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Dspam Call For Nominations Awards 2011


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Please Nominate A DSP for DSP of the Year Awards

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Dspam Call For Nominations Awards 2011

  1. 1. Mission: DSPAM is dedicated to the development of a highly competent and professional human services workforce by supporting and working together with Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), self advocates, families, and allies.Direct Support Professional Association of Minnesota Call for Award NominationsThe Direct Support Professional Association of Minnesota (DSPAM) is a membershiporganization of individuals who are employed in a variety of settings that support and assistpeople with disabilities in living full and productive lives.DSPAM is seeking nominations in two categories to recognize the outstandingcontributions of DSPs in working with people who have disabilities. Eligible individuals arethose whose job duties involve working at least 50% of the time in providing direct caresupport to people who have disabilities.The award winners and their families will be invited to DSPAMs Annual DSP Recognition WeekEvent: Honoring Commitments. This event offers the opportunity for direct supportprofessionals to be recognized, celebrated and rejuvenated on the afternoon of Sunday September18th, 2011. With the generous service donations from Spa Blu, we will be offering free hair, nail andmassage services to say thank you to the DSPs who provide direct services to our aging and disabilitycommunities.Also, during the Honoring Commitments event, we will host a luncheon to present awards todirect support professionals who exemplify the Code of Ethics and promote self-determination,inclusion and leadership. We will also have gifts and door prizes available for our guests. Werequest that any nominated recipients be able to attend the event. Nominations are being accepted for the following categories:Direct Support Professional of the Year- Recognizes an individual who uses theNational Alliance of Direct Support Professionals Code of Ethics when providing outstandingservices supporting people with disabilities in participating in daily living care, growth anddevelopment, job development or ongoing support, self-advocacy, recreation, and othercommunity involvement activities.Direct Support Professional Advocate of the Year- Recognizes an individual who usesthe National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals Code of Ethics when providingoutstanding services in training direct support professionals, families, or self-advocates or inadvocating for local, state or national policies directly impacting Direct SupportProfessionals.Nominations are due by Monday September 12th, 2011. Completed nomination forms should be emailed at For questions please call 612.408.5635 Award winners will be notified directly by a representative of DSPAM.
  2. 2. Annual Award Nomination Form Award Category being nominated for: DSP of the Year DSP Advocate of the YearContact InformationName of person being nominated:Nominee’s Address:Phone Number: ( ) Email:Name of person submitting the nomination:Nominator’s Address:Phone Number: ( ) Email:Relationship to the Nominee:Name of nominee’s Employer:Supervisor’s Address:Phone Number: ( ) Email: 1. As guests of honor, award recipients are expected to be present for this public recognition opportunity. If selected, will the nominee attend the Awards Ceremony at 3 P.M. on Sunday September 18th? Please note the event will take place in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. □Yes □No 2. Number of Years the Nominee has been employed as a DSP: 3. Nominee’s Current Job Title: 4. Please provide a brief job description: 5. Please describe why this nominee is deserving of the award. Include examples of outstanding services to those people this person supports that have enabled the individuals served to be successful. Please limit the response to 250 words or less.
  3. 3. #5 continued….6. Please describe how the nominee utilizes the following National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) Code of Ethics in providing services to those worked with: Please limit the response to 250 words or less. • Person-Centered Supports • Relationships • Promoting Physical and • Self-Determination Emotional Well-Being • Advocacy • Integrity and Responsibility • Confidentiality For more on the Code of Ethics visit • Justice, Fairness and Equity • Respect
  4. 4. 7. Please list any other awards the nominee has received for their professional or personal commitments. Attach any newspaper or newsletter articles, or other publications that highlight the individual’s professional or personal accomplishments. Optional letters of support are encouraged and can be attached separately.Is there anything else that you would like to share with us to help us make a determinationabout the two very special award recipients for the 2011 DSP Recognition Event: HonoringCommitments?THANK YOU for taking the time to recognize an outstandingmember of the DSP workforce! Completed forms should be emailed to: 800 Transfer Road, St. Paul, MN. 55114