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  1. 1. Lesotho
  2. 2. Maseru
  3. 3. Basotho Hat Architecture style similar to a traditional Sesotho hat.
  4. 4. Kingdom of Les otho Independent since 1966, and formerly known as Basutoland, Lesotho has a population of about 2 million people. The Basotho, largely from Bantu origin are Sesotho speaking. They recognize a king, Letsie III, who assumed the throne in 1996, following the death of his father King Moshoeshoe II.
  5. 5. Enclave Sesotho: Khotso e be teng lefatšeng Khotso e be teng Lesotho English: May peace prevail on earth. May peace be in Lesotho. This landlocked country, the size of Belgium, is delimited by a mountainous natural border and is entirely surrounded by South Africa , on which it is economically dependent.
  6. 6. Hydroelectricity The Katse Dam, funded by the South African Government, allows Lesotho to produce about 90% of its own electrical power needs.
  7. 7. Industry A small manufacturing base has developed based on farm products that support the milling, canning, leather, and jute industries, as well as a rapidly expanding apparel-assembly sector. An effort by the European Union to assure humane working conditions in the apparel industry.
  8. 8. At one factory, women workers reported being searched (by women supervisors) every day when leaving. Workers from this factory were raped walking home from late overtime work but management still refused to provide late night transport.
  9. 9. “ Lesotho Promise” diamond
  10. 10. Plateau The only independent state in the world that lies entirely above 1,000 meters in elevation .
  11. 11. There are only about 90 doctors for the two million people living in Lesotho, a small, landlocked country in southern Africa, where the World Health Organization estimates that nearly one of every four adults, and more than 30 percent of pregnant women, are HIV-positive.
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