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SendOutCards - the Real Scoop


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Send Out Cards - What's their product, service & income opportunity?
Find out from a Top Income Earner and National Trainer the inside scoop and real story.

Do you want to know more about Send Out Cards?

Have you heard some rumors, picked up a little information here and there but still not quite sure you understand who and what Send Out Cards really is? Well you’ve come to the right place.

So, What is the Real Scoop on SendOutCards?

The real scoop is that Send Out Cards is a strong company that offers a valuable product at less than retail value and is a product that practically everyone can use.
It gives the consumer a more convenient and affordable way to do something they are going to do anyway.
Businesses use it for prospecting, customer retention,staying in touch with clients, sending Holiday gifts and cards and much more.
Everyone else uses it to easily and memorably stay in touch with friends and family sending out cards and gifts for any and every occasion.

In addition SendOutCards provides a viable, ethical means to supplement or replace your current income -and more.

Wow, what’s not to love?
Read on to learn more about SendoutCards.

Don Downs
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SendOutCards - the Real Scoop

  1. 1. April 6th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureSendOutCards-The RealScoop Send Out Cards - The Real   Scoop :: Downs Team Send Out Cards - Whats their product, service & income Source: opportunity? Find out from a Top Income Earner and National Send Out Cards – The Real Trainer the inside scoop and real story. Scoop Do you want to know more about “Send Out Cards“? Have you heard some rumors, picked up a little information here and there but still not quite sure you understand who and what Send Out Cards really is? Well So, What’s the Real Scoop on Send you’ve come to the right place. Out Cards (SendOutCards)? Do you want to know more about “Send Out Cards“? Have you heard some rumors, picked up a little information here So, What is the Real Scoop on Send and there but still not quite sure you understand who and what Out Cards? Send Out Cards really is? Well you’ve come to the right place. The real scoop is that Send Out Cards is a strong SendOutCards is a privately held corporation and was officially company that offers a valuable product at less than retail launched in 2005 (though it was founded in 2004). It’s value and is a product that practically everyone can use. Founder and CEO is Kody Bateman and is headquartered in It gives the consumer a more convenient and affordable Salt lake City, UT and can be contacted here: way to do something they are going to do anyway. SendOutCards, LLC Businesses use it for prospecting, customer retention, Phone: (801) 463-3800Fax: (801) 463-3900 staying in touch with clients, sending Holiday gifts and 1825 Research Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84119-2307 cards and much more. Send email to SendOutCards, LLC Everyone else uses it to easily and memorably stay in touch with friends and family sending out cards and gifts for any and every occasion. In addition SendOutCards provides a viable, ethical SendOutCards Executive Department means to supplement or replace your current income - and more. Kody Bateman - Owner and CEO Sam Robinson- Chief Operating Officer Wow, what’s not to love? Joe Kenemore – Vice President of Sales & Marketing Read on to learn more about SendoutCards. Jannette Roach – Human Resources/ Exec Asst of Operations Don Downs Leann McFalls – Executive Assistant to CEO SendOutCards is an online greeting card and gifting company 303-684-9186 with over 100 million cards sent since it’s inception. This, among other milestones, has garnered SendOutCards the prestigious Mail Innovation Award by the United States 1
  2. 2. April 6th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuturePostal Service as the nation’s #1 sender of First Class mailin the nation. (SendOutCards Receives USPS Mail InnovationAward.) SendOutCards was also named among America’sfastest growing companies in INC.500 Magazine. And asfor it’s production capacities – SendOutCards uses the mostadvanced printers in the world. Six Xerox iGen ProductionPresses using XMPie software to print their greeting cardswhich at peak season print over 700,000 cards per day!Founder and CEO Kody Bateman describes whatSendOutCards does: Our unique online greeting card system enables people to act quickly on their promptings and we find joy in providing a tool that has proven to change countless lives time and time again. In less than 60 seconds, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your heartfelt, inspirational, *Alexa Ranking snapshot on 02.17.2013 or cheerful message and click send. We print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalized greeting cards to As for myself, in full disclosure, my wife and I are Send Out any postal address anywhere in the world, all for less Cards distributors (I am also a practicing Physician Assistant) than the average price of a greeting card at the store. so our perspective is as an “inside” user of this product and Our gift selection is icing on the cake to this great system. However, at the onset we were not users and in fact service and allows you to go the extra mile to bring had some pretty strong misgivings about Network Marketing about another smile. in general. In all likelihood we were very much just like you initially. Let me begin with my wife Vonda telling you a You can also make money with SendOutCards and little bit about our story and how we came to be involved in build your way to financial success. By becoming a Send Out Cards. We’ll then fill you in about Send Out Cards SendOutCards Independent Distributor, you can start itself. By the time you are done you should have a pretty your own business and make money every time people good understanding of the company, the product, the service you bring into the company send greeting cards and the business opportunity. We’ll share with you what we or gifts with the SendOutCards system. With over believe makes Send Out Cards unique among other Network 100,000 independent distributors, SendOutCards Marketing companies. Anyway, let me let Vonda begin. wants to make it financially possible for people to act on life’s biggest promptings as they come. https:// A Busy Mom and Successful Professional is Introduced to Send Out CardsSendOutCards business model eliminates the middle man and Back in January of 2005, I was a working mom with two kidsthe burdensome marketing costs of traditional advertising, and in the process of adopting a baby girl. My husband alsorouting that expense to it’s business partners (Independent worked full-time as a Physician Assistant. It seemed life wasDistributors) in the form of commissions on sales. constantly busy and we found ourselves running from one SendOutCards is a successful Network Marketing company. event to the next.SendOutCards is not a fly by night, here today and gone We were very involved in our church, our 12-year-old son wastomorrow start-up. SendOutCards has hit some significant in sports year round, and our 7-year-old daughter was busymilestones in it’s growth and stability as a company already with piano and play dates with friends. In the midst of all thisand is poised for significant growth in the near future. They I continued to work as a Regional Sales Manager for a softwareare building solidly with an eye on globalization. In this area company. This required that I travel from time to time to meetof geographic reach, as well as in many others, SendOutCards the needs of my breaking new ground. There is no other Network Marketingcompany selling cards and gifts – not one. As stated, already My Send Out Cards IntroductionSendOutCards has become the largest sender of First Class It was during one of these business trips that I was introducedmail in the US. SendOutCards is doing business in 3 countries to Send Out Cards. I was at a technology fair for Realtors andnow, mailing cards and gifts to 7 countries, and has plans met a successful businessman who owned his own Real Estatewithin the next 3 – 5 years to open up markets in over 140 Company. He told me briefly about an online system thatcountries worldwide. would mail out real, printed cards in your own handwriting from your computer. I was immediately intrigued! You see, as a business professional myself, I had a goal to send out personal thank you notes to my clients on a daily basis. However, even though I repeatedly had this on my list of New Years resolutions, I continually fell short of my goal. I just never got it done. In fact by mid January each year I had usually just given up. So, hearing about a way to send 2
  3. 3. April 6th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuturethat handwritten thank you card from my computer with a Send Out Cards is still a fairly new company. It’s officialsystem that made it as easy as sending an email really got my launch was in the summer of 2005 and we have goneattention! through many growth changes, product enhancements, and culture development during these first several years. WeSend Out Cards is a Network Marketing witnessed the company growing from year to year and makingCompany adjustments along the way to give their distributors the bestAfter going home and watching a DVD my new friend gave me, options for building an online income. And, we were reapingI realized that the company who sold this cool new product was the generous rewards ourselves.a Network Marketing Company. For some reason I had a realnegative feeling about this type of business model. However,when my husband gave me a confusing look and said, “If you What Sets Send Out Cards Apart?love the product, why is that a bad thing?” – the truth was, I For Vonda and I, there are several things that set Send Outdidn’t have a reasonable answer. Cards apart from other Network Marketing companies: • We are a one of a kind company. No one else is doingGetting Started With Send Out Cards what Send Out Cards is doing. We virtually have noWe got our account set up and starting using it right away. competition. We are not only tapping into the Card We even went with the Distributor option (the business and Gift market – we are expanding it. There is noopportunity) knowing that we would definitely want to share other Network Marketing Company selling Cards andit with a few family members and friends knowing they would gifts through an online it too. And of course we absolutely loved using it. It • The cost of the product with Send Out Cards isfar lesswas helping so much with our busy schedules to be able to than what you will find at the local store – in fact aboutget in touch and stay in touch with friends, family, clients and 1/3 the price.prospects. As we suspected, within a few days several of ourfriends and family members signed up to use it as well. • Send Out Cards distributors have no personal inventory to stock and no product to deliver to customers. In fact all we do is introduce others to the system and then get paid month after month on what they send out. Our “product”Using Send Out Cards For Free is all online.We started receiving monthly checks that more than paid forthe cards and gifts that we were sending out. We were quite • We are not hindered by growing and changingthrilled with that. We were both able to use this system for our technology but rather are able to embrace andbusinesses and for personal needs without having to spend a incorporate it into our product and service. Send Outpenny! Cards captures the synergy of Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch.After a year and a half as merely a happy “customer” I started • My husband especially likes this one: With Send Outto focus on sharing this system with others and was pleasantly Cards we make no exorbitant claims about what oursurprised that with a part time focus I was able to quickly product will do for you. It won’t make your hair grow,and substantially begin to increase our income from Send Out give your car better gas mileage, give you younger lookingCards. In fact, within a few months, I was making enough skin, help you lose weight or cure a disease. It is what itmoney part-time that I was able to resign from my corporate is: cards and gifts, albeit, a top of the line card and giftingjob! I was thrilled . . . and a bit nervous because I needed to service. Everyone knows what they are and how theybring in a certain amount of money since I was resigning from work – we just let people use them cheaper and moremy “secure” corporate job. Funny thing was, my corporate job, conveniently.once I resigned, was no longer willing to send me those bi- • All companies want to be able to state with confidencemonthly paychecks. and should be able to claim with all integrity that they are lead by a capable, visionary leadership team. Send Out Cards CEO and founder Kody Bateman is just that andPassive, Residual Income With Send Out he is fully vested in this company and committed to itsCards international success. All are given an equal opportunity with Send Out Cards. The leadership does not “makeHowever, the months ahead proved we had made the right deals” with big name leaders in the industry and they dodecision. Within months we were in the top 20 income not make false or deceptive income claims in order toearners for the company and helping other people like us make entice and recruit new income from simply sharing with others this incredibleproduct. I was able now to work from home, -when and how • The Send Out Cards model is simple – you share it withI wanted – while my husband shared it and worked with me others and ask them if they would like to use it. Thewhen he could. Actually we found it very fun and exciting to be system “sells” itself!able to work in business together and began to dream of both • The Send Out Cards compensation plan is solid and builtbeing completely unshackled from our corporate jobs. to produce a lasting, growing, passive, residual income stream. We are witnesses of that fact in our own business 3
  4. 4. April 6th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuture with Send Out Cards already. We are excited that this Is Send Out Cards for You? income is becoming our primary source of income and will fuel our long term plans and goals, and, that it will We have found that there are three types of people when it be a will-able inheritance that we will pass on to our comes to Send Out Cards: children. 1.) those who want to use the Send Out Cards system to send • And as important as anything else to us personally is out their cards and gifts the Send Out Cards mission to reach out in kindness 2.) those who would like to supplement their income with an and make the world a better place. We teach people additional few hundred or few thousand dollars a month, and the impact of kind words of appreciation and gratitude. 3.) those who are looking for “Plan B”. They are looking to We personally have been rewarded multiple times over be their own boss, set their own working hours and determine for sending out a card of gratitude to a friend, family their own income. They want to make a serious change and are member or client. We live in a state of gratitude and have willing to invest serious commitment and focus – in exchange often been on the receiving end of gratitude expressed for serious results. back to us from those who wanted us to know just how much our card meant to them. In fact the feedback we have received is so impressive that you just have to experience it to believe it!So, What is the Real Scoop on Send OutCards?The real scoop is that Send Out Cards is a strong company What about you? Would you like to take a look? We willthat offers a valuable product at less than retail value and give you information and you decide what is right for you. Nois a product that practically everyone can use. It gives pressure, no selling, just sharing what we know with you – youthe consumer a more convenient and affordable way to do then make the decision if this is right for you and your family.something they are going to do anyway. Businesses use it forprospecting, customer retention, staying in touch with clients, “I Love It!” is the Common Response Whensending Holiday gifts and cards and much more. Everyoneelse uses it to easily and memorably stay in touch with friends We First Share Send Out Cardsand family sending out cards and gifts for any and every Call us today to set up a FREE account. We will walk youoccasion. Wow, what’s not to love? through sending your first card for free on the Send Out Cards system and then we’ll set you up so you can purchase cards and gifts to send out as often as you need them. And if you haveSupplement, Replace & Grow Your a little room in your life for a little more money – we can help with that too.Income with Send Out Cards Watch our Video Presentation Below to Learn MoreIf you are looking for a way to supplement your income, youreally owe it to yourself to at least look at Send Out Cards. Myhusband and I now work our business together, have a team ofthousands of people sending cards and gifts each and every dayand see a very bright future ahead. We want to personally helpothers who whose dream is to have a successful home basedbusiness. (Read more here about why now might be just theright time for you to get involved with SendOutCards.)The benefits we have experienced are many. I am able to setmy own schedule around my family, have no boss to report toor quotas to meet. We have unlimited income potential andenjoy what we do every day. We have both enjoyed makingnew friends and being able to work with people we genuinelylike. Send Out Cards’ mission to “send out to give” certainlyattracts some very kind and giving people. 4
  5. 5. April 6th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureWe Are Committed To Our Send Out Cards’ SuccessIf you would like to make money from home, we will personallycoach you so that you have the same opportunity to succeed A Client retained is a client gained. Client retention – it’s athat we have. must.Let me share directly from our Send Out Cards team website( our team perspective: Who is the DownsTeam? We are common people who Don Downs have made uncommon decisions with an uncommon resolve. We believe that lives lived powerfully today I have a varied background, serving first as a Minster will result in abundant tomorrows. We know that in Seattle, San Francisco and Indianapolis, I now work if you “make a tree good – it’s fruit will be good”. as a Physician Assistant. I love the experience, skills and Therefore we are dedicated to becoming better – opportunity to serve others that both of those professions have from the inside out – every day. We strive to be provided me. However, in 2012 I embarked on a part time givers! We send out to give knowing that it is Entrepreneurial course in Network Marketing and Internet ALWAYS right to give. We know that when we give Marketing. My wife and I now have a team of over 1,100 we will receive back much more in return – and distributors and have over 5,000 customers. Our product is yet the return is not our motivation. We are a great unique in the market - a cutting edge tool harnessing Hi Tech team, excited to work (and play!) together. Can we capabilities with a Hi Touch personal experience. Find out really call this a business … it’s almost too much more about our Product & Service. Learn about our Unique fun! Make no mistake though, we are committed to Opportunity that is providing an avenue for both time and persistently doing the simple, duplicateable essentials financial freedom to our team. that will guarantee our team’s success. We are Read more # enjoying exceptional todays and confidently looking forward to phenomenal tomorrows! Enjoy our site! Everyone is welcome on our site – whether you are officially in the DownsTeam organization or not. We trust you will find it very helpful. See How Easy It Is To Use This Online Service Downs Team 5549 Wetlands Drive Frederick, CO, 80504 USA (click to see a short product demo video) donandvonda@downsteam.comIf we can answer any questions or help you in anyway please drop us a line by email or give us a call. We’d be happy to help! Contact us at 303-684-9186 if you’d like to know moreabout SendoutCards or if there are any questions we cananswer. We can walk you through what our system has to offerfor you and even let you try it out with a free test drive.Thanks,ps. If you found this article helpful we’d love it if you passedit along through some of the social networks below. Also, feelfree to leave a comment or submit a review below.Don and Vonda DownsSendOutCards Executives, National Treat ‘Em Right Trainer,Weekly Corporate Opportunity Call Speaker, Eagles NestAdvisory Panel, Freedom Award Winners, Eagles ChallengeWinnersdonandvonda@downsteam.com303.684.9186Denver, Colorado 5