Zoned In Performace Healthy Mind Healthy Business


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Business Lessons from the world of High Performance Sport. Looking at the areas of motivation, mindset, goal setting, visualisation and team spirit.

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Zoned In Performace Healthy Mind Healthy Business

  1. 1. business Healthy Mind, Healthy Business WORDS I DONALD MACNAUGHTON port psychology is recognised as an member or of an entire business. What VisualisationS important cog in the wheel of improvingsports performance. The study of how a motivates an athlete to stay in their sport through months or years of training? Visualisation techniques allow a sportsperson to ‘see’ a winning Learning to understand what motivates you performance through their minds-eye.sportsperson’s mind can affect their body (and your staff) is a way to get on track to Learning how to visualise a positivehas grown from the ‘healthy mind, healthy realising your full potential. outcome under a variety of potentiallybody’ philosophy which dates back to negative circumstances is an important partancient Greek and Chinese civilisations. The Goal setting of an athlete’s preparation for competitiontechniques used today to improve an In the sports world, a series of smaller goals and is a proven coping strategy when usedathlete’s performance in sport have evolved are used as stepping-stones in training in stressful situations. Knowing how to usefrom the ancient methods developed towards an important competition, the big this technique will reap equal rewards in thethousands of years ago and can equally be goal! These goals help to prepare the high pressure world of business.applied to other areas of life.You may not be aiming for Olympic gold athlete physically and mentally by boosting confidence and maintaining motivation. Developing team spiritbut could sport psychology improve your Learning how to set SMART goals will be of Team-building and developing team spiritbusiness performance? equal benefit in the business world. doesn’t need to include a group bungee jump in the deepest Cairngorms or even theThink of your business arena as an Olympic Mindset compulsory purchase of a fluorescentstadium. If you are in business, you are a An individual can be in either a fixed or a kagoul but it does need goodcompetitor in that business arena. You may growth mindset. In a fixed mindset, the communication. Improving the performancebe competing as an individual - a sole- individual believes that the skills and ability of team members with the goal oftrader; as part of a team; or as the coach - they have are just what they were born with improving performance as a team requiresthe manager, but the techniques used by and nothing will change that. In a growth open, honest communication as feedback.competitors to create winning mindset, the individual believes that change Learning how to provide positive feedbackperformances in the sports environment can is always possible and that nothing is set in as the team leader and how to promote thealso be used by competitors in the business stone. An athlete, and equally a use of feedback among team membersenvironment to achieve the same winning businessperson, in a fixed mindset will encourages the growth of team spirit.results. struggle to improve on a mediocre performance but in a growth mindset, the So, if you want to give yourself a head startUnderstanding motivation world is their oyster! in business, get your toe on the start-line byAn athlete lacking motivation will under- utilising some sport psychology techniques.achieve so the same can be said of a staff Get ready to react to the ‘b’ of the business world , “bang” and don’t get left behind! Donald MacNaughton is available for consultation, coaching and workshops for individuals and organisations. email: