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8-part series on big oil off Florida coast

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C All 2008 7 25

  1. 1. Mail-in ballots require one dollar in postage OUR TOWN PAGE 1 CharlotteSun BUCS PREP FOR SEASON FORD’S WORST QUARTERLY PERFORMANCE AND WEEKLY HERALD The Tampa Bay Buccaneers face plenty of questions as $8.7 BILLION LOSS Layoffs, plant revamping planned. FRONT training camp begins. SPORTS PAGE 1 PAGE 11 AN EDITION OF THE SUN VOL. 116 NO. 207 AMERICA’S BEST COMMUNITY DAILY F R I D A Y J U LY 2 5 , 2 0 0 8 www.sun-herald.com 50 cents Charlotte’s real estate ranks as most affordable By BOB FLISS percent off their year-ago pace The Punta Gorda metropoli- markets. June’s sales figures the Punta Gorda-Port Char- CHARLOTTE BUSINESS EDITOR of $199,000. This compares to a tan statistical area — which supported this point — 591 lotte-North Port Association of Charlotte County emerged 16 percent year-to-year drop includes all of unincorporated houses sold, up 4 percent from Realtors. from June as the most afford- statewide, the Florida Associa- Charlotte County — reported 567 in June last year. But “We’ve been on the plus side able residential real estate tion of Realtors reported 196 closed sales in June, Sarasota also posted its lowest since December. That’s obvi- market in Florida, with a Thursday. compared to 292 in May and median price of 2007 — ously not the case now,” median sale price of $141,000. Splitting the difference, it 218 in June a year earlier. And $235,500, down 20 percent Dryburgh said. “But we’re set to At least that’s the optimistic might be accurate to character- the $141,000 median price was from $293,800 in June 2007. pick back up in August, when way of looking at it. ize June as just another month down from $154,600 in May Considering that June is people come down, and have But if you’d rather read a in the local real estate market’s and $199,000 in June 2007. traditionally a slow month to put kids in school and stuff.” disaster narrative, the latest gradual recovery from the post- Sarasota County experi- locally, 196 closed deals in Still, every month from existing home sales figures Hurricane Charley boom in enced somewhat less turbu- Charlotte wasn’t all that bad, show that prices were 29 2005 to the doldrums of 2007. lence than other Florida said Bill Dryburgh, president of REAL | P3 New refineries unlikely It’s unlikely more offshore oil drilling would directly lead to new refineries in Florida — or anywhere REFINERY PROCESS FACTS: • After crude oil is removed from the ground, By NEIL HUGHES Mineral Management it is sent to a refinery by pipeline, ship or STAFF WRITER Service estimates there are barge. At a refinery, different parts of the crude Regardless of whether roughly 3.6 billion barrels oil are separated into usable petroleum oil drilling occurs off the of oil in the eastern Gulf. products. coast of Florida, Libby That’s enough to feed the • Crude oil is measured in barrels (abbreviat- Cheney figures that it’s U.S. oil consumption rate ed “bbls”). A 42-U.S. gallon barrel of crude oil probably a long-shot that of 20.6 million barrels-per- provides slightly more than 44 gallons of Florida will get into the day for roughly six months, petroleum products. This gain from processing refinery business. according to the U.S. the crude oil is similar to what happens to “I sometimes wonder if Energy Information popcorn, it gets bigger after it is popped. it’s not impossible to build a Administration. • One barrel of crude oil, when refined, brand new refinery with Numerous expansions of produces about 20 gallons of finished motor permits,” said Cheney, vice existing facilities have taken gasoline, and 7 gallons of diesel, as well as president of corporate place over the last 30 years, other petroleum products. Most of the support for Shell Oil (and but in that time an entirely petroleum products are used to produce no relation to the U.S. vice new refinery has not been energy. president). built in the U.S. • Other products created from petroleum Assuming drilling takes “There are a number of include propane, ink, crayons, bubble gum, place, and an unexpectedly reasons why a brand new dishwashing liquids, deodorant, eyeglasses, incredible amount of oil is refinery from the ground up records, tires, ammonia, and heart valves. not found in the eastern hasn’t been built since 1976 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration Gulf of Mexico, pipelines in Garyville, Louisiana,” that intersect all over the said Bill Holbrook, commu- Gulf floor can easily trans- nications director for the port oil to many of the National Petrochemical & country’s other refineries. Refiners Association. And it’s unlikely any Consider, he said, that AP PHOTO/THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE, STEVE UECKERT drilling would result in a estimates for building a new A crane collapsed within the LyondellBasell Houston Refinery, July 18 in Houston, killing four workers and need for drastic refinery injuring seven others in the latest of several fatal accidents that have raised concerns about the safety of expansions. The U.S. REFINERIES | P4 construction cranes. Memo: ‘Good faith’ Should the votes protects against of dead people torture charge By PAMELA HESS and LARA JAKES JORDAN approved the CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques be counted? ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER By DEBORAH HASTINGS tion, raising new questions method by method, but AP NATIONAL WRITER about an age-old phenome- WASHINGTON — The warned that if the circum- non normally associated stances changed, interroga- If you vote by mail, but die Justice Department in 2002 with chicanery in places like tors could be running afoul before Election Day, does told the CIA that its inter- your vote count? It depends Chicago: What should be rogators would be safe from of anti-torture laws. done with the ballots of the The Aug. 1, 2002 memo on where you lived. prosecution for violations of Oregon counts ballots no recently dead? anti-torture laws if they signed by then-Assistant Laws in at least a dozen matter what happens to the believed ‘in good faith’ that Attorney General Jay Bybee states are evenly split voter. So does Florida. But in harsh techniques used to was issued the same day he between tallying and dump- South Dakota, if you die break the will of prisoners, wrote a memo for then- ing the votes. No one keeps before the election, so does including waterboarding, White House Counsel AP PHOTO your vote. records on how often such would not cause “prolonged Alberto Gonzales defining Increasingly popular mail- deaths occur. torture as only those 88-year-old Florence Steen votes for Hillary mental harm.” Rodham Clinton at the Rapid City Regional in ballots mean voters can Yet in this year’s The newly released but Hospital Auxiliary Hospice House in Rapid City, SD now choose candidates up heavily censored memo MEMO | P4 on April 29, 2008. Steen died on Mother's Day. to 60 days before an elec- DEAD | P3 INDEX| FRONT: Nation 2,8,9 | State 6,7 | World 9, 10,17 | Business 11-16 | Weather 18 | TV Grid 18 | OUR TOWN: Police Beat 3 | Obituaries 5 | Crossword 12 | Abby 13 Daily Edition 50¢ High Low WINNING HORSE CHARLIE SAYS ... Can I get sued for saying my socks cost 92 74 Partly sunny with a storm. Gene Gage of Punta Gorda recently won a APHA World Champi- on title in Fort Worth, Texas, with her horse Helens Reflection. OUR TOWN PAGE 1 50¢? 7 05252 00025 8 Send suggestions to charliesays@sun-herald.com
  2. 2. Front Page 2 D/E/N/C www.sun-herald.com NATIONAL NEWS The Sun /Friday, July 25, 2008 | NATION Texas begins cleanup after Dolly Feds: Mine operator HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) many lives. Even so, there Rain and wind from courted danger — Residents across south will be substantial cleanup: Dolly probably doomed Texas slogged through President Bush declared much of the cotton crop in PRICE, Utah — The knee-deep muddy waters, south Texas a disaster area Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. operator of a collapsed tiptoed around downed to release federal funding About 92,000 acres of Utah mine violated safety power lines and dug to 15 counties, and insur- cotton in the region was protocols by cutting coal through debris Thursday, ance estimators put the awaiting harvest but pillars that should have but were thankful that losses at $750 million. driving rains and high been left standing to Hurricane Dolly didn’t By Thursday afternoon, winds knocked bolls to the prevent cave-ins, federal pack the wallop they had with the storm’s maximum ground, making them regulators said Thursday. feared. sustained winds blowing unsalvageable, Texas Agri The officials said a Downed power lines around 35 mph, forecast- Life Extension agent Rod subsidiary of Ohio-based remained the greatest ers downgraded Dolly to a Santa Ana said. Sorghum Murray Energy Corp. danger, and South Texas tropical depression. The acres damaged by rain in undermined other pillars officials urged people to storm was expected to early July also could be by excavating coal from stay home one more day tunnel floors. They also break up by Friday. doomed, he said. “unless it’s life or death.” faulted the company’s One person in Matamoros, engineering firm, Agapito Mexico, died from electro- HARDEE/DESOTO ENGLEWOOD Associates Inc. of Grand cution after walking past a Junction, Colo., for con- CIRCULATION CIRCULATION power line on the ground. ducting a flawed evalua- Residents picked up the Customer Service Customer Service tion of mining dangers. pieces of their houses and 863-494-2434 941-681-3000 The agency is fining businesses blown apart by Fax: 863-494-3533 Fax: 941-681-3008 Murray Energy $1.6 million AP PHOTO the storm. But as dry skies info@sun-herald.com and Agapito $220,000 for spread over the region, Jose Luis Ramirez walks through his home after the Classified Classified the disaster, he said. winds from Hurricane Dolly tore off the roof, Thursday, they were struck by relief in the Laureles area of Cameron County, Texas. that the storm didn’t take 863-494-2434 941-475-2200 Vast oil, natural gas Fax: 863-494-3533 Fax: 941-485-3036 reserves in Arctic WASHINGTON — Some 90 billion barrels of oil Cavers chart ‘snowy’ NORTH PORT CIRCULATION CHARLOTTE CIRCULATION and a third of the world’s undiscovered natural gas lie beneath an area north river of crystals Customer Service 941-429-3000 Customer Service 941-206-1300 of the Arctic Circle, FORT STANTON by members of the Fort Fax: 941-423-2318 Fax: 941-629-2085 government scientists CAVE, N.M. (AP) — Stanton Cave Study info@sun-herald.com info@sun-herald.com Hundreds of feet Project in early July estimate in the largest- Punta Gorda Herald office ever survey of the energy beneath Earth’s surface, added several thousand Classified ads 941-205-1000 a few seasoned cave feet to the measurement 941-429-3000 resources there. explorers venture where of the spectacular The U.S. Geological no human has set foot. formation, which is at Port Charlotte Town Center Survey, which announced mall kiosk the findings Wednesday, Their headlamps least four miles long. The Display Advertising 941-206-1700 illuminate mud-covered explorers who have been North Port 941-429-3000 called the region, which walls, gypsum crystals following the passage Charlotte 941-206-1214 includes parts of the and mineral deposits. under the rolling hills of Englewood 941-681-3000 Classified United States, Russia and AP PHOTO The real attraction, southeastern New DeSoto 863-494-2434 941-206-1200 Canada, “the largest though, is under their Mexico say there’s still Caver John McLean talks Hardee 863-494-2434 unexplored prospective Fax: 941-629-7740 shoes. more of Snowy River to about the many questions National & Regional Advertisers classified@sun-herald.com area for petroleum A massive formation be discovered. scientists have about the 941-206-1270 remaining on Earth.” that resembles a white The few who have Snowy River formation while ads@sun-herald.com All told, the area accounts river spans the cave’s walked on the formation on an expedition in Fort for about a fifth of the floor. A closer examina- say they’ve seen nothing Stanton Cave, N.M., on July 3. world’s recoverable oil and tion reveals that the odd else like it. Early studies natural gas reserves, the formation is an intricate point to its uniqueness: USGS says: 13 percent of the oil, 30 percent of crust of tiny calcite Already, some three IS YOUR A/C RUNNING crystals. dozen species of OUT OF STEAM? .. natural gas and 20 percent The explorers have microbes previously of natural gas liquids. reached Snowy River — unknown to science j thought to be the have been uncovered. Missile launch crew longest continuous cave New Mexico’s two U.S. 24 HO Clean & Check EMERGE UR 4 P Your Air Conditioner I falls asleep on job formation in the world. senators are pushing for “I think Snowy River is Congress to designate SERVICE NCY AL AVAILAB WAYS WASHINGTON — Three one of the primo places Fort Stanton Cave and “An Educated Customer is ballistic missile crew underground in the Snowy River as a nation- Our Best Customer” LE ___ 29_ _ _ members in North Dakota fell asleep while holding world and there’s still so much left that we al conservation area. The designation would NOW JUST $ 95 w/coupon classified launch code haven’t discovered. ... We protect the area from Offer ends 7/31/08. Ask for details. devices this month, don’t even know how big such activities as mining triggering an investigation it is,” said Jim Goodbar, that threaten the water by military and National a cave specialist with the flows that created the Security Agency experts, the Air Force said Thursday. federal Bureau of Land Management. cave. It also might generate funding for Quality The probe found that The survey expedition scientific research. Control Air, Inc. the missile launch codes air conditioning & duct cleaning conditining were not compromised, but the July 12 incident Sun Newspapers 941-766-1AIR 348325 comes on the heels of a series of missteps by the MEMBER of the Audit Bureau of Circulation (1247) Air Force that had already put the service under President..........................................Derek Dunn-Rankin................941-206-1001 intense scrutiny. Publisher..........................................David Dunn-Rankin................941-206-1003 The lapse, which Editor ...............................................Chris Porter.............................941-206-1134 involved a crew based at Managing Editor...............................John Hackworth......................941-206-1147 Minot Air Force Base, was DeSoto/Hardee Sun Editor..............Laura Schmid.........................863-494-0300 serious enough, however, DeSoto General Manager ................Joe Gallimore .........................863-494-0300 to prompt an investiga- tion by the 91st Missile Charlotte Sun Editor ........................Lorraine Schneeberger...........941-206-1168 Wing. And it delivers North Port Sun Editor.......................Elaine Allen-Emrich ................941-429-3003 another blow to the North Port General Manager............Steve Sachkar........................941-429-3003 beleaguered Air Force. Englewood Sun Editor......................Christy Arnold.........................941-681-3000 — From wire reports Englewood General Manager...........Lang Capasso ........................941-681-3000 NOW NOW NOW NOW S 1 OPEN OPEN 941-255-1167 4295 LAURA ST. • PORT CHARLOTTE, FL 33980 www.boaterswarehouse.net OPEN OPEN 2008's 2008 Visit us at the “Corner of Edgewater and 41 next to Walgreens in Port Charlotte” p11 2008' s most Model Year End Reduction Sale Arr iving &u Dally $ SUZUKI. 185 LS Save 200 Classic Pontoon SAVE 204 Angler Olympics Who to watch $129/mo $2800 $3400 wac 2009 20’ Cruise Model, 50hp o/b. Full Cover, Vinyl 18’ bowrider, well equipped, Only $13,865 150 HP, T-Top, Trailer, Much More $24,995 Deck, Changing Room, Bimini, Stereo. $13,875 Gold medalist Shannon Miller explains why Specials In Our Ship Store Shawn Johnson is the gymnast to watch in JENSON CD PLAYER Beijing this summer. W/SPEAKERS $159.99 319911 $39.99 $5.85 $19.95 Airhead PDF Adult Seachoice 1000 lb AGAZIN E 307957 “Blast” Tube Type II Swivel Jack This Sunday in … Your Newspaper Logo Here This Sunday in... The SUN (USPS 743170) is published daily at Sun Coast Media Group, Inc., 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980-2100. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Postmaster: Please send address changes to the SUN, 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980-2100.
  3. 3. Friday, July 25, 2008/ The Sun FROM PAGE ONE www.sun-herald.com D/E/N/C Front Page 3 REAL: Charlotte County ranks high on the affordable housing list FROM PAGE 1 are about as low as have some confidence market, Dryburgh noted. sive price cutting is tive delegation and is a they’re going to go,” will be able to pay them At the opposite necessary to clear the Cape Coral homebuilder December through May Dryburgh said. back. extreme was Lee County, market. and real estate broker in topped its year-earlier Two of the three That leaves interest which turned its June “The banks have in private life. He noted that month in terms of houses elements needed to rates, and it’s here that sales volume around in a many cases gotten his own firm managed to sold, according to the restore balance to the Dryburgh sees some big way — 719 sales, or 29 access to properties that sell about $20 million in Realtors figures. And local real estate market room for action by the percent more than the were in default or that property over the last Dryburgh noted that it’s are already in place, Federal Reserve. The 588 houses sold in June, the banks were willing to quarter, which he charac- no accident that in all Dryburgh added. Sellers current mid-6 percent 2007. To achieve this negotiate over via short terizes as an encouraging these months, local have cut prices. Banks range for fixed 30-year volume, the median price sales,” he said. “It looks increase over last year sellers cut their prices have money to lend — all mortgages is scaring off had to drop 32 percent, like everyone has gotten and another bit of evi- more than the statewide the more so since the some potential buyers. from $253,900 to realistic about the right dence that the local average. subprime mortgage Get this down to the $172,400. pricing, and everyone’s market has bottomed out “What I’m noticing market is dead and upper 5 percent range State Rep. Gary Aubu- responding.” and will continue to now is that they’ve pretty lenders will only advance and many more buyers chon, R-Cape Coral, Aubuchon chairs the improve. well bottomed out, and money to people they would get into the explained that the aggres- Charlotte County legisla- E-mail: bfliss@sun-herald.com F R E E ON L I N E DEAD: Should the votes of the deceased count after they’re gone? C L A S S IF I E D A D S! www.sunfleas.com FROM PAGE 1 And there are more than “That’s what happened in perfect storm of ques- ballot designs, and dead Enter your own Internet ad for private 7,000 of them.” 2000, when we had this tions about ballot counts, voters.” party merchandise under $500 contentious campaign, Thirty-one states allow the right of every Ameri- some form of early can to a counted ballot voting. has become a rallying cry Ballots cast by the dead — even if the voter dies are usually the focus of before the tallying starts. fraud allegations, as Take the case of Flo- happened in Washing- rence Steen, an ailing 88- ton’s extremely tight 2004 3-Days only! Annual Fall Preview Sale year-old grandmother gubernatorial race, born before women had decided by a margin of the right to vote. One of 129 votes out of 3 million her last wishes was to cast. More than a dozen New fall arrivals. Wear-now styles. Save on ENTIRE STOCKS vote for Hillary Rodham ballots were linked to Clinton. She wanted to dead people. from many of our BEST DESIGNERS, including names we can’t mention! be part of history, said But some advocates say legitimate, mail-in votes her daughter Kathy and Krause. hospice bed in Rapid City, S.D., when she was brought an absentee from people who die Steen was confined to a before Election Day should be counted, particularly in rural elections, where races Save 40% more off original prices ballot weeks before the June 3 primary. She studied it a long time, then marked her choice her daughter feared she can hang on a handful of votes. “In Montana, there have been several legisla- with such determination tive seats decided by one, two, three votes,” said LADIES ENTIRE STOCKof: JUNIORS would poke through the Tim Storey of the Nation- • All Sportswear from: • All Dresses paper. al Conference of State Classic American Designer • Reba • Jones New York Collection • All Collections from: Steen died on Mother’s Legislatures, an organiza- Jones New York Signature • Intuitions • AK Anne Klein • Emanuel I.N. San Francisco • Soulmates • Takara • Rampage Day. With a heavy heart, tion that recently looked Grace Dane Lewis • Karen Kane • Kenneth Cole • Nine West Paper Dolls • ING • XOXO • Ruby Rox at 12 mostly Western • All Sportswear from: her daughter took the Mac & Jac • Nygård Collections • Bianca Nygård Weekend Love Rocks • Fleurish • Miss Chievous • Moa Moa • Celle ballot and dropped it in a states and found that half Peter Nygård • Westbound • Pink Twill Zinc • Jolt • Doe • Cold Crush • Eyeshadow • Inspira mailbox. “In my mind, have no rules governing Crafty Couture • Apple Bottoms • Deréon • Baby Phat her vote counted,” ballots of the deceased. • All Dresses from: Those remaining states Max & Cleo • Calvin Klein • ECI • Muse • Nine West Krause said. “My mother Jessica Howard • Adrianna Papell • London Times • Tahari ASL CHILDRENS believed she had voted — Colorado, Idaho, • All Boys’ Collections from: Minnesota and Utah — Robbie Bee • Ellen Tracy • Anne Klein • OC by Oleg Cassini for a woman to be Polo • Nike • Company 81 • Ecko demand that such ballots Donna Morgan • I.N. Studio • Sangria • R&M Richards president.” Guess • First Wave Jones New York • Evan Picone • Maggy London • Ignite But the women down be rejected, leaving Karen Miller • Betsy & Adam • Alex Evenings • Spencer Alexis • All Girls’ Collections from: at the county courthouse Montana and Oregon as Hannah Montana • I.N. Girl • Princess • Takara J Kara • JR Nites • Night Way • Cachet • Onyx told Krause the ballot the only states that count Guess • Forever Orchid • Baby Phat • Apple Bottoms JS Collections • Niki • Jessica McClintock • Xscape had to be tossed because them. South Dakota Secretary • All Girls’ & Infants’ Dresses state law declared a voter • All Suits from: must be alive on Election of State Chris Nelson said Tahari ASL • Kasper • LeSuit • Stresa • Anne Klein • All Infants’ Collections from: Day. he doesn’t understand John Meyer • Emily Polo • Taggies • Mary Engelbreit • Ecko So Krause passed that why a dead person’s vote Little Me • Guess • Baby Phat • Apple Bottoms word to the Clinton should be counted. campaign. And Clinton “In my mind, it’s clear,” drew great applause when she told the story Nelson said. “You have to be a qualified voter on in her concession speech Election Day. I don’t four days after the South know how someone can save 33% and more off original prices ENTIRE STOCK of: say you’re a qualified • All Separates from: Dakota primary. “It’s just a goofy law, voter if you’re deceased.” LADIES Hampshire Studio • August Silk • Cable & Gauge • Spense and it needs to be Pam Smith, director of • All Sportswear from: Caribbean Joe • Sunny Taylor • Sienna Rose • NY Collections changed,” said Krause, the advocacy group Liz Claiborne • Liz Golf • Kasper • Jones New York Sport Vanilla Sugar • Cocomo • Belissimo who plans to lobby state Verified Voting, disagrees: Ruby Rd. • Napa Valley • Activology • Multiples legislators to reverse that “By definition, the day I.N. Studio • Josephine Chaus • Baranda LUGGAGE statute just as soon as her you cast a ballot is DKNY Denim • Calvin Klein Denim • All Luggage from: grief eases. Election Day. That’s it.” Anne Klein Denim • Zena • Code Blue Samsonite • Kenneth Cole Reaction • Delsey “What about the Mail-in ballots arrived High Sierra • Hartmann • Park & Preston soldiers in Iraq? What if in record numbers during they vote and they’re save 25% this year’s protracted killed in action, God primary season. and more forbid? Should we take away their vote because In California’s San Diego County, for exam- off original prices ENTIRE STOCK of: they died for their ple, 45 percent of the • All Roundtree & Yorke Knit Sportshirts country?” presidential vote arrived MENS • All Roundtree & Yorke Short Sleeve Woven Sportshirts There are no military by mail. Similar numbers • All Young Men’s Apparel from: standards governing • All Roundtree & Yorke Shorts surfaced across the Rocawear • Girbaud • G Unit • Enyce • Company 81 voting by soldiers. Rather, country. Election experts • All Men’s Neckwear HOME their mailed-in ballots are counted at the have predicted that as • All Daniel Cremieux Jeans • All Casual Dinnerware from: individual election many as 25 percent of Artimino • Sango • Gourmet Expressions • Costa Nova • All Men’s Sportswear from: districts where they are voters will vote by mail in • All Bedding Sets, Comforters, Quilts & Duvets Daniel Cremieux • Austin Reed • Contemporary registered to vote. But November. Pusser • Caribbean • Nicklaus • All Sheets, Pillows & Mattress Pads/Toppers like civilian votes, no one Dan Seligson, an editor at electionline.org, a • All Towels & Bath Rugs keeps track of whether the ballots of soldiers are voter watchdog organiza- thrown out because they tion, said ballots from the died after casting them. recently deceased could original prices 75% off • all ladies’ spring & summer sleepwear • all spring & summer bras, panties & daywear • all ladies’ spring hats & socks • all spring fashion jewelry & watches (excludes fine jewelry dept.) “No one can tell you affect the contentious ENTIRE STOCK of: • all seasonal department handbags 0Dillard s that,” said Susan presidential showdown Dzieduszycka-Suinat, between Democrat Selection varies by store. Sale ends Sunday, July 27 head of the Overseas Barack Obama and Voting Foundation in Republican John McCain. Look for the yellow signs Munich. “Every single “It could be a great election jurisdiction can contribution to any legal throughout the store for do it the way it wants. challenge,” he said. these very special savings. APPLY TODAY! Make Shopping More Rewarding Earn Dillard’s Reward Points Every Time You Shop Receive $ 20 In Reward Certificates When You Open An Account † †Subject to credit approval. Certificates for opening a Dillard’s credit card account will arrive with the Dillard’s Card and expire 60 days from issuance. See credit application for Rewards program terms. LOOKING FOR SOMETHING? USE YOUR DILLARD’S CHARGE. WE ALSO WELCOME VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINER’S CLUB & DISCOVER CARD. Port Charlotte Town Center, (941)255-1778 • Southgate Plaza, (941)955-2241 • Sarasota Square Mall, (941)925-1722: Mon.-Sat. 10-9, Sun. 12-6 Find it in the CLASSIFIEDS! 358319
  4. 4. Front Page 4 D/E/N/C www.sun-herald.com FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Friday, July 25, 2008 BUS Where are America’s oil refineries located? 50 Cent sues Taco Bell NEW YORK — 50 Cent has sued Taco Bell, claiming the fast-food restaurant chain is using his I lb .0 0 O Q name ? without permission in advertising that asks him to call himself 99 Cent. G IX The rapper 50 CENT says in a federal , lawsuit filed Wednesday that S/ i the Mexican-themed chain C7 features him in a print ad asking him to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 01 0 . . 99 Cent. His real name is Curtis Jackson. The rapper’s court papers say the ad is part of Taco Bell’s “Why Pay More?” campaign, which promotes items for under a dollar, including Cinnamon Twists for 79 cents, Crunchy Tacos for 89 cents and Bean Burritos for 99 cents. More than 250,000 barrels per day The papers say the Irvine, Calif.-based company sent a 100,000 to 249,000 barrels per day bogus letter requesting the 50,000 to 99,000 barrels per day name change to the news 10,000 to 49,000 barrels per day media but not to the rapper. The rapper’s lawyer, Peter D. Fewer than 10,000 barrels per day Raymond, said his client didn’t learn about the letter or that he was featured in the ad campaign until he saw a news Alabama Hawaii Minnesota Oklahoma West Virginia report about it. Raymond said Three refineries processing Two refineries processing Two refineries processing Six refineries processing One refinery processing 148,700 barrels per day 147,500 barrels per day 335,000 barrels per day 488,700 barrels per day 19,400 barrels per day his client is seeking $4 million in damages. Alaska Illinois Mississippi Pennsylvania Wisconsin Taco Bell Corp. spokesman Six refineries processing Four refineries processing Four refineries processing Five refineries processing One refinery processing 375,900 barrels per day 896,000 barrels per day 364,800 barrels per day 775,000 barrels per day 33,000 barrels per day Rob Poetsch issued a state- ment saying: “We made a Arkansas Indiana Montana Tennessee Wyoming good faith, charitable offer to Two refineries processing Two refineries processing Four refineries processing One refinery processing Five refineries processing 76,800 barrels per day 433,000 barrels per day 180,000 barrels per day 158,000 barrels per day 50 Cent to change his name to 375,900 barrels per day either 79, 89 or 99 Cent for one California Kansas New Jersey Texas day by rapping his order at a 21 refineries processing Three refineries processing Six refineries processing 26 refineries processing Taco Bell, and we would have 2,117,201 barrels per day 303,200 barrels per day 728,000 barrels per day 4,925,500 barrels per day been very pleased to make the Colorado Kentucky New Mexico Utah $10,000 donation to the One refinery processing Three refineries processing Two refineries processing Five refineries processing .......................................... . charity of his choice.” 90,000 barrels per day 423,000 barrels per day 91,800barrels per day 163,600 barrels per day Delaware Louisiana North Dakota Virginia ALMANAC One refinery processing 16 refineries processing One refinery processing One refinery processing Today is Friday, July 25, the 175,000 barrels per day 2,945,800 barrels per day 60,000 barrels per day 58,600 barrels per day 207th day of 2008. There are 159 Ohio Washington Georgia Michigan days left in the year. One refinery processing One refinery processing 4 refineries processing Five refineries processing SUN MAP BY JOSH OLIVE 28,000 barrels per day 100,000 barrels per day 551,400 barrels per day 618,000 barrels per day Source: Wikipedia Today in history On July 25, 1956, the Italian liner Andrea Doria collided with the Swedish passenger ship Stockholm off the New England coast. 51 REFINERIES: Offshore oil drilling may not lead to new facilities FROM PAGE 1 would take years to break tion Administration. purgatory for years, wise move. people were killed. even on. And although no new although neither facility “Why would we want refinery suggest it would “There’s not a big facilities have been built, has a traditional big oil to invest billions of On this date take 10 to 15 years. incentive just for compa- expansions on existing company behind it. dollars annually in In 1868, Congress passed an “A lot of the impetus nies to go out philan- refineries have, for the But perhaps the largest expanding capacity,” act creating the Wyoming Territory. behind expanding thropically and build a last decade, produced the obstacle in building new Holbrook said, “only to In 1943, Benito Mussolini was capacity in the United refinery,” Cheney said. equivalent capacity of facilities is the fact that no have that abandoned 10 dismissed as premier of Italy by States through expansion Rising oil prices have one new large-scale one wants a refinery in years down the road Victor Emmanuel III, and placed projects at existing led to a steep decline in refinery per year, said his back yard. perhaps?” under arrest. (However, Mussolini facilities has purely been margins at refineries over Joanne Shore, a senior Enough pipelines have But with petroleum the was later rescued by the Nazis, and a matter of time,” he said. the past two quarters, petroleum analyst for the been put in place in the key ingredient behind re-asserted his authority.) “It gets product to Holbrook said. U.S. Energy Information U.S. that transporting oil everything from gasoline In 1946, the United States consumers faster than it “We’re the first to bear Administration. to a far-away refinery is to lipstick, it’s unrealistic detonated an atomic bomb near would be to build one the brunt of high crude “In general, it makes not a major concern. For to expect that U.S. Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in the first from the ground up.” prices,” he said. “We’ve more economic sense for example, oil drilled in dependence on oil will underwater test of the device. Another problem: got to buy the oil to make refiners to expand Alaska is sent to refineries subside anytime soon. In 1952, Puerto Rico became a Refineries require a huge the gasoline.” existing refineries,” Shore in California. “There’s still going to self-governing commonwealth of investment and don’t Thirty-two out of 50 said. And with rising oil be an incredible demand the United States. yield high profit margins, states currently have oil That’s not to say that prices fueling the current for our product,” Hol- In 1963, the United States, the Cheney said. Much like refineries in them. some companies aren’t political push to invest in brook said. “This country Soviet Union and Britain signed a with the time factor, it Together, they can trying to build new alternative energy is nowhere near close to treaty prohibiting the testing of makes more economic produce 17.4 million facilities. Proposed sources, oil companies replacing the hydrocar- nuclear weapons in the atmos- sense to expand existing barrels per calendar day refineries in South are left to wonder bon molecule.” phere, in space or underwater. facilities rather than make of crude oil, according to Dakota and Arizona have whether continuing oil In 1978, Louise Joy Brown, the a major investment that the U.S. Energy Informa- been in permitting refinery expansions is a E-mail: nhughes@sun-herald.com first “test tube baby,” was born in Oldham, England; she was conceived through in-vitro fertilization. MEMO: Interrogators told they would be safe from prosecution FROM PAGE 1 tion Act starting in 2004, The new documents employed, the identities prove they were tortured Today’s birthdays when the Abu Ghraib indicate that senior Bush of those present” and or coerced. Actress Barbara Harris is 73. “extreme acts” that cause prison abuse scandal administration officials other factors. “They will be very Rock musician Verdine White is pain similar in intensity to revealed detainee mis- were aware of the contro- Tenet’s memo also interested to know that 57. Singer-musician Jem Finer is that caused by death or treatment. Thursday’s versial and potentially authorized the use of document identifies 53. Model-actress Iman is 53. organ failure. That memo release adds to the problematic use of both “enhanced tech- techniques, how long Cartoonist Ray Billingsley was later rescinded by the growing record of the still certain interrogation niques” and “standard they were used and the (“Curtis”) is 51. Country singer Justice Department. secret program launched methods, including techniques,” and said names of the agents who Marty Brown is 43. Actor Matt Waterboarding is a after the Sept. 11 terrorist waterboarding. no other methods inflicted the torture,” ........................................... LeBlanc is 41. form of simulated drowning that critics call attacks. The new Bybee memo In a second memo, dated Jan. 28, 2003, then- could be used “unless otherwise approved by Jaffer said. “It is very important to those NEWS OF torture. CIA Director was obtained by the CIA Director George headquarters.” tribunals.” THE WEIRD Michael Hayden banned American Civil Liberties Tenet authorized CIA Jameel Jaffer, director A third document waterboarding in 2006 Union, along with two officers to interrogate a of the ACLU’s national released by the ACLU All-points bulletin but government officials other previously unre- terror suspect using an security project, said the Thursday is undated but Police in Osaka, Japan, have said it remains a leased documents “enhanced technique” Tenet document suggests likely was written in 2004, mobilized in January to possibility if approved by dealing with the CIA’s and ordered a record to the CIA at least contem- well after the last con- apprehend fugitive Hirofumi the attorney general, the interrogation program. be kept of it as the plated “super enhanced” firmed use of water- Fukuda, 27, who was wanted CIA chief and the The Bybee memo specifi- interrogation was hap- techniques that went boarding against a CIA for assaulting an officer . By president. cally approved proposed pening. It was not clear beyond waterboarding. prisoner. It addresses a the end of the two-hour Bush administration interrogation techniques whether such a record He also said the planned interrogation, episode, a helicopter and memos authorizing that were devised for use would be taken via notes, interrogation records, if saying that it should go 460 patrol cars, involving interrogation techniques against al-Qaida suspects videotape or audiotape, released, could be used forward only with the 2,240 law-enforcement have been leaked to the who were resistant to but it was to include the as evidence by defen- clear understanding of all officers, were on the case. press and released under traditional questioning “nature and duration of dants in military tri- policies pertaining to the — From wire reports the Freedom of Informa- methods. each such technique bunals at Guantanamo to treatment of prisoners.
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