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ConnectYard Overview


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ConnectYard provides a completely private and secure, social engagement platform that allows for anytime, anywhere communication and collaboration across a variety of social and mobile technologies, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and SMS (text, picture and video messaging).

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ConnectYard Overview

  1. 1. Increase StudentEngagement & RetentionCommunicate Better with ConnectYard©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063Teaching and Learning
  2. 2. 05/14/13 | 2©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063What is ConnectYard?ConnectYard offers a completely private andsecure social engagement platform that enablesinstitutions to instantly reach studentswherever they are – any way they would like!
  3. 3. 05/14/13 | 3©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063The Problem
  4. 4. 05/14/13 | 4©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063The SolutionOne platform for your campus communications:Use CasesCourse announcements, discussions, assignments, quizzes (K-16,Continuing Ed, Online Learning)Campus notifications: Emergency Alerts, Student Services, etc.Key BenefitsStudents opt-in to receive messages they want, the way they likeSeamlessly integrates into existing learning systems and portalsReplaces antiquated email listservs and allows for robust analyticsOver 50% of messages are read in under a minute!
  5. 5. 05/14/13 | 5©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063Course AnnouncementsWithout ConnectYardInstructor posts a reminder about anupcoming quizStudents don’t check their email or LMSSome students are unaware of quiz andare unpreparedWith ConnectYardInstructor posts same announcement thatgoes out via social and mobile mediaStudents instantly receive message andrespond with questionsStudents are immediately aware of quizand are better prepared
  6. 6. 05/14/13 | 6©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063Platform Overview
  7. 7. 05/14/13 | 7©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063Innovative Partners
  8. 8. 05/14/13 | 8©Connectyard, Inc. All rights reserved. | | 973.494.8063Contact Info.Connect with us:Phone: (973) 494-8063Email: Info@ConnectYard.comWeb: http:///www.ConnectYard.comTwitter: http:///