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UX-led Content Strategy (UXPA webinar)


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The short story is, content is why people come to your experience. Taking the lead in content allows UX to affect the largest and most inffluential part of the experience.

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UX-led Content Strategy (UXPA webinar)

  1. 1. TODAY: UX-Led Content Strategy: Getting to the Core of Every Experience Mike Donahue User Experience Professionals Association International Check out our new Short Courses. Learn more at: Check out our upcoming webinars. Learn more at: Learn more about our annual conference: UXPA 2017 GOALS 1. Provide more UX resources to UX Professionals 2. Improve brand consistency 3. Improve our “International” UXPA
  2. 2. UX-Led Content Strategy August 2017 Mike Donahue @mdonahue37 #uxpa #soflux #ux-content
  3. 3. Content is not just text.
  4. 4. Content is not a replacement for place holders Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras facilisis aliquet vehicula. Maecenas feugiat mattis urna, nec feugiat neque tempus ut. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Fusce non facilisis urna, ac aliquam sem. Vivamus laoreet ligula quis enim ultricies, finibus rutrum arcu aliquet. Nam ac blandit sem. Button label
  5. 5. Content is not king!
  6. 6. Content is core!
  7. 7. What’s an experience without the content?
  8. 8. content: Noun 1 (usu. contents) the things that are held or included in something: he unscrewed the top of the flask and drank the contents | he picked up the correspondence and scanned the contents. • [ usu. in sing. ] the amount of a particular constituent occurring in a substance: milk with a low-fat content. • (contents or table of contents) a list of the titles of chapters or sections contained in a book or periodical: the contents page. • information made available by a website or other electronic medium: online content providers. 2 the substance or material dealt with in a speech, literary work, etc., as distinct from its form or style: the outward form and precise content of the messages. Adjective in a state of peaceful happiness: he seemed more content, less bitter. • satisfied with a certain level of achievement, good fortune, etc., and not wishing for more: he had to be content with third place | the duke was content to act as Regent.
  9. 9. Are users content with the content of your content? substance stuff satisfied
  10. 10. Satisfaction How it makes people feel Stuff What it is Substance What it’s made of or means UX UX-led content strategy accounts for…
  11. 11. All content is UX content!
  12. 12. UX copy [content] gets shit done as directly and simply as possible. Joel Marsh
  13. 13. UX content informs design (this is why we need to work from the content out)
  14. 14. No one created the glass and then figured out what to put in it.
  15. 15. Without UX
  16. 16. Or worse.
  17. 17. This is what we want.
  18. 18. Thoughtful ruthlessness leads to appropriately precise content. Which leads to much better designs and experiences.
  19. 19. Case study: Citrix intranet redesign (Backstage) • Employees felt they spent too much time trying to locate relevant content – too much stuff to sift through • It was painful and confusing to locate and open support requests • They came to get answers so they could get back to work, not be entertained or socialize Old version
  20. 20. Page table - Priority Index Put 80% of your time into these two box
  21. 21. Emotion-driven goal (page table objective) • We want employees to feel confident and efficient finding the right information and support • So we will remove noise and downplay distractions • So they can return to work as quickly as possible
  22. 22. There can be only one...Priority 1 Get thoughtfully ruthless.
  23. 23. Design Persona If your site were a person what would they be like?
  24. 24. Meet Claire Design persona used for Citrix intranet redesign
  25. 25. Who is Claire?
  26. 26. Net results 60-90% reduction in content across sections 383% increase in search use 224% increase in page views per session 34% decrease in average time per session 59% decrease in bounce Massive improvement in employee satisfaction
  27. 27. Function: Findability – through clicking/typing
  28. 28. Function: Findability – through clicking/typing Decision fatigue Pogo sticking
  29. 29. Emotion-driven goal (page table objective) • We want employees to feel confident and efficient finding the right information and support • So we will remove noise and downplay distractions • So they can return to work as quickly as possible
  30. 30. Net results 46% reduction in support content 48% increase in online support tickets 21% decrease in misdirected tickets $383K annual cost savings
  31. 31. UX content is functional
  32. 32. Creating functional content Great content makes it easy for the user to find and understand the experience.
  33. 33. Expanding our definition of interaction The hand isn’t the only way to interact with content.
  34. 34. Most interactions begin in the eyes.
  35. 35. Most interactions begin in the eyes.
  36. 36. Test your content like you test your UI. Content optimization yields bigger rewards.
  37. 37. Function: Readability – which feels easiest? A B C
  38. 38. UX content satisfies real needs
  39. 39. Case study: redesign • Tracked NPS score before and after redesign • Applied the same design changes to all category and product pages • Only had resources to rewrite the content within the networking categry and products
  40. 40. Function: is it easy to read?
  41. 41. Function: Readability - scoring Grade level • Ideal grade score for average audience is 8± • Lower grade indicates easier reading • Is a good indicator of vocabulary required by reader • Avoid unnecessary big words at all cost Reading ease • Ideal reading score for average audience is 45 or higher • Higher scores indicate easier reading • Is a good indicator of sentence quality • Avoid long run-on sentences
  42. 42. Function: Readability score comparison War and Peace Average grade: 8 Average readability: 70
  43. 43. Function: Readability score comparison Citrix networking Average grade: 20± Average readability: 12 Worst scores: 27/-47 After rewrite Average grade: 14± Average readability: 35 and higher
  44. 44. Function: Readability – impact on satisfaction 416% improvement in NPS -20% -10% 0% 10% 20% 30% -20% -10% 0% 10% 20% 30% before after
  45. 45. UX content doesn’t just fill space on a screen, it fulfills human needs.
  46. 46. Content is not king. Content is CORE! @mdonahue37 #uxpa #soflux #ux-content