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Southwest Florida Cold Cases
Who killed Sharon Gill?

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C All 2009 4 26

  1. 1. North Korea says it has restarted nuclear facilities FRONT PAGE 12 CharlotteSun BEA ARTHUR DIES 2009 NFL DRAFT BUCS TAKE QB FREEMAN AND WEEKLY HERALD Star of “Golden Girls,” “Maude” dead at Tampa Bay drafts for the future instead the age of 86 FRONT PAGE 5 of bulking up on defense. SEE SPORTS AN EDITION OF THE SUN VOL. 117 NO. 116 AMERICA’S BEST COMMUNITY DAILY SUNDAY APRIL 26, 2009 www.sunnewspapers.net $1.75 Tragedy on Little Gasparilla Early morning fire claims 4 lives PHOTO PROVIDED BY GAIL JONES By DANA SANCHEZ what appeared to be only took place. He said the blaze The State Fire ASSISTANT ENGLEWOOD EDITOR charred pilings and an outside generated a fierce wind of its own. Marshal’s office staircase intact. Officials are investigating the is investigating LITTLE GASPARILLA ISLAND Neighbors say they woke to cause of the fire and did not a fire which — Four people died in an early what sounded like an explosion release the names of the victims burned a morning fire Saturday that bayfront home burned a house to its foundation. and popping sounds. They say Saturday, pending notification of next of kin. to the ground State Fire Marshal officials and they feared for their lives and and killed four Charlotte County Sheriff’s property as burning embers flew Sometime between 2 a.m. and people early deputies swarmed the island all overhead on the heavily treed 2:30 a.m., residents became Saturday day Saturday to look for human island. aware of the fire, Jones said. morning on remains and evidence after a fire “It looked like fireworks,” said “When we looked out the Little Gasparilla raged through a stilt home at Richard Jones, who lives three Island. 9660 Privateer Road, leaving doors away from where the fire FIRE | P4 Southwest Florida COLD CASES CHARLOTTE COUNTY • ADELE FROM WALMART THE SAME DAY. • THE BODY OF MERRITT WHEELER SR., 36, WAS DISCOV- EASTERLY, 25, WAS SHOT AND KILLED NOV. 6, 1979, AT THE FARM STORE IN RIDGE HARBOR, ERED OCT. 8, 1980, IN HORSE CREEK NEAR THE IN AN APPARENT ARMED ROBBERY. • HARRY HORSE CREEK BRIDGE, ALONG COUNTY ROAD SCOTT AND STANLEY SMITH WERE FOUND 769. BASED ON EVIDENCE FROM THE SCENE, SHOT TO DEATH IN THEIR BOAT NEAR CAPE HAZE INVESTIGATORS DETERMINED HE SUSTAINED SUB- ON OCT. 9, 1990. • TARA DANIELLE STANTIAL INJURY BEFORE BEING DUMPED INTO THE SIDAROVICH’S REMAINS WERE DISCOVERED IN WATER. • ROGER CHITWOOD, 28, REPORT- A WOODED AREA OFF BURNT STORE ROAD ON EDLY WAS ABDUCTED FROM HIS HOME IN AUGUST JULY 12, 2002. THE 19-YEAR-OLD PUNTA 1975; HE WAS FOUND DEAD DAYS LATER IN THE GORDA WOMAN WAS REPORTED MISSING OCT. 1, KISSIMMEE RIVER IN OKEECHOBEE COUNTY. • 2001. • SHARON GILL, 42, WAS FOUND JOSEPH KINVILLE, 16, WAS FOUND IN A STABBED TO DEATH AT HER RAMPART BOULEVARD FIELD OFF ROBIN ROAD IN MARCH 1999. HOME MARCH 21, 1990, IN DEEP CREEK. • THE ACCORDING TO AUTHORITIES, HE SUFFERED BODY OF VICTORIA ARENA, 32, WAS FOUND SUN PHOTO BY JASON WITZ, jwitz@sun-herald.com INJURIES CONSISTENT WITH A HOMICIDE. • JUNE 16, 2001, IN A WOODED AREA IN PUNTA The Deep Creek home where Sharon Gill was brutally stabbed to death on March 21, JULIAN MENDIOLA WAS KILLED ON CHRIST- 1990. The killing remains unsolved today. MAS EVE IN 1996, DURING AN INVASION OF HIS GORDA. SHE WAS LAST SEEN AT HER ENGLEWOOD WHO KILLED SHARON GILL? HOME FIVE DAYS EARLIER. • UNIDENTIFIED NORTHEAST GOOLSBY AVENUE HOME. THE INVES- SKELETAL REMAINS WERE FOUND NEAR THE LAND- TIGATION REVEALED TWO MASKED ASSAILANTS FILL ON ZEMEL ROAD IN THE SOUTHERN PART OF ENTERED HIS HOME DEMANDING MONEY. MENDI- CHARLOTTE COUNTY ON JAN. 6, 2002. THE Family still But after all these years, someone still has blood on OLA, 30, WAS SHOT WHILE RESISTING THEM. REMAINS ARE BELIEVED TO BE THOSE OF A WHITE hunts for clues his hands. HISPANIC MALE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 35 “It’s just frustrating that SARASOTA COUNTY • A NEIGHBOR OR AND 55. HE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN BETWEEN 5 in brutal death after 19 years, we do not know anything,” said Krista, OF PAUL COLICCI FOUND HIS BODY NOV. 15, By JASON WITZ who has since moved to 1998, AT HIS SARASOTA HOME. • CINDY FEET 6 INCHES AND 5 FEET 9 INCHES TALL, STAFF WRITER Canada to raise a family. WEIGHING BETWEEN 150 AND 180 POUNDS. DEEP CREEK — Krista Gill Authorities, too, have ROGERS’ BODY WAS FOUND APRIL 7, 1992, is emotionally tired. gone cold with the investi- INSIDE A PLASTIC TRASH CAN, FLOATING IN THE For 19 years, she has gation, although tips DESOTO COUNTY • EILEEN SEYMOUR, waited and waited for a Sharon Gill continued to trickle in until POOL OF THE HOME WHERE SHE HAD BEEN LIVING. conviction in her mother’s the end of 2008. • DEBORAH DALZELL, 47, DIED IN MARCH 84, WAS FOUND DEAD IN HER FEMA TRAILER IN Krista’s youngest children brutal stabbing, to the point MARCH 2006. AN AUTOPSY REVEALED SHE SUS- of mental exhaustion. are starting to ask about it, despite 1999, AS THE RESULT OF A HOME INVASION ROB- TAINED HEAD TRAUMA, LIKELY FROM BLOWS TO THE Someone knows who did it. their naive understanding of death. BERY. • ESCO HUNTER WAS FOUND DECEASED Someone walked through the house With time, she will reveal the answers. HEAD. • THE BODY OF 17-YEAR-OLD JOHN IN A WOODED AREA NEAR CENTRAL AVENUE AND that March morning, as Sharon Gill’s Yet there remains a question that has WELLES WAS FOUND IN THE WATER ACROSS bloodied body lay on the bedroom eluded Krista all these years, the one 44TH STREET ON DEC. 1, 1999. HIS RED VAN floor. Someone washed in the bath- her grieving family cannot solve: Who FROM THE STREET FROM HIS HANSEL ROAD HOME room sink afterward, removing all IN JULY 2003. HE WAS LAST SEEN RETURNING traces of the act from his fingertips. KILLED | P6 UNSOLVED MURDERS | P6 Swine flu cases confirmed 100 days of Obama: Lots in at least six US states of energy, no miracles By NANCY BENAC ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER By MARK STEVENSON ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER MORE INSIDE • A glance at the world’s last three influenza pandemics. WASHINGTON — Barack Obama opened his presidency by drawing an unflinching MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s • The World Health Organization • What is swine flu, and why should portrait of the challenges. Then he set about president assumed new warned countries around the world to you be concerned about it? turning those perils into possibilities. powers Saturday to isolate be on alert for flu outbreaks. • See page 7 In a dizzying dash to the 100-day people infected with a deadly mark, Obama made a down swine flu strain as authorities California and suspected in New workers patrolled airports and payment on the changes he’d struggled to contain an York City, but health officials bus stations as they tried to promised and delivered a outbreak that world health said they didn’t know whether it corral people who may be trillion-dollar wallop to wake officials warned could become was the strain that has killed up infected with the swine flu, as up the moribund economy. a global epidemic. to 68 people in Mexico and it became clearer that the He put the country on track to New cases of swine flu were likely sickened more than 1,000. confirmed in Kansas and Mexican soldiers and health FLU | P7 OBAMA | P6 INDEX| FRONT: Nation 2,5,8,10 | State 9 | World 11,12,13,14 | Travel 11 | Weather 16 | OUR TOWN: Police Beat 4 | Obituaries 5 | Viewpoint 12 | Opinion 13 Sunday Edition $1.75 High Low Look inside for valuable coupons This year’s savings to date ... CHARLIE SAYS ... SUN COUPON 89 64 VALUE METER $120,149 So long, Bea.You’ll be with us forever in reruns. 7 05252 00075 3 Partly cloudy, warm and breezy
  2. 2. Front Page 2 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 NEWS ACROSS police were looking for George Zinkhan, a marketing professor at remain closed by continuing repairs, including work by the degree temperatures, North Dakota turned colder and the said the man ran into an 18- month-old girl who was seated in AMERICA the school in Athens, which is about 70 miles east of Atlanta. Athens-Clarke Assistant Police Army Corps of Engineers to reinforce the breakwater along the length of the island. That work ground turned white. The National Weather Service had no reports of major snowfall amounts Friday a stroller. She was transferred to Vanderbilt’s children’s hospital in Nashville with serious injuries, Chief Alan Brown tells The Athens- also limits access to the beach. but Bismarck and some areas in Shankle said. Alaska feed in 50 pound sacks. The the Banner Herald that there is the southwestern part of the state JUNEAU — The state of Alaska St. Paul, Minn.-based company “some indication he may have Maryland got a light dusting in the morning. Utah will begin offering either direct said Friday that the feed has the had multiple weapons.” A system coming out of the deposit or debit cards to those potential to have higher than SHARPSBURG — Fire officials say Rockies is expected to bring more OGDEN — Ogden officials are receiving unemployment benefits. acceptable levels of salt. The Iowa a man accused of setting another snow, possibly mixed with rain, to warning a shopkeeper to remove The change starts Monday for maker says higher salt levels can on fire has been charged with the state Sunday, the weather an obscenity he scrawled across workers filing for benefits. Those cause serious health issues and, DES MOINES — The House first- and second-degree assault. service said. his windows in an escalating who qualified for benefits before at high levels, potential mortality agreed Friday to put new Nineteen-year-old Clayton Muller fight with city code officers. City Monday who did not choose in poultry. The recall was initiated restrictions on farmers applying of Sharpsburg was released Oregon workers erected a tarp across direct deposit will continue to after a small number of liquid manure to frozen ground, a Friday after posting $15,000 the message Bruce Edwards receive paper checks. The state customers complained that their move aimed at preventing runoff bond. According to the fire EUGENE— A ruling this week from wrote using the f-word to labor department says two free birds died, the company said. into Iowa’s waterways. The marshal’s office, the incident the Oregon Court of Appeals has describe his opinion of city withdrawals can be made measure prohibits producers from occurred March 15 at Muller’s highlighted concern among safety government. Ogden community monthly at participating ATMs. California applying liquid manure to frozen home. Muller is accused of officials and river guides about development manager Keith People also can request cash ground from Feb. 1 to April 1. spraying lighter fluid on a inflatable rafts and drinking. The Morey says the antique dealer back from purchases made at SANTA BARBARA — The Dalai fireplace and trailing it onto court ruled that inflatable rafts risks drawing a public-nuisance more than 4,300 participating Lama says the global economic Kentucky another man’s upper body. The are covered by the state laws that charge unless he erases the retail outlets. crisis will teach people that victim became engulfed in prohibit drinking and boating. The message. Edwards has a history peace of mind, family and friends LOUISVILLE — Rock great Bob flames; a witness helped put the inflatable rafts addressed by the of using his storefront to Arizona can bring happiness when money Dylan will perform at Louisville fire out. Authorities say the victim court can be dangerous, said Guy hammer the city with insults and is lacking. The spiritual leader Slugger Field this summer, and suffered second-degree burns to Santiago, owner of Oregon River says he won’t back down. He’s SIERRA VISTA — A Cochise said at a news conference Friday he’ll bring along a couple of his arm, chest and face. Sports in Glenwood. “They don’t gearing up for another legal County judge has declared a at the University of California, guests: Willie Nelson and John maneuver well, they puncture fight. The sign brouhaha is one mistrial in a murder case Santa Barbara that the crisis is Mellencamp. The show will be Missouri easily,” he said. “We call them thing. Edwards is resisting an because the defendant’s brother good because it reminds people July 8, and is part of Dylan’s disposables.” order to clean up another lot in dropped his pants, gestured and who only want to see money grow ongoing tour of minor-league KANSAS CITY — About 200 town where he collects made threatening comments in that there are limits. The head of baseball parks. The famed singer- people have attended a unity South Carolina restaurant equipment, light the presence of jurors. Judge Tibet’s exiled government songwriter began performing at march and prayer hour in Kansas fixtures, duct work and other Wallace Hoggatt ended the trial delivered two public lectures that the parks in 2004. He will release City in memory of a slain girl who CHARLESTON — Things will be a stuff. on Friday after jurors reported sold out within two hours. He a new album, “Together Through for years was known only as little wild and woolly along the seeing and hearing acts by blames the worldwide financial Life,” on Tuesday. Tickets to the “Precious Doe.” The event South Carolina coast this Virginia Steven Kastner outside the crisis on greed, lies and hypocrisy. Louisville concert are $69.50 and Saturday lasted more than an weekend as Middleton Place courtroom. Kastner was attending go on sale May 9. hour and concluded with a Plantation holds its annual sheep NORFOLK — Customs officials the trial of his brother, 28-year- Georgia dedication of a park honoring the and wool days festival. Sheep are have seized more than 20,000 old Jonathan Arthur Ramil. Ramil Louisiana girl and other slain or abused a big part of the plantation on pairs of counterfeit designer is charged with first-degree ATHENS — Three people were children. The site of the future the Ashley River outside jeans at the Port of Hampton murder for the June 2008 slaying killed Saturday at a community GRAND ISLE — Grand Isle State park is a wooded area where Charleston and graze on the Roads. U.S. Customs and Border of 43-year-old Patrick Gleason in theater near the University of Park is set to reopen Friday, eight 3-year-old Erica Green’s greensward in back of the Protection said Friday that the a Willcox home. Georgia, and authorities were months after it was shut down by dismembered body was found on plantation house. Visitors to the jeans were valued at more than searching for a professor in the Hurricane Gustav. Office of State April 28, 2001. The child wasn’t plantation will be able to see $403,000. Bill Blass, Rocawear Arkansas shooting deaths. Athens-Clarke Parks spokeswoman Sharon identified until May 2005, when sheep dog herding demonstra- and South Pole were among the County Coroner Sonny Wilson Broussard said the park needed her mother and the mother’s tions. They will also see sheep brand labels on the jeans, which LITTLE ROCK — Land O’Lakes said the three were shot off $527,000 in repairs and cleanup husband were arrested in being sheared, and artisans were shipped from China. Purina Feed LLC has initiated a campus about 12:30 p.m. He did work after the Sept. 1 storm and connection with the slaying in dyeing, knitting and weaving with Customs spokesman Tim Sushil limited voluntary recall of a single not immediately have any other Hurricane Ike, which hit less than Muskogee, Okla. The couple were their wool. said the jeans probably will be lot of a Country Acres poultry details. The school’s Web site said two weeks later. Ten camp sites convicted in the killing last year. destroyed, although they could Tennessee be donated with permission North Carolina from trademark owners. PARIS — A man on a four- ASHEVILLE — Chimney Rock wheeler lost control after having a Vermont State Park has been expanded by seizure and plowed into a crowd more than 300 acres. The along a parade route Friday BERLIN — Police in Berlin say a Asheville Citizen-Times reports the injuring 13 people — including an new kind of counterfeit $100 bill Foothills Conservancy of North 18-month-old, authorities say. The that somehow passes validation Carolina was able to secure two incident happened around noon tests is making the rounds in tracts to expand the park to Cane in Paris, a small town 120 miles Vermont. The Berlin Police Creek Mountain. One 174-acre northwest of Nashville near the Department and the U.S. Secret property was bought about a year Kentucky border, at an annual Service are investigating the bills, u ago, while an adjoining 156 acres event dubbed the “World’s 20 of which have been received was bought in February. The land Biggest Fish Fry.” Mike Shankle, by banks and businesses in coast $6.5 million. A total of director of Emergency Medical Berlin, Barre and Montpelier. 4,320 acres has been set aside Services for Henry County Instead of showing a black mark for Chimney Rock State Park. Medical Center, said the man on when written on by a currency the four-wheeler was following a validation marker, the bills have North Dakota float just as the parade was some sort of chemical coating ending when he lost control and that allows them to beat the test. Quality BISMARCK — After a day of 80- slammed into the crowd. Shankle Berlin police say they’ve located y a person traced to eight of the only comes ENGLEWOOD DESOTO bills, but the person’s name hasn’t been released. Telephone from CIRCULATION CIRCULATION calls to the investigating officer Experience Customer Service 941-681-3000 Customer Service 863-494-2434 weren’t returned Friday. Fax: 941-681-3008 Fax: 863-494-3533 West Virginia info@sun-herald.com Ask about our 5% CHARLOTTE CHARLESTON — The head of a Pool Package Rebate Tr NORTH PORT CIRCULATION state psychiatric hospital in CIRCULATION Customer Service Huntington testified Friday that persistent overcrowding has led www.menzerpools.com Customer Service 941-429-3000 941-206-1300 Fax: 941-629-2085 to routine violations of state 941-625-5909 Fax: 941-423-2318 regulations and an atmosphere info@sun-herald.com info@sun-herald.com of “chaos” at times. Mildred- 327796 Punta Gorda Herald office Mitchell-Bateman Hospital CEO 941-205-1000 Mary Beth Carlisle said in a Kanawha County Circuit Court Display Advertising hearing the 90-bed facility is North Port 941-429-3000 National & Regional Advertisers consistently pushed beyond that Charlotte 941-206-1214 941-206-1270 capacity. Staff members are Englewood 941-681-3000 ads@sun-herald.com working more overtime, some of Take advantage of the new DeSoto 863-494-2434 it mandatory, and the number of psychiatric emergencies has Federal Tax credit up to $1500.00* *Call dealer for details Classified Advertising increased as a result. “For every extra patient and every extra 866-463-1638 941-629-1712 Fax: 866-949-1426 staff member on the unit, the chaos increases,” she said. Also ask about classified@sunnewspapers.net Rheem Rebates up to $1200.00* Wyoming FPL Rebates up to $2100.00* CHEYENNE — Natural gas WE SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Sun Newspapers production in Wyoming set a new record in 2008, while oil MEMBER of the Audit Bureau of Circulation ----r production in the state declined President..................................Derek Dunn-Rankin ....................941-206-1001 slightly from the previous year. Publisher..................................David Dunn-Rankin.....................941-206-1003 Preliminary figures from the state _ Serving Southwest Florida since 1974 DalesAC.com Editor........................................Chris Porter .................................941-206-1134 Oil and Gas Conservation Commission show Wyoming gas 355440 Managing Editor.......................John Hackworth ..........................941-206-1147 Lic.# RA0067079 DeSoto Sun Editor ...................Laura Schmid .............................863-494-0300 fields produced about 2.4 trillion DeSoto General Manager ........Joe Gallimore..............................863-494-0300 cubic feet last year. That is up Charlotte Sun Editor.................Christy Arnold..............................941-206-1168 from nearly 2.3 trillion cubic feet 351047 North Port Sun Editor...............Lorraine Schneeberger................941-429-3003 in 2007. North Port General Manager ....Steve Sachkar.............................941-429-3003 r! ! !' ' r Englewood Sun Editor..............Mike Billington............................941-681-3000 Englewood General Manager ...Lang Capasso.............................941-681-3000 — From wire reports The SUN (USPS 743170) is published daily at Sun Coast Media Group, Inc., 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980-2100. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Postmaster: Please send address changes to the SUN, 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980-2100.
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