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Memo cir. no. 06 s2001


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Memo cir. no. 06 s2001

  1. 1. ^A' M aritime Training Counci-l MEIVORANOU|l CIRCULAR 6 No. SeriesOI200l ALL CONCERNED MARITIIME TRAINING CENTERS SUBJECT REcORDANDASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS BASIc in SAFETY IRAININGAND INSTRUCTION All designaled Assessocin BasicSafety Traningand Instrlction are requredlo sludy the assessmeni instrumenl enslre uniformily lhe to n appLi€tion oimethods prccedues and forlhelnilal assessmenlseala€rs of as specitied Seclion Vl/1 parag€ph of lhe STCW n A, 2 Code: A general meeiing all designated for Ass€ssors be sello ldentiiy and will disclssoroblems encounlered lhe iniiialimDlementation assessmeni in oi the Submission commenlshecommendalions/suggestions oi assessment i.shlment is expecied beloreihe generalmeeting Encosed are the Assessor'sGude, Recofds of i.l4'"",1/ L O R N A OFAJARDO . 20Aprl 2001 6'FhlPo46ub4,od|qa^E.o|ENMrdju@cty'P[hcl*.1$l .|fuo-hdh@|A
  2. 2. : z e 2 E E Eb b E - I I * .g g *t a E = 6 E* a 6 g J 3 JO 6= -5 -= 5 2t. xFs =EE t Sg i F?€ id 6 z e6 I 6 == B 6 :EI E= :-- ulos .g 6 g it E = F d c E $ I = p 6 & = = !'l ! P = = = E E un 6 g =z S= E o o x 99 i {F 3e E= EE EE e .3 ,a o9 fl5F E ;d t6 <- fiE E p g E E 6 F i5 b; EF t O P a3 ss ea t Pg B* d b 6PE F -P6e i E ci{ ..{ os I E I .E d 6 F$ E -3 !6 .9 eo 39 fl5 3Sr9 5 i .E{ € EF -9 p .E ;e EE :g6 6 : -q t= EE be li= rj{ ':P -, ? ^8Fg _x6l o< P{A :: i ; T t E
  3. 3. A5s€sor's Gni.t. ror PcBorat SuryivnlTehniqtrd L D€finitionolT.ds t.rJotu? ObJ..trc' ac li$ ol Inowledgc dnadrMd'ne and proficiflo rhorrepree4trhecnLicsl r@utremenrs rheconpflok ol tor p€rfommce ofinr€rcsl. (Ti€ ederal lmining objecliws chmcterired by a veaoundesldd, know o. d€mo.slnl€ ) Measlres - re obsoabte b€havio6 or rh€ obsnabt€ @n*que1trr or beh.viorc (fte sp4itc raiiing objdn6 qh.h descnbe pdN lems rar a ,afeer rusr be Ebte do at rheendof in ro the taining to show that rbe d€sir€dknowledaeor skitths bsm ,c@r.J 2 P*tomdre Stmdard: - ae Kcepr.ble or ldger leveh lo be achiNed by @trequdk The tud4d h inrendedro definethe nininum aeeptable leEl of perfo'l@@. 3 . PcrhmMk Pqfotu@ce Objectiw kny prop€. use of pmn.l proteion PdJomtue Meete - dercnsrFreprops dotrios of s li& jacket. Pe,Jmne Stdtturds - rhe safsr€. run be sbleto @,@tly d@te thefollowin8in oneninule: - smre srap smrc s.ap - st.ap&d sMpproperly ftred dd positioned - whistle lsnt ch@ked &d Thesse$nent will @nsisr ofts D@s. The nst p&r *nl b€ a witten dminarion oEisring of a ni.iNn of 25 qudions 6d relde dnqdt ro de perfomtr@ Srdd&ds t he tnowtedae obitrlive will be idedifed by . "f in rhe T/p @tutu of rhe Toble of perfo;mceba$d as6smmt. Suc6sftl @npl€rioh*ill bea ninioun of 70%@rrer - Tbe s@.d pan sill be d s€snei! of tie sk'llsdedved tom rheperfomde Thebowl€dse obj*rive will be ide.tinedby a.? in dF?'!}ndi$ftFtrltr#:_:i_'a:r:.j€:sd6dr. Table of PedolrM@bsed a3sMt. The .t!t€ s;d as*ssr init' l borc! of rhe Rwd oJ Asesnat i be @opleledo, y whm @ch p€,folr@e nEsure wnhn rhal sectior (all tic box6) hsve b€a sucesstully 6npl.r€d by a @didale od wirned by rhese dss$r * .-
  4. 4. 3E gE s .s Eg !=a i.9: 9i .5 ?::E E EF E": 5s$; di V E'. E Ee=* 5 !? -9 !; E;i E ;'b F !9"69; !::s; < 93 ,: Ei 5; 3_E .5 _d e 9 9E 6A EI E:EI l;E6 Eg€ eE9€ 'i, .E3 E €E-E ^i rqi eC 'HAe 9EE.HE CE iE i, -,- EgE lu.{ H ccEg 3E;g FE d;3 : E': Ei5 F e3 5HEI . FE:, EPg t gE 99a ;€€ B3 E 5-". sEAf
  5. 5. ca ': E: -e9 65 €-a ES! : :.;EE dts E g P3 g o3 V E'E E E.; E EgE E E ii ; >E :.9 FE PEH{ ; ! b.i !rggE 6 E..5; E g EE JsEE d:3 siiiiii;igii$ F : E€ EE5 ,:+;i ' ei s !]-g
  6. 6. cE E Eg =g 6g i-a E€; ; an ;;Eg EE3'g -FFE _6 lE E E! 9 Ei t >9 F!E 9- tE EZ 'u g !f,ftg3;n" EFf Eigg; E+g ;EisitEs€:3= 3E* gE ;Ei:ff;iffif EE E EJ: E 6 s?i etrI E:g =* e t-E ;.- ; '-E EEi EA$ i eEfra ; ! E: Ei5 E;.9 E9 9 E* EE 9€ j, EE
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  10. 10. E E! t.n E 6=A "i .E_i d; <:,E ; E!F3',s V E 35 FE ;Ees :*ii3 --qg!: -z So- I E i g g €g 6 b 3J *t€ P! 3 . _e 9b E5:' E,i iH' ,gE E ; a TES 9? 3di -Ea >t I >9 E 3 { E, a9 : : E i -ir5 rEa >.!; EF tr tr E€ 5I gE r.t iEl E.Ea qEcuiF i I FC;; ! E F E = 3-3 €€H ;; t; bi =€ E ;E iE"! I s :!i L9E t-g EEi ; EE5 sE sc€ : E.i ;r -": i ! I =.iA e- O €E:? Eaq -o
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  12. 12. ;€ c! .E E: di tr :E g .:: E EE : ! FE "EEE !ds E e ;; E.9t i-& t 6: E; a : iq ? EF tE! i3 q , a€E E P 8a '€E FE E!;sg F5 b i E' t E E .F f; "a E.i 8-6 5o ^:g ! 6.: ! ggE: E 9E;9h =- P gqe . ag" =zE FIF €E : "3!=E g€€E$
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  14. 14. Eg €=i. .; 5: E€ E ;.;EE ;;3e WFFP EP E:! g9 3 <: E !Eti a6 i PEE .r s; 3Eg$ Ea -3885 'E E :>:85 < 9d 9.E FI; € i *q; 5e_a,s eFEi i :r. 6 EC t; €€HE &E- e =- EE; €FS Eag i; F ; -oi B P E;i tA ;E itb aFc €iE*f E i g, g3 3E iqF$ 53BgF3 ii
  15. 15. gE E Eg 6g -*-i i.9 = .; -; OE go: :: E €g9s -FEE e=e E:! €g 5!? &Ea -?T-sTT-?-flg = afloo'1 g i€i }g5 i€s *:;;;Asaiftsi {E€ 5€F .E:H€ ;E:r5 EFE Es:EB 5 d-a _€ F ";:$E 8"3 EE* .E€ 3 d:3 ;!_3 3Es- !e:3!r ts iEii€icr E;:€;EJ i td;3f:Eg fAi:E:€3 EgEE;€Ei j;;3i=ii;;€:fiir EaE
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  17. 17. B 'E gE $ Eg €=a '; -i 6E 99 S <:; =s€ a :sgs gt 3g. A: EE ;E €;q E 3=g 3 i$: 3€ s5 3.r ;;E F V E'F E €,, 65" E;i *E I 3.E FI: E. !TE€€ 5 a -,:- ! : : i t Esg ,9: -€E z 3E HE H ao ;E ;g t= iEc€ <:3 ts, AE BS Bi ts'! E€ d:B E:.3 g85 ;E :? '; EA E 53 R5 RE
  18. 18. a .! e 66 E tie I EF €i s 35 E F e 6 FE :; E 6 ; ! Eg
  19. 19. A$€$or Guirtc P€nonrlSal€ry Soci{tRsponsibirirJ for rnd L Perjomaw Obkcties - ^@ lisr of knowhnge u.d€rstuding and proffciqcy rhd r€?resnt lhe crilic.t rcqui.€ne s for the @npeteoce or perfomd.e ofinleresr (Ihe Beneqttaining obj€ctives chadcroiad by a v€rbundqsred, knowor appt.) 2. Pe.Jmrce Me@ies arc obsmbte behaviors the obsruable o. ens€qur@s of behaviors. (The spcific r@iring objectves which d€eribein prei* rms whal a *d@r dusl b€ ableto do at tne dd of thetraining showthd thedesir€d ro kiowl€dgeor skill hs be. tedt.) 3- Pe4qwe Stadods - ee raqlable or t&gel l@b to beacnieved by the obswabl€ belEvio. o. @Bequae. Tte steddd is i odcd ro defnerhenjnitun .*ptaue l€ld otplrfotlMe. PqfuMe Objective- PaJM@ MM &d *etld - deibe rr?€s of ddsocid which @y @[isior! 6rc, fouddirs, groddins Ebr.d @qgdd4 PotM@ jt@dar& - nldznt lil a.hiae a nininm of ?Oelo a on D. 4i!a!Eq!-E!9!E! The Nsdt is a wir@ qmituti@ p.sing *@ ofTelo 6G'r' rilh 3 ninioM @aisiin! of. minimn of25 qu6rios
  20. 20. tr i, J $€ 2 g ; E !3 E E; E H3E <:g :!; :EE ;6 d EcE Ei 5 SEE <:Et =E dF E;H =t ;P c€E{ eb i€E EEE:fse: €cgE uF*Eiig; ;;i,E gc ^ eB be.e.E q_E r . a! g 63 E a i >E 3 -o :&i F-dF gF*c.; -fi EE;E5. = €;€ceEsEF
  21. 21. t, j€ E$ €_q != E ;El : ;; E €F: H$; E EFE r-E !EF geE; gae EEg q]EE e E;$ ::F E.'i * !FE E E Ea; 6 r i:.;5E EE E;i EE E CSE; - ;:* +:3 -o E. ! g . E ;*!E: !E " SEFE €! E€ EcsF FEF eE"E 3. gd gE€;eiEc sf;i€;E;iE E; PE ! !3 ! rs i 5i =!- e = = e
  22. 22. SE E bg t$ €-a !e: '; ;El ;ia g(,)f, P6E E E1! VF F I o€* 223 ljEs g, iEE ": =:E EE! : E I ce EEEE = !E; b : E5E {!9 E'E; c!EF -58 "B i9 .Eb " sEFE "i; 3, ! E: -: F3 d 56= bi 4t Eg .=EE= 5 E A ;E 6t! ; ;gia,E c Ii sEEEEig c;ii € a ;e_ ;*ei ;C FE e ;E€E;EEEETF€;u" ; "t;E €,sEi Ea ] ts F"s= :.E ! eE E€E;C. tve : a! :E
  23. 23. i* *E E! E ;1! g€. ;:6 .; -:b q _EE ; F' 9ea f;e ,EE :EF <:EF IEE ]-22 E'! H F':n €{i : ,;EE € lqp t !aF ;EE iEt 6E: q€:i€ gi " ; gE"E E :85 iB.- ;; g = E ' g€gE : EEg:F€ E:ce€ *" ia;; : a. i-;"E f o Sg c9 E_ >E -: Pq :B l :.!; 3E gjB P dA e.g g. q eFE 6Ea 33e g€ q; ::E:P Fs F; FE ;E ^ EB - e ::5 E 3 sgsieict
  24. 24. tra $€ E i9 -; ;El ;EE gea -<ie ;I E sR€ € ! qE -n!r5 EE€ !:: F' EE g:E rEi iE* -E 9 E'i E €; o; t * E.; BE E :EE 9E i6 ; g;e e E;i g,iE sP EE E €El a Eed E g EEE: EE :: ^ Er ! g.: . '-q E$E;gEgE E &3 e E =i E 99 . :qe a EE !! d; Ee; EE $eE ;EE* _3 eEc 3 6- -8" E-aES ; €E 4?2 u E:69 E :6 i€H BEEE E , ^ *:. ;iE c i€ *= El iE"E iE H;rE6- E " &6 6E: S 5 :;EE 5 :ei6.F . !ETE .: XB E6E c€g
  25. 25. b* $E E !c: .; ; iEE - Ei. EF€ gEE Eqg E A FHE 3()e €i* E.gH-5!e E g =t E e!-E !s: :;i 6EE g sn EE <:EF t5 I >:! :EgEE iEH " SEgE ! IEE D € E Es" 6r E Efi .E Eiis$. iistEEg ggE;EcssEF EE:E !i'-b e ,.3 €'H.E -:3 ! q,: : FE " s6 Et! !:F ; EgE;E5i :gFE ieE* .g E
  26. 26. !€ ;:! !9: E :I .; - Eb ;gE geE ! i:! +:: E::i FEi :3R !E E .E€E -tsE€ !0-€ EE.': ca 38 "FEgE : CsE F: .: EE 9i E;gEg 6 ic d6 30 ! '-q :i:igegiE E€€€EiE E9=9 ^ eB - s.E.p 6Ea tee '€E c EE , EEgg,E E E: Ed EsE '-E €. Aa,t IE; FF: 3 :.-. = :ie gEE <:;F ': -. _ :;EE €E*E€ E:EE E€ET.E E8E€f Ei e :!5= EeeE
  27. 27. i, $€ ;R '; " Ee::- EEEHEE ggE Ed€EE 6 3(Je <:9 :!; !;6 AEa : EE -E-t' ;5e +,72 9.EE :i; ' Ei sl E E E-bPb HRT E"E €E9 6Et EE55; BE5 SECF ; EE;g€ E :s:s r€9E=e FEE C$ €i E €;€E .eii:E.EE EEI I E;a Ieg :-E;;Eg: *EF:F5 ;EggE O E:EE ;.*=r-E riiE agcac€ €ffr 3;gFEEEE E - eB :E :.E 5E€ i !i ; ; 4! 'JFSE :ie r€ '3o ! =E E_Eb. ? *5 is €FF€eg
  28. 28. E E tr g .; E E ;!9 ;FE ig 3E$ e :r a,z ,g E;; d : :F EC .E < :El I EE + E9 !E E :.EE : i; ri 'Ed pP ;3 p R gi s ()P 9l
  29. 29. Assssor's cuidc for Fir€Pr.v.nrion r.d FircFighting I. D€finilion P*Jltiranc Ohj,djva & tisr or knowtedge, undesrddins &d prcfici€ncy r€present ciricat requirmentstor tne conpete;@or rhar rhe perfome@ ofint€res1 (Thegen€Elkai.iig objedvesch{acrei-d by a verbundeisrand, knowor appty.) 2. PerjomaMe M.@tr6 - e obswabt€ behavioisor lh€ obserable @o*qu€nes of behavioB ('rhe sp€cific raidi.C obj*rives wiich descnbe pr€ise tems whal a safd mustb€ ableto d; at tte €odof in $€ rraining showlnarthed€sird kroyl.dge o. ski hd b@ leafl ) ro 3 Pqtotuqw Sttuturd,t- t. @prabl€ or leeet teleh to b€ achiev€d by the ob@alle belEvio. or 6ruequd@. The s|'ddd is 'itenden t; de6!. Ih€nidnm ac..ptaueleel ofp€rfo'r@e. Pefw Obje.tiw - kaoe the localon or 6rc fiel:tinsapptidq od o.rgort espe .ofi6 - desdft.rhe t@iion of 6E dglring apdi&6 P*JMdw Maffi ud es@!6 reul.s foundaboed shipby ,,i"g rlc ahj, pld s a ;eGrd;. PalMa@ Il Asdn. S@'a&t !tudol qi !.hi€ve a oininum of 7@Zon Ptu6r Th. lssm€in R @sisr of two pdrs. Ilie 6Bt pan *ili be a Mitr@ exmiidion MsisrinB da mininjrrn 6f 25 quenioB rnat rchlc dire{rlt ro lhe lcrfotun@$4dlid+,-jliFtnowledge objediv. *dl be idqfifcd bf s ?": in $. F-rd!ffibf rhe TlUc of psro;&;bs!.d esdl. Su@estrlohplcrion win be. ninieum of ?C/o@l@. tlrc !@nd pan *iI be e de$ndr of dE skjls de.ived &oh lhe perfotrM@ .p', io de T1p@tlm ofthe Slandndr tlE lrowl€dsc objeriw witt h€ ide.nfiedby a Tobleof PerfoMrb$.d sssdl. The pturicd ;sBsddt wil be@nduded a ar sirerh& t appret€dtmtiw wirc tdiDng a pe of 4 spFovedpmg@.€ dd dlesr uiiia! bos of rtt P?"3.d lHa(srei/ siti Le osgtqed onty whd och p.rfo'1Me nr€lse witbi. lh 361iod{!ttric box6l h!v. bH su@dllly onpln€d by! @didate.rd fitnascd by fte @e os!€sr.
  30. 30. tr tg 3E 6g c P !€ .; e6 E3:^ Ex !{€Eg BAE ! E 6{F g VE- EE =E .E!t= ;EE !: i E: EE EE5 BtBd c1 :F ::EE -J 'E= ;EP6> -i;Y i Ee F = :- sEEF; EE CE ^6;-5E -=! E 3" = e,: :E! ff'€gtffE$ir .g !e* -F6 5fc E Ee€ E'EC: eEEE". .&;E E-E E €ss" FE*
  31. 31. BE E oE ;9 t ! 5g a€5 9 :fl t :! - ;5;E EF < t-E b ? =-e f€i FF i6 q€ !€ E?FE E _d 5E F' HE r: !) !iE 3i gd i:bE E5a E :ES;g .i5P EEgFE !E: WEE58 g EgE E5€ {C;gE EASE r $c€ e8: i ,] -!B E5T -i6 -e$ 6 F:es - .EE 3P;; !r l FE F -6 Ete .E:P 3 g €tE ;.s g s; 6; :i:E$:
  32. 32. $e ir! €5 F € €E" .; ;EE€F _d t z=; €*si!) _d EE ;E i ;E 3iFEE g'n Ec s i-E E*$Eie .. ,!g EE E6iE - HC € i EEE[: EESE€€8, E;;EEE b B: i f i;!t€ -s -E! F:= 5rtF: 9sE€ EEi: ! EEEi" ' 'sE€ lE*Erj EgE3S;;*€ Egs$ e b:t .a E€!b I 5 E q,: o s €€- c iG a.s :-! : 33t-a,i
  33. 33. i* gE ig .= E€ g6 :a:^ E?€EE 93 4EE 5EE5E .!E3<E Ea ;r E i-s EE €:B EEE siem B:i E ;':iE bE9 5 S EF ?ESEg T 5 € E= :9Ed + 3-E _d.E3 FE E E!! EE€Fg i: E.i€ eEt55 ! E3E t €"-s€ 855 E EH E S5E fi "grEEEr 3EE 8 a.96 fE E€. E$a- E!E Eei E ; ,tE i : t3i 5 E F $J F- 3 iEE E 5 igg i E:3 I EE;:ii =€gEEi a8 3E .Ean XEg
  34. 34. te &E i E$ { .: 3 6t i.E€ E -:^ i:3F tr G! 3- Ec EE EE :.! 9;E s :.E =E ? FEi 3i36 !:6 E ;E3E; 29646 3 .E.= "Et35 t.1E _.t _.9 $E E?865 !:g ; _.9 :E EE3E rg3 E 6 E i F E ^:3 EEI F€!r "F5 93 E ?EE "FEE ;E:3 E^,9 E E i* i3F $ 3!d iSE E.E 535 : Eg{E it-?ee T ;ri3g ! 6663 j EEi AF Fe !. 3S5.E
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