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Don Martinez MNLP/P

  1. 1. Author Master NLP Domar Companies LLC 14742 Beach Blvd. #256 Practitioner and Teacher La Mirada, Ca. 90638 (714) 674-0391 (O) “We Are Pure Energy”
  2. 2. “We are PureEnergy”You have arrived to your current stateof being by your owe internal GPS.In life, it is said we get what we are focused on. Often times a great number of individuals function on autopilot costing along in life only to discover they have a much unfulfilled life. When sitting down to write Your Universal Mind, I was thinking back to my childhood days of hopes, dreams, and wishes. I have been very fortunate to accomplish many great things that life has to offer. Today my dreams and aspirations afford me the life style and balance to live out my heart desires. I am an entrepreneur and am in charge of my life. Your Universal Mind is about taking control of your life with a purpose. You wake up one day to discover that your life is not what you pictured only to look at the past regrets and disappointments. This simple answer lies in something or someone taking control of your mental and physical energy. (You’re Navigation System) What do you live for? Are you setting up to achieve the desires of a company or are you working towards your personal goals in life? Everyone is being directed to something the question is? Is this your dream or someone else’s?First off, I want to explain that there is nothing wrong about working for someone as long as you are workingtowards a goal that you have set out to accomplish. In my journey to become a well accomplishedtransformational coach I have met so many great individuals that have allowed me to share my philosophies,teaching, and instruction to help gain more clarity, focus and purpose in their lives.We all have the potential to grow the question is who is driving your brain? Who is in control? Everyonethinks about becoming something the question is what and when. Whether you are someone who would liketo increase your self confidence, improve your communication skills become more inspired, or motivated.Don will provide a set of tools and insight to help you reach your personal and professional goals in anenergetic and passionate way. As a high achiever Don has worked with some of the Americas top fortune500 executives, MBA’s, EMBA’s, PhD’s Attorneys, Doctors, Accountants, Business owners andEntrepreneurs.We all have the potential to be greater and create the life the way we exactly want it to be.The time is now for you to get in control of your mental mind and start turning things around for you andyour future. With this in mind you will learn the best tools for self discovery, personal development and howto increase your mental energy.Success comes with a price, and that price is a true commitment to your own personal values andbeliefs. Don will help you find your passion and purpose. (714) 674-0391 (O)
  3. 3. Article on Your Universal MindYour Universal MindThe Power Starts with You“We Are Pure Energy”“Manage Your Mind and ControlYour Personal Energy”Renowned author, teacher, educator, and coach of champion Master Don Martinez presents more than adozen simple and highly effective tools designed to help you shift your mind to explore the abundant energyof your universal mind.Creating the future the way you want! Edgar Allan Poe, stated “They who dream by day are cognizant of many things whichescape those who dream only by night. In their grey visions, they obtain glimpses of eternity.”In a world of Face Book, Viro Video’s, Twitter, and YouTube people all around the world are looking atdreams very differently. For many individuals, some reach heights of success people could only dream ofwhere as others find scarcity. A great number of us have found that we have been scared by a childhoodexperience that seems to be with us even today, and as we grow older these anchors as I describe are therecipes for failure. Often people seem to ponder on thoughts that cause uncertainty, self dough, and disbelief.As a student you will be trained to stop this frequency of non acceptable vibrations, and enter the power ofYour Universal Mind. The answers to living a fuller and abundant life is in your mind. You hold the Key’s tostart up the ignition to drive towards your personal desires. Your Universal Mind starts by reflecting on theseanchors that hold a person down. As we look at rewinding these past experiences and fears we access the rootcause and effect these situations have created for us.Your Universal Mind is a book/program unlocks the GPS Systems of your mind by allowing you to breakingaway from the past and taking control of your right to greatness. The hurts, the favoritism, the bulling, thealienation, and the not fitting in will all soon be a thing of the past. You do not have to live trapped in theskin of other people’s communication. You are unique with gifts that we will bring to the surface.As a young boy/girl you might be someone who was made fun of, picked on or picked last when yourclassmates were choosing teams at play time this inner feeling of being part of something might have scaredyou for life. In my teaching of Your Universal Mind, you are now the person in command of your destiny.We teach you how to shatter this experience by teaching you to live your purpose. Your Universal Mind is forindividuals that feel they are not clear, or focused on their direction and path in life. The program is design tocreate a foundation of sound balance, stronger confidence, and new communication skills to create thewinner in you. Find the power to achieve the deep levels of success your mind thinks about. You are thearchitect of your life, today is the day for you to decide the put yourself at the front of the line. If you havefelt like a loser, and lack the confidence to step out and be recognized as a super star, then start your journeynow. Let Coach Don recharge the battery of the mind. To know yourself, you have to know you.This is about Body, Mind and Spirit.Life is power and energy is within us all. If you are someone who is tired of being separated from Body,Mind and Spirit then experience your Universal Mind with Master Coach Don Your best is yet tocome!“Unleash the energy and personal power inside you, feel it, believe it, act on it, and become it…” (714) 674-0391 (O)
  4. 4. A Healing Moment: When the average person hears the word “Success” their first thought is often: “I wish It was me!? Wishing, hoping that one day the someday I will” I wish I could have or should have but did not ponder in their mind. Many of my clients would say the same things I am not good enough I will do not measure up, or I am not smart. All that you desire is right at your finger tips. Coach Don will teach you the method to living an abundant and happy life. I used to say the same exact thing. Before I started and took this leap of faith to start my own company it is nearly impossible to change, unless you stop and decide to hit the reset button in your mind and start reprogramming your mind to what you desire. Coach Don is changing the way people look and view their life. We’ve identified what makes life boring and show people that life has so much to offer if you are willing to try. Coach Don in 2005 Experiences a life changing event that nearly almost took his life. What we cannot see, can affect us? In 2005 Don was exposedto high volumes of Stachybotrys ("Black Mold"), Toxic black mold and fungi that became the start of ahealth problem that changes my balance and well being. This infectious disease and mold were a slow andsilence illness that was growing over time inside of me. The signs that went undetected began with allergicreactions, skin rashes, chronic sinusitis, sinus problems, allergies to mold, lung diseases [like Aspergilliosis],and other respiratory illnesses. Mold that could bring about induced infections, and even death.I feel my life was speared due to my training in Self Imagery /Visualization for healing thisdisease. Finding myself in a traumatic situation before finding out that I had to mold covering my lungs theDoctors diagnose me as having cancer it was in surgery they discovered after opening me up to it was notcancer but mold coving my entire lung. The next morning when waking up, I found myself in ICU hookedup to a breathing tube, tubes hanging from the side of my ribs draining out blood on to a plastic sack. It wasthis traumatic moment that I would find myself fighting for my life desperately grasping for the air we breathe(oxygen). If you could just an image not being able to breath, grasping for the air, I was in a state of shock,extensive pain and panic, fighting to get oxygen. I was told that my lung had collapsed to the size of anapricot, and that I would need to work on developing my lung to get back to its somewhat normal size.While in the hospital I was under a nurse’s care for 72 hours not being allowed to sleep testing my physicalcondition forcing me to work at reconditioning my lungs. I was in the hospital for two ½ weeks, and I stillrecall coming home. I could hardly wait to get home learning that my breathing and the painwould continue. When I think back and remember telling my wife get me out of here. It was during thistraumatic moment of my life whom I recall thinking about my training in Neruo Linguistic Program (NLP)NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy that worked on healing cancer patience’s As I reflected on mytraining, I recall the powerful techniques of NLP and how it would help lead me to a more speedy recovery.Because my body, mind and emotion were experiencing this sudden shook, my emotion was out of controlmy body was feeling high level of pain. My inability to breathe my brain was for a few days focus on thisuntil I could get control of my mind and my thinking. If you have every experience no sleep for three days,you can only imagine how tired your body is let alone thinking about the pain and breathing. While my wife,the nurses, and doctors were all telling me to stay awake, breathe, get up walk, my body and mind were tellinglet me sleep. During this phase of my treatment, I was so uncomfortable that my nervous system and mentalmind began to come up with a strategy to get myself out of IUC get me out of the hospital and get me home. (714) 674-0391 (O)
  5. 5. It was this experience that my mind was focused on releasing a level of energy to speed up my mind tohelp me heel faster. At the time I was being looked over by Sister Mary Martha a Catholic Sister andnun, who were viewed as a four star general of the ICU unit? Her task was to get my breathing and makesure I was up walking around the hospital floors. At first these exercises were considered difficult for me.Not being able to breathe normally, the unbearable pain and the fact I was tired. I think back and recallgetting up to walk a few times a day. I did not want to get up, I wanted to sleep. It was after the third dayI realized that I could beat this and get Sister Mary Martha. Because the sister was short my strategy wasto take longer strides and walk at a faster pace to get, tired out and finish my walk faster so I could getsome rest. It was only a matter of time that Sister Mary Martha agreed to see I was progressing, and that Icould be released to go to another unit which less supervision. A few days later I would be released fromIUC no longer required take the walks as required. What happened during this traumatic incident was aswitch turns on inside my mind to embrace the pain and turn this into a hunger for energy that wouldthen allow me to get gain the benefit of some long needed rest. If you could imagine I began visualizingmyself getting better, looking internal, communicating with myself speaking as if I was heeling fast, andbreathing normal. I would picture myself doing the things I enjoyed, not thinking about the pain. I wasrepeating in my mind, that I was on the road to recovery. What I have just described is a small part of mytraining and what you can expect to learn from my training. Here is what you will learn in my seminar:Discover, understand and address the deeper root causes of your mental, emotional or physicalchallenges  Release stored emotions and limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind and cellular memory  Eliminate incongruence’s and self-sabotaging behaviors  Reprogram your mind and body to greater health, balance, confidence and success  Access and harness your untapped potential to change, create and thrive  Acquire effective self-empowering skills, strategies and tools, which allow you to truly transform yourself and your lifeIn each of our lives there have been times when we have experienced a deeper sense of uncertainty yethuman nature is for us to feel connected and a since of being a part of a bigger picture. I have found thissearch and quest for many people seeking to live an extraordinary life by getting in touch with a deeper depthof wisdom, love, and awareness. With so many people searching for a more balanced life Don teaches peopleto tools and techniques to calm your mind and tap into new frequency of energy. If you are someonesearching for a wiser, kinder, and more abundant life in the today world you need to understand the mentalprogramming that drives you.When we consider exploring our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and our environment, it is no surprisethat relaxation, concentration, and meditation techniques are being more widely embraced as vital forenhancing the quality of our health, work, relationships, and peace of mind.“It’s my goal to change the way people are programming themselves. When working with Don you are looking at self discoveryand personal development from a new perspective. We have a unique approach. We want to give people the tools they need torebuild their lives and their dreams in an exciting the way they planned. - Coach Don Martinez (714) 674-0391 (O)
  6. 6. Don Martinez is a Master Certified Coach MNLP/PTEXECUTIVE COACHINGCenter of Excellence & SuccessCAREER | BUSINESS | LIFE | ENTREPRENEURSHIP“The power to make the impossible happen”Executive Coaching ServicesAn executive coach is like a personal trainer for your life, career and business.When asked what you would do to improve your life many people always say they would be doing somethingdifferent. When Don entered the profession of coaching he recognized that change starts with you? If youwant more out of your life you have to decide to alter your path and course to what improvements youroutcome. When looking at the physical conditions that we are faces with, people get caught up in the momentnot recognizing we all have the ability to stop, reflecting and change our direction. When looking into thecommand center of your mind, we tend to gravitate towards a thing that is simple and easy to obtain, stealingfor less. To decide to change your course requires getting hold of the navigation systems that we functionfrom. If you could wake up one day to state this is a new day that starts a journey to overcoming yourfears. Are you ready to move forward? If I told you that you have come to this cross road to change,motivate and develop others? How much would your organization improve if yourself if you knew that therewas nothing that would prevent you from reaching a level of success and to become the true leader you weremeant to be? In recent years, I was hired to work with a person that had all the making of a leader only todiscover, he was a pigeon. This person that described himself as a pigeon had attended a good collage, whenon to become a naval pilot always thinking that he would never measure up to his peers. This person had theunparallel desire to be an eagle but because of his internal conflict and repeated self sabotaging patterns, hewas like a pilot losing altitude diving 1300 feet to destruction.As a coach I helped this client discover his true core values and a since of purpose. When you are a navalofficer the pressure to wear this title and not feel good in your own skin is hard on someone not being able tomeasure up.Coach Don brings a unique insight to the coaching profession he has worked with individuals at all levels. Hisability to connect with his clients has enabled Don to become one of the most well respected coaches in theindustry. Today he is on a path to coaching other in finding a new path and direction to their life. Simply put,coaching consists of a series of structured, one on one, interactions between a coach and an executive aimedat enhancing personal performance and maximum ROI. Some of the approaches used to include:• Objective Insights: Professional assessment tools provide an objective starting point to evaluate yourstrengths and areas for potential improvement.• Synergy: You and your coach become a team, focusing on your goals and accomplishing more than youwould alone.• Structures: Your coach acts as an accountability mechanism so you can take more action think bigger andget the job done.• Expertise: Your coachs expertise and perspective can help you make more money, make better decisions,set and meet the best goals, and restructure your professional and personal life for maximum productivity andpersonal satisfaction.The reasons people typically choose business / executive coaching services are:• It provides independent, confidential advice for acting on performance feedback received at work• The pace of change and new leadership expectations confronting senior executives makes it important tokeep yourself and your business ahead of the game• A cost/time effective alternative to competency development compared with the more traditionalapproaches. Coaching doesnt take you out of your office for large blocks of time. It targets your specificneeds and helps you implement changes step by step. Call us to find out if coaching is right for you and yourmanagement team. (714) 674-0391 (O)
  7. 7. Renewing Your Life and Mind As a Master NLP Practitioner, I come across a good number of clients who carry many common phobias such and flying, high places, animal, interviewing, doctors, and testing. In todays economic down turn, I have seen an increase of worried individuals, speaking about their poetical pink slip parties or lost of a job. Several years ago, I took a course in guided imagery this class was also a part of my Neruo Linguistic Programming practitioner course today I have continued to research and study human behavior and personal development. While working for a major fortune 500 company as a Human resource professional, I would come across thousands of individuals that would apply for a job only to recognize that these individuals were walking around with stress, anxiety, and fear. It was then that I decided to test my training in helping individuals eliminate these feelings. I recall meeting this young woman who had been out of work for quite some time, in fact, she goes on to tell me she was a victim of domestic violence, and that she really needed this job to care for here and her daughter. When I was inviting her in for an interview, I recall extending my hand to her. I introduced myself to her only to notice her palm was dripping in sweat. I asked her if she was nervous.The lady went on to say, but I do not feel good. I am nervous, and have so much fear that maybe they willnot like me, I have not interviewed in years. It was then I asked her to stop, close her eyes and breathe. I seeyou are nervous, but this is temporary. I went on to ask her to think back to a time when she felt totally atpeace and what was it that made her happy, Once you connect in your mind to this time and place, I whatyou to open your eyes and breathe. Next I asked her to tell me about this experience what was it about thisthat made her feel well. It was this small exercise that brought her to a place of peace, relaxed and no longernervous. I asked her had she every herd of guided imagery? She answered no but Mr. Martinez what you justdid was help me calm down and see that I could not be that nervous when I am thinking about what makesme feel good this was so amazing. I think I am ready to go to my interview. Many times I hear people talkabout a person having to believe in what you are thinking, but it’s my belief that believing is not enough. Itell my clients to believe is a small part to addressing a phobia you must know you can get to the outcome youdesire by being in a state of allowing a thing to happen.How many times have you talked about something that you continued to talk only to find yourself talking toyourself out of what it is your desire? Here is another interesting thing I am a diabetic each day I have topoke myself in the finger to check my blood sugars. There was a time that my blood sugar was running in the500 hundreds the average blood sugar is at 98 -100. What fascinated me was that as I would check my sugarsthe healing process after poking myself began to heal closing up the place the blood was running from. Mypoint is our bodies are a magical machine that has healing agents who are inside everyone. While beingtreated for diabetes, I began to recognize that if I was going to get this under control I would need to comeup with a plan to turn this around. Today I contribute this change to my ability to communication with mybody mind and spirit.Each day I would start out with a plan that would help me get to my gold of 100 (Blood Sugars) I have lost10 lbs, dropped two pant sizes and now have my diabetics under control. Pain, sickness and suffering are justsignaling to our conscious mind that we have to Change our ways it is this small adjustment that helps us geton the right path change are a direction and get on our road to recovery. It is my belief that the laws ofnature believing that change is brought by a time we can limit our suffering and pain by being in a state ofallowing. The mind-body system has almost unlimited self repair capabilities, but most of the people denythemselves any access to them. The biggest mistake you can make is to accept someones "advice" that your (714) 674-0391 (O)
  8. 8. condition is incurable. I recall telling my doctor that I was so determined to correct this and turn my diseaseinto being in control. Often a time I hear people talk about an illness only to see a new problem appear. Thisfear and self sabotage is the ingredient to the negative beliefs of self healing. Listening to people talk aboutthem getting ill, they continue to speak as if they are becoming weak only to see in a matter of days they arenow sick. If you accept such an advice, your fear effectively sabotages the self-healing process, which isunder complete control of your consciousness on all levels, including the subconscious functioning of yourbody and mind. Fear blocks any logic, dramatically reducing your own self healing ability. Authors BioDon Martinez is an Author, Speaker, Master Certified Coach, Master NLP/Practitioner, and Trainer.Don provides transformational training, coaching for personal enhancement, performance improvement andfor maximum success. Don is an international transformational coach and trainer and Master Practitioner ofCommunication and peak performance technologies in NLP™ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) He is thecreator of Accelerated Conditioning™ which is a technology for advance conditioning and behaviouralchange modelling.Don, assists individuals, organization, corporations, employees in behavioural modification techniques forhigh performance, designing/implementing best operating states, strategies, skills (practices) enabling them toreach maximum effectiveness and achievement both personally and professionally.Don has invested, more than 25 years studying the development of human behavior and has experiencedmastering multiple areas of expertise including accelerated conditioning, learning and modeling. He hasmodeled and studied with the best master trainers, master therapist, coaches and hypnotists know around theworld for mastery of NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line therapy.Don is recognized as a top ranking executive coach for fortune 500/1000 organization. Don works one-on-one with Board of Director, C-level executives and organizations seeking to increase personal performancefrom there people. He is the author of Mastering the Art Communication, Principles of a career search, andThe Art of Business: Don is a frequent lecture at Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business, USC,Marshall School and UC Irvine executive MBA programs. Don expertise is in Career development andmanagement working with individuals that seek to be the best in their fields and careers.Don hold an Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University Los Angeles, AMaster Certification in Human Resource Management and HR Organizational Effectiveness from Villa NovaUniversity, a Business Certification, from Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business andManagement, with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology, and a 6 Sigma Green in Belt certification. Don isranked one of the top five Executive Career Coaches by UC Irvine Executive MBA Alumni Association. Donalso is a well recognized NLP Practitioner which he holds a certification as a MNLP/MTT/Body Practitionerand Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP) from the National Federation of Neuro LinguisticPsychology (USA).Mastering the Art of Communication, Principles of a Career Search, the Art of Business and Your UniversalMindDon is available for speaking engagement, intensive Accelerated Conditioning™ training, coaching, onmodeling high-performance, motivation, persuasion & influence, NLP (714) 674-0391 (O)