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Wiki Submitter - get hundreds of wiki links to dominate search engines


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Wiki Submitter is a great tool to get hundreds of wiki links from different wiki websites. This will sky-rocket your positions and you will rank on page 1 like there is no tomorrow!

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Wiki Submitter - get hundreds of wiki links to dominate search engines

  1. 1. Wiki Submitter • Get links from Wiki pages • Get quick rankings • Extremely newbie-friendly
  2. 2. What is it? Product: Wiki Submitter Creators: Craig Crawford Launch: 7th July, 2016 Recommended? Absoultely!
  3. 3. What is Wiki Submitter? Wiki Submitter is a brand new tool from Craig Crawford that allows you to get links from Wiki pages. That is great, you need to diversify your link portfolio when you are trying to rank your website! Wiki Submitter is automatic submitter that will solve CAPTCHA, spin and post content with titles and links from a default pool of 300+ wiki sites. You can also add your own list.
  4. 4. Wiki Submitter is easy to use • Extremely user-friendly! • Easy to use • Uses threads to make it faster • Gains 1st page rankings fairly quickly • Supports several Wiki platforms • Solves CAPTCHA
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