Some thoughts on pedagogies, from Donal O' Mahony


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Some thoughts on pedagogies, from Donal O' Mahony

  1. 1. Some thoughts on pedagogies
  2. 2.  Secondary-school teacher  eLearning 2005  Masters in 2007  Teaching and learning in the digital space  Unique level of support from my school  Current interests Junior Cycle Reform: Shortcourses and Whole School CPD
  3. 3. ...Freire (1970) rejects what he calls the banking concept of education where knowledge is the property of the teacher, rather than an act of knowing between teacher and student. This act of knowing is what Freire calls dialogue, where teachers and students empower each other and fulfil each others vocation to be more fully human (Freire 1970). ...dialogue for Freire is an epistemological position and is not to be reduced to a technique.
  4. 4. How can I use Moodle, a collaborative online learning environment, to improve my practice as a history teacher, as I encourage my pupils to think critically?
  5. 5.    Moodle Forum What Does It Mean to be Irish in 2007? Historical Context: The Irish Ireland movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Forum Start Date February 2007.
  6. 6.      1 2 3 4 5 Technical Reflection. Descriptive Reflection. Dialogic Reflection. Critical Reflection. Contextualisation of multiple viewpoints. Hatton and Smith (1995)
  7. 7. Reform....Learning as a Process rather than product Freire’s...act of knowing... Discussion...assessment of that act of knowing Portfolios (e or otherwise) to capture the learning
  8. 8. Great teaching traffics in enduring puzzlements and persistent dilemmas. Certainties are closed streets, not locations that interest the mind. Great ideas have legs. They take you somewhere.
  9. 9.  The Ten Lessons the Arts Teach “The arts celebrate multiple perspectives. One of their large lessons is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world.”  My opinion – that digital and social media will allow this
  10. 10.  “... A blog is a web log and can be simply described as an online space where posts are made by the owner of the blog and comments are returned by anyone who wishes to respond. ...”
  11. 11. a way of expression (Eisner) and of dialogue (Freire)
  12. 12.  eLearningIsland (2009 – present)  2OG blogs (2010)  Ada Lovelave (2013)  Twitter (2011 – present)
  13. 13.  as a way of expression (Eisner) and of dialogue (Freire) Expression Yes ....but what of the dialogue?? Little dialogue – more a monologue
  14. 14.  Ideas that work in teaching and learning – Flickr, Twitter, live-streaming....  Connectedness (and none)  Policies around Social Media in schools  Ideas about how to take control of your online space ◦ Filter Bubbles Eli Pariser ◦ Virtual Communities and Collective Intelligence Howard Rheingold ◦ Networked Publics danah boyd
  15. 15.  Moved eLearningIsland onto Twitter about three years ago  Pushed my ideas further into the educational space  Most tweets are related to education  Tweet within educational hashtags #edchatie  More space for dialogue  More possibilities for expression
  16. 16.  Network of trusted educational relationships  Quality of the content  People  Engagement of the presentation  Simplicity  Consistency