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I live inside an antimaser shelter and I can measure THE FIRGERPRINTS the MIND CONTROL LASER leaves on the DETECTION PAINTING I CREATED. Please, if you have time, read the pdf and tell me if you understand the measurements in more detail

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  1. 1. Wellington Antonio Doninelli Pereira <aleivimapoia@gmail.com> http://literatura.punk.zip.net conversation Wellington Antonio Doninelli Pereira <aleivimapoia@gmail.com> Para: Wellington Antonio Doninelli Pereira <doninelli.pereira@bol.com.br> 12 de dezembro de 2013 18:57 October 9th, 10:59pm Hi Aleivim, "I successfully stopped mind control and everybody can achieve the same if the victims learn how what anti radar fallout shelter does" Can you share how mind control can be stopped? Thanks in advance. Peter ok there are basic things you have to know first, do you know what is anti radar? For instance, prior to stopping mind control I blocked ou cell phone, AM and FM stations, that is longitudinal waves. After one do that, one will need to understand scalar waves, those who make holes in the anti radar structure. If you have a piece of paper and a pencil I show you I'm no expert but very interested to learn and so far understand what you're teaching You need some basic drawings to understand the thing ok ok let us begin thanks I need you to draw the shape of an attacking wave the exact size it is, let us begin with 75GHz ok Suppose the Satellite attackes you with MICROWAVE LASER 75 GHz, you need to draw three circles in a line with a radius of one millimeter get a pencil and draw three little circles in a straight line each circle have one millimiter radius do you know what radius is? let me try that again ok we need a little math which is the circle Done, yes radius = 1/2 diameter yes one millimeter cicle is a little circle small yes ok now they make a wave put them in a straight line and with a RED BALLPOINT try to find a wave try to find a CREST and TROUGH
  2. 2. sorry I don't have a red pointed pen ok, just make a wave out of the three circles the circles are rather too small for me to imagine any waves inside can you see three circles make a wave? the outside line the first cirgle goes up and down in the second If I let my imagination go wild ...sort of .. and up again in the third Yes I can imagine that put the tip of the pencil in the beginnnig of the first circle in the middle far left you go up and down in the first circle then you go down the second and up again it is like a snake it is like finding a snake in the circles let us see if you can measure the wavelenght now the top of the first circle to the top of the thrid circle is the wavelenght ok take a ruler and tell me how much is it im millimeters interesting ... this is one of the NSA attacking waves I have forensic proof on my ANTI RADAR SHELTER but it relates to another attacking wave let me show now how you find the second attacking wave So far I did measurements by head guessing what ten millimeter is and then dividing by ten but I do not have a metric scale handy just now and my head is a bit too foggy to remember where I put it ok, let us make it simpler but I'ed guess that would be 6 millimeter? 6 to 8 mm iii iii iii 9 we have III III III ok so it is I IIIIIII I ok now, the magic put the three circles in a pyramid format two bellow and one above second drawing
  3. 3. ok you put two circles, those same you have drawn done two bellow and one above makes a pyramid, ok? yes ok now draw a circle around them now you do the magic draw a circle around the pyramid, what do you have? done what do you have? looks like some kind of watch gear a bigger circle yes for sure you started with three little circles now you have a SCALAR bigger circle draw three of them now Oh so that's what you mean by scalar within scalar? and try to find the return frequency from your brain done first we need to find two waves one of little circles and one of bigger circles the little circles must fit in the bigger circles ok I explain to you now why we are doing this exercise I'm listening with very open mind, appreciate whatever you share LASER when SCALAR go above speed of light In physics Einstein said nothing goes above speed of light I read the scalar can penetrate anything anywhere but he was refering to the complete wave ok the three circles, be it small or bigger are a complete wave now, each of the circles in separation are either CREST or TROUGH and Einstein said IT CAN GO ABOVE SPEED OF LIGHT fascinating, the whole cannot but parts of it can
  4. 4. because THE CREST is not the complete wave, it comes from something byond TIME AND SPACE YES so THE CIRCLES in THE CROP FIELDS they can BE FM MASER, bigger circles two meters diameter I see....would that make it inter-dimensional? time for you to teach me, explain That's about it because you mentioned crop circles which I've done a little research. Some expert speculate they are inter dimensional ... you may continue if you wish unless you wish to ask me something? ok the wavelenght of the first three circles we have drawn is four millimeters 75 GHz is a wave of four millemeters four mm per circle or combined the three because you said it was 9mm wait, pardom my poor math ok no prob... let me see I said one millimetter radius yes one plus two plus one it makes four ok the first half circle plus two from the second plus one of the third makes exactly a wavelenght of four millimeters 75GHz if you have drawn the circles be proud that is one of the NSA murder frequencies Ok now I see how you did the calculation and in the ANTI RADAR structure it shows now let us find the second wave, scalar with the first can you measure the wavelenght of the bigger circles get a ruler the second circle required to radius because it connected the first and third sorry I only have the inch rule...cannot remember where I have the mm ruler the second circle has three little circles inside because THE WAVE TO GET ABOVE SPEED OF LIGHT , it must amplify the other IN THE CREST ok you see, the second wave, IS AMPLIEFIED BY THE FIRST, that fits exactly inside the CREST AND TROUGH, os NASA MUST use FREQUENCIES THAT WILL AMPLIEFY EACH OTHER SO ONE IS THE BEYOND SPEED OF LIGHT COMPONETENT OF THE OTHER so the wave becomes a SPHERE it is no longer LONGITUDINAL, it surges LIKE A SPHERE and creates a TUNNEL that sucks your WAVE, your BIG CIRCLES towerd it, like a vortex Ok, I can imagine that
  5. 5. but let me explain to you in detail bit by bit so you can understand how the tree circles work thank you the ongoing attacking three circles the the returning ones there are three circles attacking you and from you are drawn three circles the attacking circles can be 75 GHz like you have drawn in that case the returning circles will be 14 GHz you have drawn both now that applies to all frequencies, that is a rule THE MICROWAVE LASER, the MASER, are like those circles, now we are going to examine the dynamics just wait ok first I will explain briefly then in detail, ok? Sure, please I'm interested if you are unprotected, THE MASER, takes over, it is so powerful it gets total control; but if one is inside a shelter that blocks LONGITUDINAL WAVES, an anti radar protection that stops all cell phone, AM and FM, THE MICROWAVE LASER will have to go to maximum power and draw holes in the structure and the holes we have drawn I have pictures of them as forensic proof and I can send youtthe pictures so let us see the dynamics ok two circles are higher frequency to excite your brain and the middle is where they cancel themselves to generate low frequency, the frequency of your brain this is an approximation so I have in the outside of the antiradar protection a detection painting that shows two circles and a vacant one in the middle the circle in the middle will be the returning frequency it is vacant because it will be formed when your brain does the emition the attacking MASER, microwave laser, expects a RESPONSE from your BRAIN, and leaves open A HOLE, the middle circle from which your BLOOD, your SOUL will be drained, robbed brom you siphoned from you now MASER, the microwave laser, is a CLOCK, it pulsates the two circles with the vacant circle in the middle will pulsate the left and right circle will pulsate until something comes from the vacant circle now the BIGGER CIRCLES the bigger circles have less energy the rule is the higher the frequency the more the energy they attack with 75 GHz expectin a return in the 14GHz what is the relationship between the frequency and the size of circle? the relationship here is THE SCALAR one but it is not thought in universities laser and maser are kept secret scientists know the relationship but they don't explain it Higher the scalar the higher or lower frequency? we need one more magic so you understand ok your brain is has the wavelenght of 100.000 killometers try and draw with your pencil a 100.000 long wave
  6. 6. it is like a snake just like the two previous waves you have drawn 100km on paper? Ins;t that too big to draw? just imagine ok, yes that's huge brain is 3Hz to 50Hz so one of the waves of the brain is 100.000 KILLOMETERS now, what are the size of the circes that would fit into it? think about it it should be much larger than what you demonstrated on paper with 1mm radius ok, that is that is it but If you fit tree big circles inside it each circle will make a smaller wave the attacking two circles must find the exact size of your circles so when the attacking radiation pulsing stopps you will be siphoned by the 14 GHz frequency yes because as you said the attacking frequency will provoke a response from my brain at 14 Ghz because your ULTRA LOW FREQUENCY will be converting itself into that frequency not me I sais I woud go by bits we have tree levels your circle will be sucked by the vortex above speed of light tunnel as long as THE CIRCLES HAVE THE EXACT VIBRATION ok, thanks for explaining that the mission of the attacking beam is to pulsate until they find the vibration of your BIG CIRCLE then there the tunnel in the 14 GHz when you and maser are the same the satellite will try to mimic you to find the little circles the litte pulsating circles that have the same vibration of your very soul, your BIG CIRCLE fascinating when that happens you will be feeding the satellite with the enourmous ammount of energy your Brain has, the satellite can turn itself off and you will be furnishing the satellite with electricity, all of you energy can be drained as long as THE MASER is kept in a low ENERGY STATE in relation to your mind, LIKE THE GAS FROM YOUR CAR going down a hose to a lowe bucket through gravity they've been lately draining the heck out of my brain...my meory is going...coordination is bad memory I know all of a persons energy can be sucked out they just give a PUMP , and innitial pump and a person will be drained dry automatically. Fellow, Let me rest a little Ok, sure and thank you for your time later one if you want we can resume and I will show you how to stop MIND CONTROL, how to build an anti radar fallout shelter, any time in the nexts minuts or hour, I have to go for a cup of coke and a smoke for a while You are smart
  7. 7. Ok, sure please get your rest. I'll be checking back here to see when you're able to continue. Thanks! ok, bye for now see you in the next hours Not an inch as smart as you are ...your brilliance is astonishing ok, until later, bye October 12th, 10:07am 8 minutes ago hi I have an experiment for you do you have an old cell phone battery charger? ya ok I will teach you how to prepare back 11 using and old cell phone charger ok in a new way I created which has no hazards 100% safe do you know how to bare the tips of the battery charger wires so you can see the metal inside the wires? no the battery charge has an wire and a connector, ou need to cut off the connector and expose the wires of the battery charger ok I will try and ask the same to Peter Landy and see if can get pictures of the experiment I need someone that knows how to adapt a common cell phone charger for the experiment If he learns how to prepare the black 11, I will ask him to take pictures and send to you. in case you are interested, of course i m interested ok see you later Chat Conversation End hi I have a friend that needs a protective cap he does not know how to measure the voltage in a cell phone charger for an experiment on how to get black 11 at home, do you think you could carry out an experiment? course i m interested ok see you later I am waiting for Peter Landy anwser do you know that a voltemeter is? ya http://images.wisegeek.com/multimeter.jpg now, how can one test the voltage in the cell phone charger? You said you have a cell phone charger you no longer use. How can you test the voltage i dnt knw tell me how do you know how to measure the voltage in an electric outlet in the wall using a voltemeter? ya just insert the wires of voltmeter ok, so you need to insert the wires of the voltimeter in the cut wires of the cell phone charger if you cut open the wires of the celll phone charger and there are four wires by trial you are going to find the positive and the negative http://images.wisegeek.com/multimeter.jpg images.wisegeek.com above talking to BEDANTA BORA Hi Aleivim, Yes, I know what a voltmeter is and how to use it. Most of my experience is using it with automotive electricity. At the present, most of my cell phone chargers are just a simple USB (universal serial board) adapter with an AC plug in on the other end. So the cell phone charges at the standard voltage USB charges either from the computer's USB connection or plugged into an AC which I'm guessing might be 5 volts. I know the wires can be stripped with an ordinary electrical wire stripper but they are very thing and delicate. Also on may types of small electronics designed to be charged by USB have USB to AC adapters to charge directly plugged into the wall. Here's an example of voltage in and out listed on one of my adapters which is valid for charging USB phones. Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.12AMax Vout 1:5V ~ 500mA Vout 2:5V ~ 500mA Hope this helps. Ok, we can use both a CAR BATTERY CHARGER, 6 amps, or a cell phone charger, any of those will do. Then we are going to prepare the ANTI RADAR material BLACK 11 at home so BEDANTA BORA and other victims can use it in their clothes and protective caps. I will describe to you the experiment, it is very simple and one can get 80 grams of BLACK 11 a day, using totally safe edible chemical compounds that offers no risk to health. If we succeed, do you think you can post a video in the internet explaining it to others that are badly in need of cheap ANTI RADAR painting? Aleivim, Yes, If you can provide enough information with diagrams and pictures in GIF or JPG I can put together these information with explanations from your instructions for a youtube video presentation. The video will bear your name for credit as the source of of contribution to aid the targeted community. my name is not important, what counts is your work, so decide the better, your judgement is what counts, it is open knowlege like linux open knoledge now, when you are ready we start are you ready? Yes the experiment is calle electrolysis we are going to use electric current that will result in THE BLACK PIGMENT CALLED MAGNETITE have you ever heard of MAGNETITE?
  8. 8. no ok I am going to give you the chemical properties of the chemical MAGNETITE so you know what you are going to synthetise at home. ok http://www.chemicalbook.com/ProductChemicalPropertiesCB52130856_EN.htm C.I. Pigment Black 11 Basic information Product Name: C.I. Pigment Black 11 Synonyms: c.i. 77499;C.I. Pigment Black 11;IRON OXIDE BLACK Ok, whenever you search just google or yahoo black 11 c.i. 77499 now we need one other chemical that is the electrolyte we can use three types of electrolyte, we can use KITCHEN SALT, we can use CAUSTIC SODA, or we can use Sodium Sulphate ok Kitchen Salt is problematic because it generates toxic compounds during the reaction, like chloride and hydrocloric acid, therefore it is not an option for TI's because that is for experimented chemist and the guys are learning therefore let us take a look at option two, ok Option two is CAUSTIC SODA which does not issue any toxic compounds excepting hydrogen, which is not toxic, it is safe, it is the same gas car batteris issue when being charged, but CAUSTIC SODA burns the skin and the BLACK 11 will have to be washed out and filtered prior to be used, therefore it is not an option for begginers. Also caustic soda can blind the eyes therefore it can only be manipulated by those using safety googles and begginers are usually more careless and they may end up hurting themselves, therefore let us take a look at option three ok Option three is SODIUM SULPHATE, an edible compound that is 100% safe, that is the electrolyte we are going to use http://www.ebay.com/itm/SODIUM-SULFATE-Fine-Powder-Anhydrous-1-lb-used-in-Glass-Making-andDetergents-/261304950471?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cd6fd1ec7 SODIUM SULFATE Fine Powder Anhydrous - 1 lb used in Glass Making and Detergents www.ebay.com We are going to prepare our sodium sulphate at home yes, one can purchase it, but we are going to prepare everything at home. We are going to prepare SODIUM SULPHATE from ACID FOR CAR BATTERY, a solution of sulfuric acid for car batteris, density 1,2 and we are going to add Sodium bicarbonate also called baking soda commonly found on kitchens to home made our SODIUM SULPHATE what is easier for you, to purchase SODIUM SULPHATE or to purchase a cheap bottle of acid for car battery and mix it with kitchen baking soda, you tell me then we proceed. In my opinion I think your audience should be given both option. personally I'd purchase but many others would prefer to mix. So let's include how to make our own because some people may not have the option to purchase.
  9. 9. ok I will wait until you have either the SODIUM SULPHATE, or the car acid battery plus baking soda ( caustic soda also results in sodium sulphate ) so we can get started. The ammount does not matter much, we will need just some spoons of SODIUM SULPHATE. less than one hundred grams, therefore a cup of acid and some spoons of both caustic sodsa or baking soda will do, I give you the right proportions when you have the material ready at home for the preparation of the Sodium Sulphate as soon as you have this firt material I do the synthesis, then I give you the proportions, but it is not difficult, the reaction is a safe and easy one. That might take a lot of time because I'm limited in my ability to get these resources just now. We have a budget problem which will take several weeks to fix. And I'm unable to travel and shop right now because of the intense EMF targeting. Everything I'll need will have to be mail ordered. It's up to you if you wish to wait that long no proplem, we can imagine doing it, I understand you because I cannot go outside too, I have to stay inside the ANTI RADAR shelter exactly, that's what they do...they blind us with the EMF making it hard to navigate let us take a fifteen minuts break, then I give you the proportions and we start the experiment using our imaginations first ok sure, take the time you need because everything is recorded here for easy retrieval ok, within fifteen minutes I will be back then I give the proportions and we do the experiment with our imagination first. ok I am publishing this conversation during this break ok I posted our information at http://literatura.punk.zip.net/ but the text was scrambled to make reading difficult I am attacked real time as I try to foster the information to others CLUBE DE LITERATURA PUNK / PUNK LITERATURE - UOL Blog literatura.punk.zip.net I posted the information all right and our text was jammed to make reading impossible, what a thing! I return in fifteen minutes. ok Yes, in the last few days they hacked into my PC and corrupted /scrambled one of my files We are going to prepare 142 grams of SODIUM SULPHATE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_sulfate Sodium sulfate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. 10. en.wikipedia.org now let me calculate the amount of acid for car battery 1,2 density, the commonest sold we are going to need either 168 grams of sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda ) or 80 grams of CAUSTIC SODA for 250 milliters of ACID for car battery I can convert to American Measurements, what measurments your prefer for liquid and solids? I'd advise whatever would be good for the audience. however they can always use a conversion program to do it the other way. So whatever you have to start with will be ok Caustic Soda sold in Brazil is marked 70 % and thirty percent is humidity in the salts, therefore here in Brazil to our each 100 grams we have to a third percent plus, because our soda has too much humidity in it. If one uses CAUSTIC SODA, for the reaction one has to wear safety googles. If one chooses BAKING SODA no extra protection will be needed, everybody uses BAKING SODA in the kitchen without problems, but make sure it is pure SODIUM BICARBONATE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_bicarbonate and do the reaction in a well ventilated place because sodium bicarbonate will issue carbon dioxide bubbles which are deadly in a totally sealed room, so keep a window open. Sodium bicarbonate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org Lunch is being served in the kitchen. I'll be back in few mins. Please go on with your instructions I'll catch up with the reading back here ok let us call a day there is plenty of time ahead bye for now thanks so much I will be around as ever just call me in Ok sure. We'll resume on your next lesson. Thank you ok suppose you were going to prepare the white totally safe chemical compound SODIUM SULPHATE, what would you do? explain the procedure as you were doing it, the way you want. you get either one of two powders, baking soda or caustic soda, which do you prefer? Baking soda would be more comfortable to work with But I don't have the rest of the procedure just yet until we conclude your next lesson then you are going to mix one of those in plastic bottle or glass bottle large enough to take in both the 250 milliliters car battery acid and the powder; if you use baking soda check if it is pure sodium bicarbonate and use a bucket because it bubbles a lot, open a window to do away with the carbon dioxide that are the bubbles and pour it in the solution slowly so it does not overflows over the bucket rim. 250mL of battery acid added to how much pure baking soda? If you use caustic soda wear safety glasses because soda is dangerous it can blind the eyes, therefore use protection in the eyes and place the bucket in a basin filled with ice, because the reaction is really hot and may melt down the bucket if the bucket is not properly refrigerated, but if you pour in the caustic soda really slowly the heat will dissipate more easily. we are going to need either 168 grams of sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda ) or 80 grams of CAUSTIC SODA ok send me the brand of the baking soda you are going to use so I check for purity and humidity now, after you finish the reaction you have a solution of SODIUM SULPHATE and that is all it takes.
  11. 11. Personally I'll chose to purchase prepared sodium sulphate to get on with the next step so this instruction is for those who prefer to make their own ok ok the final question for this chapter would be how much sodium sulphate is need to apply for this project? If you already have some spoons of SODIUM SULPHATE, all you need is two pieces of IRON the battery charger will tell how much you need battery charger? ok When you add the SODIUM SULPHATE to our experiment bucket the AMPERIMETER will grow from zero current ( pure water ) up 6 or more amps Sodium Sulphate in water makes WATER conductive of electricity how is the battery charger connected to this mixture? just immerse the positive and negative into the solution? the more SODIUM SULPHATE one adds, THE MORE AMPS the CAR BATTERY CHARGES will pump in, but if you put too much, the battery charger will go above 9 AMPS and automatically shut down or the electrical fuse will burn, therefore you should add SODIUM SULPHATE until the battery charges comes up to 2 amps, The battery charger has a positive and a negative that will be connected to IRON BARS Suppose you have pickaxe the metal part of a pickaxe is IRON any piece of IRON will do ok but suppose you immerse the metal of two pickaxes into a large bucket and fill in the bucked with water the electricity will dissolve the IRON into MAGNETITE The Metal in the pickaxe will disappear and a BLACK LUSTROUS MAGNETIC POWDER will start fillin in the bucket, that is pure BLACK 11 the SODIUM SULPHATE goes unaltered during the process Ok, question, how or with what are we measuring the amps as sodium sulphate added up to 2amps? there is no consumption of SODIUM SULPHATE, when ELECTROLYSIS is finished you just FILTER the solution and the SODIUM SULPHATE stays in the water and can be used again interesting ok, first you put the metal two pieces in water then you connect the battery charger positive or negative to any of them current will be zero because water is not conductive of electricity the negative of the battery charger will be called in CHEMISTRY cathode. it will issue pure HYDROGEN GAS, it is not toxic, it just need to ventilated out by a window Distilled water or plain tap water? positive will be called anode? the positive of the battery charger connecte to one of the iron pieces will be called ANODE, it is the IRON BAR that will dissolve, first into BEAUTIFUL GREEN IRON HIDROXYDE II that will gradually turn into BLACK 11, the magnetite ok, any of those ok the content of impurity on drinking water does not alter anything
  12. 12. ok not for our purposes, which is BLACK IRON for painting, protective caps, and clothing etc by embedding the black 11 on our cotton clothes fibers to get ANTI RADAR clothes. But this black iron will pigment the surface with black tint right? yes, but in my case that is all I can do, I go stained all the time Of course and it's worth it in my case it is a matter of life or death, it was the only way to cool donw my body embedding graphite and black 11 on my clothes and painting it all around my home yes, of course and it's a good thing this works well, you have either to purchase black 11 or generate it at home But we have not touched on the graphite yet and learn how to use it Can black 11 be purchased? of course I couldn't find it....have any links? you enter black 11 and the code above look above in our conversation the code c.i. 77499;C.I. surch for BLACK 11 c.i. 77499 purchase I just checked. There are so many confusing numbers listed. Don't know which is the code ok c.i. 77499;C.I. just c.i. 77499 black 11 can be many things but black 11 followed by c.i. 77499;C.I. I will give you an instance I did a search. The only thing came up from a wholesaler but nothing on retail http://www.earthpigments.com/black-iron-oxide-pigment/ http://www.earthpigments.com/black-iron-oxide-pigment/ Thank you. So for anyone who would like to get started immediately would mix that black powderer in water and apply on clothing surface? if you get graphite powder and mix it with alcohol and apply to a cotton towel and allow the alcohol to evaporate you have the graphite embedded in the cotton if you get a spoon of BLACK 11 and mix it in water and apply to a towel yes you will end up blocking the wave magnetic componet ELF because one needs to block the electric component with graphite and the magnetic componenet with BLACK 11 but one can use other things, those above are the easiest and safest and cheapest to get by Ok, thank you for the clarification. I believe this will give your audience several options depending on their ease of access to resources and funds
  13. 13. now if you pain the walls you are in with black 11 cell phone reception may even disappeaar I live bellow poverty line I used discarded materials and build up a shelter out of discarted newspapers and bingo I did away with v2k and synthetic telepathy but it was expensive Understood, that's one of the COINTELPRO main objective to keep us at or below the poverty line because I had to u use lots of plastic glue up two 200 kilos Yes, I remember your posting on using a wall of orgone pyramids to fix the newspapers to absorb the graphite and black 11 and also alumina as fire retardant to prevent fires yes pyramids are ANTI RADAR but one will need six thousand or m ore or more the materia on those pyramids are coductive very powerful anti radar but one would need to cover all the walls with those and that is prohibetively expensive that's a lot of pyramids and you mentioned if you had the proper laboratory equipment you could set up one pyramid to do it all at the right frequency yes, of course, A SINGLE RUBY can kill us with LASER a single little STONE, a RUBY can down an AIRCRAFT if well tuned into laser rembember, the first laser was a simple ruby stone and a lamp and a light bulb no kidding, Einstein could turn such a little harmeless stone like a tyne ruby into the most devastating weaon in the world LASER the same thing that is killin us MICROWAVE LASER interesting now, Einstein had a LAB we don't have the so much needed labs as we're writing here they are EMF targeting my head to check for resonance yes mine too I am ouside my srhelte I am outside my shelter ok I see just using my cosmonaut suit, all graphite and black 11 and a lead helmet with lots of towels soaked in graphite and black 11 I wear a five kilo helmet Fellow I've dreamed of us having some kind of force field shield that would build an envelope around us inside or outside that is possible to invert the maser but you will need a geodesic dome oh wow, you have done a lot of work preparing your body armor and zero magnetic field inside geodesic dome with zero magnetic field? interesting..that's another topic Ok, when you get a chance I need to ask you a question. So far we covered Black 11 for radar shielding but then you mentioned graphite. Are the two to be used and mixed together? Need clarification how graphite (waht kind of
  14. 14. graphite) to be used in conjunction with black 11? thanks October 12th, 6:12pm Dear Peter, IRON BLACK can be made in a cup with two iron nails for a test and a simple cell phone charger Bedanta Bora wants to learn but he kind of is not very good with electricity. graphite and iron black are harmless chemicals as far as I know one has to use them and test for the results, it is like self knoledge like painting the walls with them cover a wall with newspapers and plastic glue and paint and see the results then combine them, one thing for sure, one will need up to six layer, ANTI RADAR is various layers. ok thanks for the explanation Do you have any color pictures in various stages of construction for example a hat to shield the mind? Chat Conversation End