Pinterest Pin to Success


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This hour-long webinar includes:
What is Pinterest?
How to set-up your Pinterest account
Best practices to promote your products/services
How to connect with your target market on Pinterest
Pinterest tools and resources

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  • - highlight any block of text, paste it and create a cute re-pinnable pin to post to your boards (only basic options are free, more fonts require upgrade) Snapito - Just enter a website address into the box above and click on the Snap! button to take a screenshot. To pin a website on Pinterest just use the dropdown on the right of the Snap! button and select either 'Pin to Pinterest' or 'Pin Full Page'. Pinerly - Pinerly is not open to the public. Share your unique link on Facebook and Twitter to get ahead of your competition! Invite friends, co-workers, family... you get the point. Friends qualify you for an earlier invite and bonus features. Please note, signing up from the same computer multiple times will not count =)
  • – basic analytics, you can find out your most repinned pin, most popular boards and it gives you a PinReach score. It’s an interesting way to gauge your Pinterest influence. (average score is 29, just an FYI) – super simple site that gives you a Pinfluence score and gives you an idea of the value of your pins/referral traffic (a good score is between 40 and 70) – lets you pin other things besides just images - i.e. a snapshot of a website, a twitter profile or user, sticky notes onto your boards and much more – try it out, it’s kind of fun! Pinvolve - Pinvolve creates a new section on your Facebook page which presents all your photo posts in a Pinterest-like fashion
  • Pinterest Pin to Success

    1. 1. Pin to Success
    2. 2. The Basics
    3. 3. Getting to Know Pinterest • Hot new social network • An online vision board to collect, organize and share images of your products and services and things you love • Share your pins with friends©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    4. 4. Getting to Know Pinterest©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    5. 5. Why Care About Pinterest? • Traffic – Pinterest is the #3 Social Networking site – Daily unique visitors grew from 2 million in January 2012 to 4 million in March 2012 – 9 million monthly Facebook connected users – More traffic than Google +, LinkedIn & YouTube combined – Users stay an average of 14.2 minutes per visit©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    6. 6. Who’s Using Pinterest? • Primarily women, but the men have moved up from 20% to 28% of users in just a few months • Parents, 50% of users have children • Average age 25-54 • Shoppers, 10% of buyers referred from Pinterest are more likely to buy something than visitors from other social networks • Pinterest users have above average incomes©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    7. 7. Pinterest Vocabulary • Pin – photo, graphic or video shared via pinboard • Board – collection of pins grouped by category • Bookmarklet – code added to browser which allows pinning any website • Repin – adding others’ pins to your own pinboards©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    8. 8. Signing Up at Pinterest • Invitation only – Request invite from friends or request on Pinterest home page • Sign up using Twitter or Facebook account – Cuts down on spam – Allows friends to find you • Use the same email account you use for Twitter©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    9. 9. ©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    10. 10. ©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    11. 11. Signing Up at Pinterest • Create user name & password – Good branding to use same name across all social media networks – Eliminates threat of imposters • Choose categories that best represent your business • First followers are automatically added based on categories©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    12. 12. Signing Up at Pinterest • All followers will see your pinboards – Can always unfollow people • Setup pinboards – Unlimited number allowed • Create user profile – Fill in About Me, Location & Website sections – Use keywords & website backlink for SEO©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    13. 13. ©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    14. 14. Be sure to include an image. Connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hiding your account is not recommended, changing this setting will keep your profile from being indexed in the search engines©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    15. 15. Creating Your First Pin • Pin content from a website OR • Upload photo from your computer©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    16. 16. Creating Your First Pin 2. Click “Add A Pin” 3. Enter URL of website or upload a pin 4. Select a board OR create a new board 5. Include a description of your pin 6. Select “Pin It” 7. Share on Facebook & Twitter (optional) 8. This is also where you go to create a new board©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    17. 17. How to Find Ideal Followers • Building a following will build your influence among like-minded people in your market • Start with following people on Pinterest that are already in your social world – Your blog commenters / subscribers – Newsletter subscribers – Social media connections – Customers • In turn they will follow you back!©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    18. 18. How to Follow • Use Pinterest search or if visit user’s home page • “Follow All” button will follow all the user’s boards OR click on thumbnails to view & select individual boards to follow • Like-minded people flock together, while on your friend’s account, why not connect with their followers?©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    19. 19. Tips on Connecting • In your next newsletter / blog – Extend an invitation for subscribers to join too – Or to follow you if they already have an account • Post an invitation on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn • Use Pinterest “Find Friends” function to connect with your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo contacts or to send an email invitation • Make a video inviting people to follow you on Pinterest and post on YouTube • Follow back, it’s a friendly space©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    20. 20. Personalizing Your Boards • You can have an unlimited number of boards! – Set up boards related to your niche, products and services – Set up boards to show your interests, style and home decor – Planning a wedding or other event? Set up a Wedding board – Love to cook? Set up a recipe board – Set up a wish list – never know what you might recieve! • Be descriptive and creative in your board names • Categorize your boards • Add collaborators to a board – Select “Me + contributors” next to the “who can pin” selection – Send emails to invited collaborators©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    21. 21. Anatomy of a Good Pin • Repinning is ultimate goal – More than 75% of all pins are repins – Use good quality images – Add descriptions with links – Use @mentions to connect with your peeps and new peeps too! – Show your personality, be creative – Click on “Set Board Cover” to make any pin the cover image for the board©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    22. 22. Anatomy of a Good Pin • Tags – Hashtags make pins easy to find – Use keywords for SEO – Can use multiple hashtags per pin – BUT too many hashtags can look like spam©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    23. 23. Avoid Wasting Time • Select email updates / notifications on profile page – When someone follows, comments, likes or repins – Single notifications or daily update • Limit browsing time – Set a time limit of how often & how long you interact • Pin frequently & consistently for best results©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    24. 24. Marketing
    25. 25. Pinterest Etiquette • Be cautious about self-promotion – Pin your own stuff sometimes, pin/repin other people’s stuff more often • Give proper attribution – Link pins to original source – If “repinning” include name of original Pinner – Never link someone’s photo to your site©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    26. 26. Pinterest Etiquette • Comments should be polite • Report offensive pins©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    27. 27. Pinterest Etiquette • Observe copyright laws – Many photography sites don’t want their work pinned – If pin button doesn’t work on a site, don’t try to make it work – Add a watermark to original artwork/ images • Make sure the link source is correct – Pin blog posts from the actual blog link, NOT the home page©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    28. 28. Marketing on Pinterest • Have products? – Get others pinning about your products – Add $ in description and pin will be added to the Pinterest gift guide – Create a Holiday Gift Guide – Create a Pinterest ONLY weekly product offering – Hold a contest – Research what interests your customers on Pinterest©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    29. 29. Marketing on Pinterest • Promote through other channels to quickly jumpstart your presence – Add the Pinterest follow button to your website – Promote on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter – Write a blog post and invite people to “Pin” with you – Install a FREE Pinterest Tab on your Facebook Page©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    30. 30. Pinterest, Traffic & Sales • Become the expert – Standard SEO tactics will keep your boards at the top of searches – Pin consistently – Follow people – Interact – Tag pins – Connect your account with your website, blog, other social media accounts©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    31. 31. Pinterest, Traffic & Sales • Get Your Stuff Pinned – Make it easy for readers – Use WordPress plugins – Use a plugin to encourage people to follow you – Add Pinterest RSS feed to your site – Ask friends to pin your content • Traffic & sales from Pinterest depends on how many pins & repins you receive©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    32. 32. Pinterest Contest • Ask clients/customers to pin products photos – Pin photo, tag brand to win • Host board scavenger hunt – Most repinned board wins • Pin image of contest rules • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube • Celebrate winner on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and of course, Pinterest!©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    33. 33. Sharing on Pinterest • Bookmarklet – javascript code that lives in your browser’s bookmark bar – Allows you to add pins without actually visiting a site • Log in & select About >> Pin It Button from navigation bar©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    34. 34. Sharing on Pinterest • Add a Follow button to your website – When visitors click, they go to your pinterest page & can see your pinboards • Pin It button for websites – allows visitors to pin the content of your site to their pinboards – Wordpress has Pinterest plugins • iPhone and Andrios apps available©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    35. 35. Sharing on Pinterest • Can embed pins directly to your site©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    36. 36. Sharing on Pinterest©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    37. 37. Tips
    38. 38. More Pinterest Tips • Pins offer backlinks to your site • Pins last forever so avoid pinning coupons or special events that may expire – Choose evergreen topics instead like recipes, how-to videos, crafts, beauty tips, inspirational quotes • Each pin is a link to an external website©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    39. 39. More Pinterest Tips • Get creative in your pinning – Share useful tips in the form of graphics – Share infographics relevant to your industry with commentary – Share photos of you or staff – Create statistics charts relevant to your customers – Film a how-to video sharing a new idea – Create an infographic about your product or services©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    40. 40. Tools
    41. 41. Pinterest Tools • Allows sharing across social networks©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    42. 42. Pinterest Tools • Pinaquote – create custom quotes ($1.99) • Pinerly – in beta promises to be a comprehensive Pinterest analytics dashboard • SpinPicks - discover new content – pulls content from Pinterest, Twitpic and Instagram • Snapito – screengrab an entire website©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    43. 43. Pinterest Tools • Pinpuff – scores your reach, activity and "virality" of your pins • PinReach measures your Pinterest influence • Pinstamatic lets you add Twitter profile links, "Sticky Notes" and websites to your boards • Pinvolve – converts Facebook pages to Pinterest pins©Virtual Management Concepts LLC – 2012
    44. 44. Thanks for joining us!Please be sure to connect with us on: Pinterest – Donna CravottaFacebook – Virtual Management Concepts Twitter - @DonnaVMC LinkedIn – Donna CravottaWeb – We would also love to assist you and your business with Social Media & Public Relations