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20140710 tca gsdi

  1. 1. Dongpo Deng Open Up Geospatial Data for Looping Citizens in SDI Institute of Information Science! Academia Sinica, Taiwan! &! Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), ! University of Twente, ! the Netherlands
  2. 2. Open Data ❖ Data without technical and legal restrictions Courtesy from http://www.wired.co.uk/news/silicon-europe?page=14
  3. 3. Open Geo-Data ❖ Technical openness! ❖ Non-proprietary data formats, e.g., GML, KML! ❖ Standardized portals for circulating data, e.g., WMTS! ❖ Legal openness! ❖ Public domain! ❖ cannot hold copyright by laws, e.g., geo data of US Federal ! ❖ expired copyright, e.g., Taiwan Bao Maps (over 100 years ago)! ❖ not subject to copyright, e.g., drawing maps (facts) is no creativity! ❖ Open Access! ❖ copyrighted, but use open licenses, e.g., CC, ODbL
  4. 4. Open Geo-Data in Taiwan ❖ Grassroots communities are energetic, e.g., OSM Taiwan, g0v,…! ❖ Lack of high-level policies for Open (Geo-) Data development! ❖ Some concepts need to be addressed: ! ❖ Data published on the Web != Open Data! ❖ Open GIS != Open Geospatial Data! ❖ Pay too much attention on economic values of open data
  5. 5. A government is the biggest geo-data owner
  6. 6. Government As A Platform, Not A Vending Machine From Gov 2.0 Expo 2010: Tim O'Reilly, "Government as a Platform for Greatness"
  7. 7. Government As A Platform, Not A Vending Machine
  8. 8. Government As A Platform, Not A Vending Machine http://gobblin.se/u/trc/m/vending-machine-odi-e6c3/
  9. 9. Regulations of Charging for Geo-Data in Taiwan Charges and Fees Act! Article 10 Land Surveying and Mapping Act! Article 54 Standard Fee for Data of Land Survey and Mapping Land Use Maps and Data Base Maps and Topographic Maps Aerial Photo and Remote Sensing Images Cadastre Maps CommonVersion Electronic Maps Land Surveying and Mapping Integrated Data e-GPS Service
  10. 10. Different funding models for PSI US Internal Revenue Service, IRS Data producing agency Users and other agencies EU treasury and legislation Data producing agency Other agencies Users Congress Wealth/jobs! =taxes Open data Europe: data users pay for data Peter Weiss, 2004. Borders in Cyberspace: Conflicting Public Sector Information Policies and their Economic Impacts, Open Access and the Public Domain in Digital Data and Information for Science, pp. 69-73
  11. 11. 4Ps for Open Geo-Data Policy Principle Process Price Policy Principle Process Price
  12. 12. Toward next generation of SDI Adapted from Rajabifard et al. (2006) and Budhathoki et al., (2008) Data volume
  13. 13. OSM JP and GSI http://www.slideshare.net/mapconcierge/20131109-sot-mtaiwa
  14. 14. USGS National Map Corps http://nationalmap.gov/TheNationalMapCorps/index.html Use OpenStreetMap technologies for collaboratively editing National Map
  15. 15. How about Taiwan? ❖ NGIS 2020 plan! ❖ Add policies of Open Geospatial Data?! ❖ Add action plans of engagement with citizens?! ❖ Open up several geo- data? (2014) -
  16. 16. Citizens in the loop of open data A citizen science project: Reptile Road Mortality https://www.facebook.com/groups/roadkilled/
  17. 17. A post on the Facebook group Reptile Road Mortality Observation Provider: Chuang Yu Ta Photo: A proof of occurrence Observation date: 2013/12/4 Species Identifier: Joyce Chen Species name: (Melogale moschata) Identification Date: Dec. 4, 2013 Post section Comment section Thread Observation location: Geoname: (Sindian) Road kilometre: 9 16.3K (Province Road No.9, 16.3 kilometer) Lat:24.95149 Lon:121.57520 Lat:151m
  18. 18. Data growth of Reptile Road Mortality
  19. 19. Published open data on the web http://roadkill.tw
  20. 20. Table view of the data
  21. 21. Gallery view of the data
  22. 22. Data view as Catalogue of Life
  23. 23. Map view of the data
  24. 24. Release source codes https://github.com/roadkilltaiwan
  25. 25. Concluding Remarks ❖ Open geospatial data is cornerstone for looping citizen in SDI! ❖ Action plans for engaging with citizens are curial for citizen engagement of SDI! ❖ Make a open ecosystem relied on data, tools, services and policies