Suleiman the Magnificent


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A Keynote slideshow about Suleiman the Magnificent.

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  • Suleiman the Magnificent

    2. 2. EARLY LIFE Suleiman’s father was Selim the first. His mother was validesultan who died in 1534. Suleiman was born on November 6,1494, in Trabzon, Turkey. His father was sultan at the time. Atage seven Suleiman was sent to study science, history, literature,theology, and military tactics. As a young boy, Suleiman had aninterest in Alexander the Great. When Suleiman reached theage of 17, he was appointed governor of first Kaffa(Theodosia)and then Surukhan(Manisa). When his father died in 1520,Suleiman became sultan at age 26.
    3. 3. AS SULTAN Suleiman was the tenth and longest reigning sultanof the Ottoman empire. He was known as Suleimanthe Magnificent in the west and Suleiman the Lawgiveror Kanuni in the east. He conquered many countriesand was a great military leader.
    4. 4. CONQUESTS As Sultan, Suleiman conqueredmany other countries. He personallyled 13 military campaigns. In 1521 heconquered Belgrade. He alsoconquered Hungary in 1526. Suleimanwent to war for the last time at age 72in Vienna where he died.
    5. 5. SULEIMAN’S MILITARY Suleiman’s military was amazing. Heconquered many countries with the help of hisarmies. The reason it was so great was becausethere was never any arguments because he ledhis army personally. The soldiers had to listen tothe sultan, end of story. He also kept his armyequipped with the latest weapons. His army wasalways well trained and organized, giving him agreater advantage over other armies. Althoughhis army was huge, there were no women.
    6. 6. TODAY’S MILITARY Today’s military is equipped with the latestweaponry, like Suleiman’s army, and has air force as wellas ground soldiers. Unlike Suleiman’s army, there aremultiple military leaders. There are generals, cadets anddifferent ranks, whereas in Suleiman’s army, there wereonly two ranks, Sultan and soldiers. Both types ofmilitary are efficient. Yet today, there are both men andwomen in our military.
    7. 7. PARENTAL MILITARY INFLUENCE In Suleiman’s time, if your father was in the army, so wereyou, that is, if you were a boy. Suleiman followed his father byleading his armies and finished raiding the countries his fatherhad not yet defeated. Today, children don’t have to go intothe military if their parents were. But, having a parent in thearmy may influence a child to follow their parents and be aswonderful as they were.
    8. 8. THANK YOU =) I know you all learned a lot about Suleiman and hisgreat army. Him and his army made a huge influence onour military today. He was born to be magnificent and hepulled through for his father and for his idol, Alexander theGreat. He was a wonderful military leader, father, and sultanas well. He brought wealth and happiness to his country.You can now see why I chose Suleiman as my Big Idea.