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How do you send your birthday cards...

Holiday cards, Thank-You, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Congratulations on Your Closing, Thanks for the Referral; and all your other cards for that matter?

Do you run to the store and buy them one at a time when the need arises? Do you keep a box of blank, generic cards handy; send a handwritten note or take the time to type a letter? Or perhaps do you send an E-Card?

It's nice to stay in touch personally and in your business isn't it?

But ...
It's inconvenient, it costs too much and frankly you often forget until it's too late.

What if there was a better way?

Send your next card (and include a gift) with an online service - with SendOutCards. Learn how the convenience, personalization and low cost make this choice a definite winner!

And - have room in your life for a little extra money? Get more information.

Don & Vonda Downs
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Send Your Next Happy Birthday Card With SendOutCards

  1. 1. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureSend Your Next HappyBirthday Card withSendOutCards 303-684-9186 Happy Birthday Card | Use the SendoutCards Online Card Service :: Downs Team Source: with-sendoutcards/ How do you send your birthday cards … Send Your Next Happy Birthday Holiday cards, Thank-You’s, Get Well Soon, Thinking of Card with SendOutCards You, Congratulations on Your Closing, Thanks for the Referral – and all your other cards for that matter? Do you run to the store and buy them one at a time when the need arises? Do you keep a box of blank, generic cards handy; send a handwritten note or take the time to type a letter? Or perhaps do you send an E-Card? It’s nice to stay in touch personally and in your business isn’t it? But ... How do you send your birthday cards … Its inconvnient, it costs too much and frankl you often forget until its too late. Holiday cards, Thank-You’s, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Congratulations on Your Closing, Thanks for the Referral – and all your other cards for that matter? Do you run to the store What if there was a better way? and buy them one at a time when the need arises? Do you keep a box of blank, generic cards handy; send a handwritten note Send your next card (and include a gift) with an or take the time to type a letter? Or perhaps do you send an E- online service - with SendOutCards. Learn how the Card? It’s nice to stay in touch personally and in your business convenience, personalization & low cost make this isn’t it? choice a definite winner! Think about how nice it is to be on the receiving end of a And - have room in your life for a little extra money? well timed and meaningful expression of appreciation and Get more information. thankfulness. Really, stop right now and think about it for a Do you want to know more about moment. Hard not to feel good isn’t it? Well, being reminded that receiving a thoughtful card can be a real encouragement “Send Out Cards“? as well as reaffirmation of the value of your relationship with Read on to learn more about SendoutCards. the person or business that sent it. Receiving this thoughtful act of kindness is confirmation too that you should also be the SENDER of these thoughtful expressions of gratitude Don Downs and appreciation. Have you read the best seller, Appreciation Marketing? You should. If you want to receive you need to 1
  2. 2. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuturegive. This principle applies both in your personal life and in time. (Wow, I think that’s a run on sentence – but I have noyour business. doubt it’s definitely a run on job!)But back to your card sending. How do you do it? Have you Now with an online service you can do all that from your ownever used an Online Card Service? And no, I’m not talking home and at any time of the day – not just during store hours.about an email card (Ecard) or a printable Happy Birthday You can personalize the card with photos, business logos,card for example. In the later case you have just set yourself personal handwriting fonts and signatures and mail it out withup as the “printer” on top of everything else that demands next day turn-around all in just a few minutes! Add to thatyour time and attention. No, let’s look at using an online card the convenience offered by some online greeting card servicessending service. I think you will be surprised and impressed that allow you to add gift cards from many different retailers asat what you hear. well an assortment of various other gifts to your greeting card order and you have a ready made service suitable for literallyWhy Use an Online Card Service to every occasion.Send your Happy Birthday Card?Well you’re likely here because you are simply looking forBirthday Cards – or you’re already convinced of the value ofusing an online card service and are just looking to find outwhich service is the best service for your needs – or perhaps you are interested in the concept of an online card service butare not yet convinced it is indeed the best way to go.Perhaps you are thinking: Perhaps it’s the nephew who just graduated from high school • Is it personal enough? or a relative with a birthday, or a friend you won’t get to see over the Christmas holidays that you’d like to send a gift to, • Is the selection good? or maybe it’s condolences or a get well card and gift you’d like • Is it too complicated? to send. You name it, there are so many times when a card or gift is exactly what’s needed. Unfortunately because of the • Is it more expensive? busyness of life and the very real hassle of getting out to the store and picking out a card and gift and getting them mailedWhat if instead the truth was: – many of us simply don’t follow through on the thoughtful • Personal? It is very personal because of the ideas and promptings we so often have. customization options including personal photos, logos, personal handwriting and personal signature (even the option to add video to a card!) which can all be used to The Internet Has Changed our create a very unique custom card. World and Changed the Way We • Selection? There is a much greater selection of cards to Send Birthday Cards – Now We can choose from with an online greeting card service and they Send Happy Birthday Cards Online. are equipped with built in search functions so you’ll have no problem finding the exact card you want. Just the other day my son got engaged – On Valentine’s Day actually! Needless to say it was a special day for he and his • Complicated? In fact it could not be more simple than girlfriend and for all our family. He had secretly arranged for to simply point and click and your card is mailed in 60 a photographer to use a telephoto lens to capture the special seconds or less. moment on camera both with still shots and with video. The • Expensive? The cost per card for online services is beautiful Rocky mountains made a perfect backdrop for the no more expensive than store bought cards and some occasion. Amazingly though, by the end of the day literally services offer fully customizable cards at t 1/3 the price hundreds of friends and family new about it because of the of a store bought card. ubiquitous cell phone, texting, twitter and Facebook. Truly technology has made the whole world our neighbor.Today’s Online Greeting Card Boundaries have shrunk and blurred and time frames haveServices Offer a Convenience been compressed. It takes no time for other people to know about our business, our needs and the events of our lives.Unheard of In the Past. The same is true for getting in touch, staying in touch andUntil now sending out a card to say Happy Birthday, reaching out to friends, family and business associates. WhatMerry Christmas, Congratulations, Thank-You, Get Well or was once a fairly laborious and time consuming process canwhatever, meant getting in your car, driving to the nearest now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, at a fraction ofstore, rummaging through the cards hoping the selection the cost, yet without shaving off any of the personalization andwasn’t picked through, purchasing an overpriced card, taking uniqueness!it home, writing your message in it, signing it, stuffing theenvelope, finding a stamp and getting it to the post office –hopefully in time to get it to the recipient before the appointed 2
  3. 3. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuture Women purchase an estimated 80% of allFor This Reason – More • greeting cards. Women spend more timeConvenience & Less Cost – the Use choosing a card than men, and are more likelyof Online Card Services Has Risen to buy several cards at once.Rapidly. • Greeting card prices can vary from 50 cents to $10 – with a price point for every consumer.I’m not talking about E-card services where an electronic card The vast majority are between $2 and $4. (Totalis sent to someone’s email (likely to be blocked, spammed out, price per year includes boxed cards.) The costdeleted or ignored) but rather about real printed greeting cards of a typical counter card, however, is between– of stunning quality none the less – sent though the US mail $2 and $4. Cards featuring special techniques,service. And no, these are not printable cards done online to intricate designs and new technologies andbe created on your paper with your ink and on your time. No, innovations – such as the inclusion of soundthese are professional, top quality, “done-for-you”, automated chips and LED lights – as well as handmadeservices. cards, are at the top of the price scale.Just think about all the ways you could put an online card • Seven out of 10 card buyers surveyed considerservice to work. Studies show that people have a need for 70 greeting cards “absolutely” or “almost” essentialcards per year but only send out about 10. Why? Because they to them. Eight out of 10 of these buyers expectforget, because it’s too expensive and becuase they just don’t their purchases to remain the same goinghave the time – it’s inconvenient. How about … forward. Of the balance, twice as many card buyers say they will “increase” their purchasing • your niece just turned 3 years old as say they will “decrease” their purchasing in • your parents just celebrated their 50th anniversary the coming year. • your child’s teacher who made such a difference this year So before you head out to rummage through the racks over at for him at school the card store, before you risk getting your next E-card deleted, • the friend you just found out who is sick and in the before you contact an expensive printer to custom create your hospital daughter’s High School Graduation Announcement – consider • your son who is off overseas on a summer internship the following benefits of using an online card service. Sending out your next Happy Birthday card might just be easier than • the friend off serving in the military overseas you think. • your new client who needs that thank you card Look at What an online Card Service • that “thank you for the referral” card Can Do For You:Take a look at this video. My wife, Vonda, is demonstratingjust how quick and easy it is to use one of these services – and you can customize the cards.Note the following facts provided by the Greeting CardAssociation about the ever popular nature of Greeting Cards: • Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year. Annual retail sales of Like Everyone Else You Are Short On Time and Long On greeting cards are estimated at $8 billion. To-Do’s. You Need a Time Saver - Time is a precious • The most popular Everyday card-sending commodity whether it be your personal time or company occasion by far is Birthday, followed by a time. Save a little time and do it again and again – many number of secondary occasions that include times over and voila – you’ve just saved a lot of time. Sympathy, Thank You, Wedding, Thinking of Time is money. Think about it. How many of us even You, Get Well, New Baby and Congratulations. change the oil in our cars these days or change the brake pads? I used to do both of those jobs but haven’t now • The most popular Seasonal cards are Christmas for years. Why? Because others are set up to do it for cards, with some 1.6 billion units purchased me faster and more conveniently and considering the (including boxed cards). This is followed by disposal fees, just as cheap. And speaking of clean up, I cards for Valentine’s Day (145 million units, not can leave that to somebody else. including classroom valentines), Mother’s Day (133 million units), Father’s Day (90 million 2. Could You Use a Personal Assistant to Run Your Mail units), Graduation (67 million units), Easter Service? - How about not having to make sure you have (57 million units), Halloween (21 million units), an envelope on hand, that you have the needed stamps Thanksgiving (15 million units) and St. Patrick’s (that’s 46¢ now by the way) and that you get it into the Day (7 million units). mailbox on time for delivery. How many times have I bought a card but didn’t have stamps and so the card sat 3
  4. 4. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuture on my desk until it was too late to send. Oh well, save it with panache. Say it powerfully, personally and for next year. But I digress… unpredictably. With ready-made templates, borders, custom elements, photos, logos, handwriting fonts and 3. Would You Like to Make Your Cards Stand Out Among personal signatures, video cards and more – the options the crowd with Unique Personalization? – Now here is are limitless. where online card services really earn their keep. As in the video above, “Cards Say A Lot, But Your Words Say 2. Choices,Unbeatable Variety and Selection Size. If you It Best”. Truth is it is often hard to find a card that says don’t want to custom create your card there is surely a what you really want to say and if it does it is usually card just right for you – already created. on the wrong card – or if it is the right card it has the 3. wrong words. Finding one that scores on both counts can feel like winning the lotto. But just in case you aren’t the polished wordsmith you’d like to be there are still a plethora of cards to select from. You can definitely find the one that says it just right and does it on the perfect looking card. One of the card services, SendOutCards, boasts a categorized, searchable selection of over 8,000 High Standards and High Quality. Luxe quality is the cards! name of the game with top level providers. A good online 4. service invests heavily in acquiring the works and designs of talented graphic artists, in using only top quality materials for both card and envelope as well as is using only top of the line printing machines. 4. A Very Attractive Price. This time your eyes will bug out not in shock at the wallet draining price but at the money saving move you just made. Cut out the middle man and Ever Forgotten a Birthday? How about Never Forgetting the online card services can really shine here. Though A Birthday or Important Event Again with Built In you will need to do your due diligence as some services Reminders from the Service? – Of course you’ve will only offer the convenience of online card sending forgotten. That’s why there’s a whole category called but not the cost savings. Some however will offer their “belated birthday cards”. I like how someone once out services with all the trimmings at only 1/3 the average it, “I don’t forget birthday’s – I just remember late”! cost a store bought card, envelope included. (How about the definition, “coming or being after the customary, useful, or expected time” Oops! “Now whose 5. Better Than User Friendly. Let’s face it you can order birthday was that? And is it the 7th or 17th?” Let’s these cards anywhere at anytime. Yeah, even in your face it we live in the information age and it is often P.J’s. Doing your business from the comfort and privacy information overload. So, rely on modern technology of your own home, foregoing the traffic, the crowds and with gigabytes of memory capacity to fill in the gaps the hassle of it all – is unequivocally user friendly. If of your failing memory when needed. These online you’ve never done it you are in for a real treat. And systems are equipped with mechanisms that remind as for the online process itself – even a child could do you of important upcoming events – say a birthday, it. It’s as simple as point and click. And how about an anniversary or even the anniversary of a home or being perpetually open – midnight, weekends, snow car purchase. You name it and a trigger can be set to days, Christmas day – you name it. the sign always says ensure you never forget to get that important Thank You, open for business. Congratulations or Happy Birthday Card out and in the 6. Got to The Hallmark Store and then Keep Going… to the mail on time. Post-Office. They Won’t Mail it For You. Beside selection 5. Security – In relation to free online E-Card services paid and convenience this may be THE point that sets the membership sites offer strong online security, protection online service apart from the brick and mortar store. It’s and privacy. E-card services are often littered with like going to McDonald’s only better. No artery clogging annoying and aggressive pop up advertising. And frankly cholesterol but service “your way” and at the speed of the the selection is thin and though they are inexpensive internet. Someone else prints, stuffs, licks, stamps and – what they really are is cheap and annoying to many mails your order while you go about doing whatever it is people – though this may serve a need for you if you wish. you want to do! 7.WHAT SETS ONLINE CARD SERVICESAPART FROM STOREFRONT CARDSTORES Now You Can Effortlessly Kill Two Birds with One Stone. 1. A Better Way To Express yourself by way of Mark two items off your to-do list with a single pen unlimited personalization options. Say it with pizazz, stroke How about the option of adding a gift or gift 4
  5. 5. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuture card with that Birthday card, Wedding Card or Sympathy Card? The simplicity and ease of this option compared A a long time user of Online card Services, over 8 years to finding a gift, buying the packing materials, packing it in fact, I have a lot of experience and exposure to various up and heading down to the local shipping store or post systems and tools. If you would like my biased opinion I would office to get it in the mail … night and day! Enough said. highly recommend SendOutCards as the preeminent online 8. Did You say Automation? Ever go through a car-wash, card service. If you’d like to try this system out for free, take a pop your dinner in the microwave, set your French Roast test drive with no cost and no commitment, my wife Vonda and to waft it’s sumptuous aroma through your kitchen just I would be glad to offer that to you. In fact, since you came here as you get out of bed? Yes, you too like and utilize looking for a “Happy Birthday Card”, click the button below automation. It’s a good thing. Put automation to and send a happy Birthday Card, a Happy Birthday wish or a use with the automated reminder systems in an online Happy birthday poem, whatever you’d like – send one for free greeting card service and leave the footwork to someone on us – postage included. else by scheduling birthday cards to get sent out all year Try Our System and Send a FREE Card long, to all your friends, family and clients with a single, yes I said single, click of your mouse. Also, do you have room for a little extra money in your life? If so SendOutCards offers an opportunity to partner with an 9. Simplify with Personal Contact and Business Database ethical company giving you the ability to earn commissions on Integration. Just one more, but a big one more, every card and gift sent by anyone you refer to use this system. advantage to online greeting card services. Download It is a great product that people enthusiastically use whether your entire list or lists into the software for instant they are partnered in the business or not. The most common address retrieval and auto-fill functions. Simply hit the response when someone first tries out the system …”Wow, I import button and it’s a done deal. love it!”. 10. Need bulk services? Don’t worry there will always be The truth is many people are stuck in jobs they don’t like enough for your job. Yeah, you can get these at the working for money and “benefits” they are not satisfied storefront too but in this case you are guaranteed an “in with. Perhaps you have been searching for an at home stock” item. And you don’t have to buy an entire second business opportunity. Take a look as one of SendOutCards top box of 100 cards when all you needed was another 13! 20 earners, Executive and National SendOutCards Traininer Vonda Downs reveals how this system can work for you too. SendOutCards is truly unique in our profession and a one ofWHAT TO LOOK FOR IN AN ONLINE a kind in the marketplace. There is no other opportunity outGREETING CARD SERVICE there like this one. Find out if this opportunity is right for you. Time and financial freedom don’t have to be wishful thinking.By now you may already be convinced that giving an online We are doing it and you can too!card service a try is a foregone conclusion. It just makes senseat every turn – no matter what your card sending needs an So, give us a call or drop us an email and let us know any wayonline service can help. A product of our evolving times – we can help you or answer any questions you might have aboutthey’re simply a great idea. From the smallest joys to the most the SendOutCards Online Card Service – and get your Happyprofound events online card services are poised to help you Birthday Card in the mail today!celebrate with those you love the occasions of your life whether Contact us at 303-684-9186 orthe extraordinary or everyday variety. Impressive in their if you’d like to know moreprice and their performance, find the right Online card Service about SendoutCards or if there are any questions we canand you will not be disappointed. You’ll likely have found a answer. We can walk you through what our system has to offerpermanent addition to things you simply can’t do without. for you and even let you try it out with a free test drive.Watch our Presentation and See the Power and Potential ofSendOutCards ps. If you found this article helpful we’d love it if you passed it along through some of the social networks below. Also, feel free to leave a comment or submit a review below. Don and Vonda Downs SendOutCards Executives, National Treat ‘Em Right Trainer, Weekly Corporate Opportunity Call Speaker, Eagles Nest Advisory Panel, Freedom Award Winners, Eagles Challenge Winners 303.684.9186 Denver, Colorado 5
  6. 6. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureClick here to learn the Straight Scoop on SendOutCardsA Client retained is a client gained. Client retention – it’sa must.Nurture Your Relationships | Personalized Gifts |Earn a Passive Residual Income | Take the 30 Day GratitudeChallengeDon DownsI have a varied background, serving first as a Minsterin Seattle, San Francisco and Indianapolis, I now workas a Physician Assistant. I love the experience, skills andopportunity to serve others that both of those professions haveprovided me. However, in 2012 I embarked on a part timeEntrepreneurial course in Network Marketing and InternetMarketing. My wife and I now have a team of over 1,100distributors and have over 5,000 customers. Our product isunique in the market - a cutting edge tool harnessing Hi Techcapabilities with a Hi Touch personal experience. Find outmore about our Product & Service. Learn about our UniqueOpportunity that is providing an avenue for both time andfinancial freedom to our team.Read more →Downs Team5549 Wetlands Drive Frederick, CO, 80504 6