Social Media Straight Talk 3 24 10


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Social Media Straight Talk 3 24 10

  1. 1. Social Media  Social Media Straight Talk g March 24, 2010 Don Leith – National Account Executive Social Media Practitioner donleith
  2. 2. What is my Social Media Strategy? …not a strategy, but a tool to  support a… support a • Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy • Customer Service Strategy • Knowledge Management  gy Strategy • Talent Attraction & Retention  Strategy • Charitable Giving Strategy
  3. 3. Did You Know? Did You Know? of marketing  of Fortune  professionals  500 use some  increased  sort of social  social media  social media media tool media tool**  spend in 2009* *CareerBuilder Internal statistics, June 2009, **University of Mass., Dartmouth, Financial Institution, Inc., Dec 2008
  4. 4. Why are businesses getting in to Social Media? Worldwide Users in Millions 400 300 • Direct 200 100 0 • Instant Facebook MySpace LinkedIn Twitter • Expressive Social Media Users de Internet Users s 80% 70% 76% 68% 65% 64% • Easy 60% 60% 50% • Dialogue based Dialogue based tage of Worldwid 40% 30% 20% • Anytime, anywhere Percent 10% 0% 15‐24 25‐34 35‐44 45‐55 55+ Age Source: Graph 1: Facebook statistics, July 2009; MySpace and LinkedIn:  comScore data, July 2009; Twitter: Mashable and comScore data, July 2009. Graph 2: Nielsen Online, 2009
  5. 5. The ROI of Social Media The ROI of Social Media 1. Influence 2. Traffic 3. C atte Chatter 4. Intelligence / Experience • Goals: – Source Leads/Clients/Talent Source Leads/Clients/Talent – Gather Intelligence  – Build Relationships – Build and Support Your Brand and Reputation Build and Support Your Brand and Reputation – Increase Share of Voice – Drive Revenue
  6. 6. Building a Social Media Presence Building a Social Media Presence 1. Determine your target audience 2. Begin by listening, not acting – Listening reveals areas of opportunity and needs – Opportunities and needs define goals 3. Set obtainable goals and objectives Set obtainable goals and objectives – Goals determine where a brand should participate and monitor 4. Determine your mediums and areas of focus in terms of content – Set a content schedule 5. Participation/monitoring begin after goals and metrics are defined – Consistent participation develops engaged audiences – Connected and engaged audiences comprise a community Connected and engaged audiences comprise a community
  7. 7. Content Implementation Example Review  Review  Define post  Define  Develop page  Get feedback  employment  current brand  response  goals/budget for each site  & go live brand assets procedure Month one – M th Month 2–5  Month 6 Month 7‐ 9 Month 10 ‐ 12 implementation   • Launch all  • Create 90‐day  • Create and add  • Create 90‐day  • Develop  country pages country pages posting topics  posting topics new tabs if  new tabs if posting topics  posting topics custom content  custom content calendar applicable calendar if applicable • Build fan base  with message   • Develop  • Review  page  • Develop  • Create and add  to internal  to internal custom content   custom content reporting and  reporting and custom content  custom content new tabs if  new tabs if employees  if applicable advertising   if applicable applicable results • Add link to  • Identify key  • Proactively  • Review  page  corporate site,  corporate site openings to  openings to • Evaluate page Evaluate page  target groups  target groups reporting and  reporting and CB branding emphasize performance  online, attract  advertising   against client‐ organic fans to  results • Add vanity  • Run Facebook  defined KPIs page URLs to  URLs to advertising to  advertising to • Evaluate page Evaluate page  country‐ grow fans • Adjust  posting  • Create and add  performance  specific   strategy if  new tabs if  against client‐ recruitment  necessary applicable defined KPIs materials Ongoing management and monitoring from launch
  8. 8. 11 Questions 11 Questions 1. Who’s going to  g g 7. 7 What do you do if  What do you do if care? you can’t engage? 2. What are you going  y j 8. Are you just  to give back? i b k? following the  3. Who’s going to  crowd? manage? 9. What are your  h 4. How often are you  metrics? going to engage? 10. Are you comfortable  10 Are you comfortable 5. Where are your  with it? fans? 11. Are FB, T, and LI  6. What is your goal? your best platforms?
  10. 10. Client Facebook Example
  11. 11. Client Facebook Example
  12. 12. Client Twitter Example
  13. 13. Client LinkedIn Example
  14. 14. Tell a Story with Photos Give a virtual tour of your facilities  Give a virtual tour of your facilities with photos or convey the way in  which your employees make a  difference in patient quality of life difference in patient quality of life
  15. 15. Highlight Employee Achievements
  16. 16. Wall and Tab Posts
  17. 17. Listen To and Recognize Fans g
  18. 18. Show Philanthropic Involvement and Fundraising
  19. 19. Promote Career Fairs and Specific Job  Openings i
  20. 20. Example Launch Email