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Software for Audio Post-Production


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In film sound, a few software programs are critical to delivering audio in a fast and efficient manner. This presentation is a list of software for this purpose with descriptions and examples.

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Software for Audio Post-Production

  1. 1. Software for Audio Post- Production
  2. 2. Software for Audio Post-Production • Digital Audio Workstation - Editing and Mixing Examples - Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Logic • Denoiser - Dialog Cleaner for Constant Noise, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Examples - Izotope RX, Waves, SoundSoap
  3. 3. Software for Audio Post-Production • Wave Agent - Broadcast wave file metadata writer • Audio Mastering - Plugin or plugin suite for mastering film soundtracks Examples - Izotope Ozone, T-Racks • ADR Synchronization - Syncs ADR recordings to original production audio Example - Revoice Pro
  4. 4. Software for Audio Post-Production • Sampler - For foley and film music - examples - Kontakt, Halion, etc. • Reconformer - Moves audio to correct places after films have been (re)edited. Examples - EdiLoad, Titan & VirtualKaty
  5. 5. Software for Audio Post-Production David Ondusko Peak Level Studio 18 S. 9th St. Ste. 104D1 Stroudsburg, PA 18360