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Reebok Online/Social Media Plan 2012 | Nick Donabedian

Reebok Online/Social Media Plan 2012
NDML Summer 2012 Section 701
Nick Donabedian

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Reebok Online/Social Media Plan 2012 | Nick Donabedian

  2. 2. Reebok Social Media Outline Campaign Layout and Objectives  Target Market  Budget  Goals Why Online/Social Media Advertising? Opportunities  Pay-Per-Click Advertising  Blog  Facebook  Twitter  Mobile App NHL Winter Classic Questions
  3. 3. Campaign Layout and Objectives Target Market: Men and Women Between the ages of 15 and 30  Active in sports  Lead the market in sports merchandise purchases  Young enough to set trend and increase popularity  Active Online Users Budget: Unlimited  Compete against Nike and Adidas  Become Sports Merchandise Power House Goals:  Build Brand Image  Increase our reach, popularity, sales  Form long lasting consumer relationships
  4. 4. Why Online/Social Media Advertising•Reach a more specific targetmarket.•Communicate with customersdirectly•Gives Consumers places to go tofind and share valuableinformation•Analyze and take in feedbackand data•Best way to accomplish all ofour goals
  6. 6. Search Engine: Pay Per Click• Guarantee exact results• Only pay when a visitor comes to the site• Don’t have to modify the code of the site• Target many keywords and people from different geographical regions• Immediate results and immediate visitors
  7. 7. Reebok Blog• This should be a place where customers, employees, and future targets shouldbe able to learn more about Reebok as a whole, its products, and its sponsoredathletes. • A place for consumers to communicate with each other and people from the company • We should respond to all questions and concerns. This builds relationships and loyalty.• Organized by tabs: • Home • Products • Athletes • Questions • Contact• Internal and External Links • Familiar/Related sites and articles•Updated regularly (daily) • Written content • Visual media content • Customer polls (interaction)
  8. 8. Social Media: Facebook• Facebook Ads • Although easy to use and not expensive, not many click throughs• Facebook Fan Page • Place where interested consumers can connect with Reebok • Fan page for each individual sport • Hockey, Football, Soccer, Basketball, etc • Updated daily • Valuable written content • Sales and Reebok Opportunities • Photos of products and athletes • Video of products and athletes•Integration • Connect with links to company blog, Twitter page, company website, etc • Allow viewers to share information/articles
  9. 9. Social Media: Twitter• Reebok Twitter account • Connect with fans • Real time posts • Exciting and New• Update and Post Regularly • Products • Athletes • Real time pictures, video, updates • Promotions/ Opportunities • Incentive to connect • Questions • Feedback • Interaction
  10. 10. Mobile App: Bok It • Interact and influence consumers via mobile phone • Contain all of the same information as our Facebook pages, but should work like the website • Mobile App Categories: • Individual sport • Sponsored athletes • Type of product • Etc. • To make this app even more appealing to our audience is that occasionally users should stumble upon a coupon, discount, or prize. • Create incentive to use app • Sense of achievement • Reward
  11. 11. 2013 Winter Classic• Pavel Datsyuk of theDetroit Red WIngs andDion Phaneuf of theToronto Maple Leafsboth will beparticipating.• High television ratingsand interest• Using all our onlinesites and pages, weupload video andpictures of our twosponsored athletesduring the weeksleading up to the biggame.• Unique opportunity•HBO 24/7
  12. 12. Questions? Campaign Layout and Objectives  Target Market  Budget  Goals Why Online/Social Media Advertising? Opportunities  Pay-Per-Click Advertising  Blog  Facebook  Twitter  Mobile App NHL Winter Classic