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Alesha is

  1. 2. Tifish Information Rainbow Koru Tree Information
  2. 3. The Tail Sensitive Ears Stabbing Tusks Wiggly Body Back to Map
  3. 4. The Tifish By Professor Alesha (Tifish Specialist) Description The Tifish is an unusual fish. It looks like a Fish and a Tiger. It’s body is very wiggly to help it move quickly through the water. It has sharp teeth like a tiger to help it eat it’s prey. It is a rainbow colour and it usually has four tusks but they break off easily when they stab things. Food Tifish eat the Korus from the rare Rainbow Koru trees, except for the big red ones, because they are poisonous. The Koru’s help their broken tusks grow back. Habitat Tifish live in the wide ocean around Diamond Island and can come onto land to bask in the sun on the rocks. Back to Map
  4. 5. The Rainbow – Koru Tree . Back to Map
  5. 6. The Rainbow Koru Tree This tree is only found on Diamond Island. It has special juice in it and the Tifish use it to help them grow their tusks back. It has big and small Korus on the stem. It is like a flax plant. . Back to Map