometimes you know you want something visual, not written. Learning how to knit from words is just tricky.The reason it happens is that it’s easy – it’s easy to look at the content and think ‘we could organise this by format’. If you’re in that situation, have a think about how people will approach your information, and whether format really is the best way. Because I reckon in most cases, there will be a better way of doing it..
  • So join me in the virtual seminar for more about organising by format, as well as many other approaches…
  • Organisation schemes - UIE virtual seminar

    1. 1. Organizsation schemes<br />(sneak preview)<br />
    2. 2. Organization schemes<br />For any set of content, there are many ways we could organize it – many different schemes<br />
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    4. 4. Photo of the back deck<br />
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    11. 11. Organization schemes<br />Subject/topic<br />Time<br />Alphabetic<br />Geography<br />Audience<br />Task<br />Organisational structure<br />…and more<br />