WordPress for Non-Profits: No Resources, No Problem!


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Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzLocal, and special guest, Don Campbell, President of Expand2Web.com in Part II of the five-part ReadyTalk Non-Profit Webinar Series as they discuss how NPOs can generate compelling websites using the WordPress platform. It's fully-featured--

- Supporting community
- Facebook integration
- Blogging
- Donations
- Photo galleries
- Email marketing
...and it's free!

Find out how to set up your own site, microsite, or blog-- even if you already have a primary Content Management System. As a special bonus to attendees, we will provide a free theme for non-profits to download.

Learn how you can unlock the power of the WordPress platform even with no technical support or budget. See examples of what other non-profits are doing in this space.

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  • Tell about Interwoven and CMS background, $250K average sale price - ff to today and you have this free open source tool

  • Trade offs with WordPress.com:
    - Limited choice of themes
    - Limited choice of plugins
    - No AdSense advertising
    - Can be banned, don’t own your site
    - Domain name

  • WordPress itself was created on a nonprofit basis, is a mission-driven organization and is sustained on a community-oriented model, that those who benefit also help develop it.
  • 1 - WordPress is for websites too! What is the difference between a blog and a website??
    2 - Any cms that executes code needs to be secured and updated properly
    3 - Amazing community support, support can also be purchased from reputable companies and consultants

  • http://www.boyslife.org - Great example of a “website” based on WordPress.
  • http://newsroom.redcross.org -
  • They are also doing video on this site - super easy to embed YouTube videos. Now WordPress makes it even easier - just add your YouTube link to a page or post and it will show up automagically!
  • http://livestrongblog.org - Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong blog is run on WordPress. Once again you see the videos, community support and interaction, etc.
  • Every WordPress site comes with its own “RSS” feed, which makes it easy to syndicate your content to other places on the web. Notably sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Having a YouTube channel is also highly recommended, as YouTube is the #2 search engine right now!!
  • Adding a Facebook Widget or Share Button to your WordPress site is very easy to do

  • Share buttons are easily embeddable in your theme, or via plugins

  • And there are many other possibilities for building vibrant communities around your WordPress website.

  • Here’s a great example of how to build community using WordPres Mu - http://www.duluthcitizen.org. Notice how members can have their own blogs and profiles, and their blog posts are featured on the main page
  • Members have their own profiles
  • Content is also organized into groups, and members can have their own blogs as well
  • There are tons of great video tutorials showing you how to do just about everything with WordPress.

  • WordPress for Non-Profits: No Resources, No Problem!

    1. 1. WordPress for Non-Profits No Resources, No Problem! Dennis Yu, CEO, BlitzLocal Don Campbell, President, Expand2Web
    2. 2. What is WordPress?
    3. 3. WordPress Is... A web publishing platform A content management system (CMS) A free open source tool
    4. 4. Why use WordPress?
    5. 5. Why Use Wordpress? Five Reasons: #1 - Flexible Design (Themes)
    6. 6. Why Use Wordpress? Five Reasons #2 - Flexible Functionality (Plugins)
    7. 7. From plain vanilla blog to custom website in minutes!
    8. 8. Why Use Wordpress? Five Reasons #3 - It’s Easy to Update Yourself
    9. 9. Why Use Wordpress? Five Reasons #4 - It’s Great for SEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gscFgaMTm48
    10. 10. Why Use Wordpress? Five Reasons #5 - Helpful Support Community
    11. 11. WordPress.org or WordPress.com?
    12. 12. WordPress.org or WordPress.com?
    13. 13. Why Use Wordpress for Non-Profits? # 1 - Low Cost # 2 - Easy to Update # 3 - Build Community # 4 - WP non-profit roots!
    14. 14. But... (Common Concerns) # 1 - Isn’t WordPress just for blogging? # 2 - I’ve heard there are security problems # 3 - There is no company to support it?
    15. 15. WordPress Website Examples
    16. 16. A Simple Social Media Strategy for Non-Profits Twitter Facebook Youtube
    17. 17. http://www.facebook.com/facebook-widgets/share.php
    18. 18. http://www.facebook.com/facebook-widgets/share.php
    19. 19. http://www.facebook.com/facebook-widgets/share.php
    20. 20. Facebook Fan Page Widgets
    21. 21. Share Buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz
    22. 22. Top Plugins # 1 - All-In-One SEO # 2 - Subscribe to Comments # 3 - WordPress Database Backup # 4 - TweetMeme/FB Share # 5 - Google XML Sitemaps / Google Analytics # 6 - WordPress.com Stats # 7 - WordTwit # 8 - WP Super Cache # 9 - WPTouch # 10 -WWSGD
    23. 23. Creating Community other possibilities... P2 Theme - “Twitter in a Box” WordPress Mu - Multi - Blogs http://bit.ly/2ZGBN3 http://mu.wordpress.org/
    24. 24. Creating Community other possibilities... P2 Theme - “Twitter in a Box” WordPress Mu - Multi - Blogs http://buddypress.org/
    25. 25. WordPress Mu in Action!
    26. 26. WordPress Mu in Action - Members
    27. 27. WordPress Mu in Action - Member Blogs
    28. 28. WordPress Tutorials WordPress TV Using WordPress Tutorials http://www.wordpress.tv http://wp.me/pe26k-cG
    29. 29. Resources Download WordPress: WordPress TV: http://www.wordpress.tv http://www.wordpress.tv Download WordPress Mu: BlitzLocal: http://mu.wordpress.com http://www.blitzlocal.com Download BuddyPress: Expand2Web Tutorials: http://buddypress.com http://www.expand2web.com/blog/
    30. 30. Questions?
    31. 31. Thank You! Don Campbell Dennis Yu don@expand2web.com dennis@blitzlocal.com http://www.expand2web.com/blog/ http://www.blitzlocal.com http://www.readytalk.com