Introducing macana golf&leisure tour operator en


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Macana Golf&Leisure Tour Operator provide exclusive holidays and events in Italy

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  • Introducing macana golf&leisure tour operator en

    1. 1. Macana Golf&Leisure Tour Operator Tuscany, find your place…
    2. 2. WHO WE ARE  Macana Golf&Leisure is an inbound Tour Operator traveler and Groups) based in Tuscany.  Despite its recent appearance in the market, MacanaGolf&Leisure relies on a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of managing operations regionally and internationally in all segments of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.
    3. 3. WHY US  Because we are a reliable partner.  Our team in made of professional, versatile and passionate people.  We speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish.  Customer care is what makes us different
    4. 4. WHAT WE DO Focus On: Golf Travel Women’s Travel Theme Tours Event Tours Seasonal Tours Experience and Emotion are at the base of our work Experience Services Honesty Products Relevant Content that connect Emotionally
    5. 5. What we don’t do Overbooking The cheapest price #1234890 client Just one service Contacting directly your clients We don’t say: ”it’s not upon to us” We don’t give phone numbers, we call for you We don’t turn off our emergency number Non-transparent prices
    6. 6. Overview + Designed tours just for you + The perfect Fit + En elegant and perfectly aged wine + Local restaurants known only to the locals = amazing and unforgettable experience Being our friend instead than a regular customer…
    7. 7. Golf Travel  A thrilling, pleasurable and carefree experience.  Not only golf… but culture, food, wine, music  People: friendship for a life time
    8. 8. Art & Culture Tours  Cultural immersion for discerning guests  The Renaissance arts and architecture  Secrets jewels  Private collections  Gardens and open-air museums A cultural tour in Tuscany is a journey into history and arts, an emotional experience that changes your life…
    9. 9. Food & Wine Tours  Food gives a “tourist” the sense of place  Authentic food is simple, rooted in the region, natural, ethical, beautiful and human  “Real” wine breath when it is aging in the oaks. A food & wine tour transform your every day approach to the kitchen… Food and wine production in Tuscany is an art, a religion, a serious business and a common talk.
    10. 10. Music & Opera Tours  Boboli Garden as an astonishing theatre  Deep love lasting of Puccini for its lake where his Opera now take place  Only stars and history above music concerts at San Galgano Abbey How a vacation can be more exciting, rich and full of cheerful memories… Don’t forget to sing when you go home!
    11. 11. Wedding & Special Events No set programs No pre-conceived agendas for your special day in Tuscany… We design your day with you, upon your unique wishes…
    12. 12. Macana Golf&Leisure Tour Operator Making your holiday a unique journey into the real Tuscan life See the world around you Macana Golf&Leisure, is a brand of Macana srl, fully licenced Tour Operator Via Dalmazia 454- 51100 Pistoia, Italy Ph +39 05731941980 - +39 3381471043 – Explore Understand Taylor made Services Connect Food Travel Experience