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Genre research

  1. 1. GENRE RESEARCHSlasher/stalker
  2. 2. DEFINITION OF SLASHER/STALKER A slasher film is a subgenre of horror film, and at timesthriller, typically involving a mysterious psychopathic killerstalking and killing a sequence of victims usually in agraphically violent manner, often with a cutting tool such asa knife or axe. Although the term "slasher" may be used asa generic term for any horror movie involving graphic actsof murder, the slasher as a genre has its own set ofcharacteristics which set it apart from related genres likethe splatter film.
  3. 3. EXAMPLE OF SLASHER FILM Friday the an American horror franchise that comprises twelve slasher films, a television show,novels, comic books, and tie-in merchandise. The franchise mainly focuses on the fictionalcharacter Jason Voorhees who drowned as a boy at Camp Crystal Lake due to thenegligence of the camp staff. Decades later, the lake is rumoured to be "cursed" and is thesetting for a series of mass murders.The first film was created to cash in on the success of Halloween (1978),Although the films were not popular with critics, Friday the 13th is considered one of the mostsuccessful media franchises in America—not only for the success of the films, but alsobecause of the extensive merchandising and repeated references to the series in popularculture.
  4. 4. FAMOUS SLASHER/STALKER FILMS.Black Christmas (1974)If this was a message board, Black Christmas would be posting ‘First!’ forkiller POV camera, weird phone calls, and well known calendar datesetting. Members of a sorority house are stalked over Christmas by agibbering stranger. Still creepy as hell.Black Christmas (abbreviated as Black X-Mas) is a 2006 American slasher film written forthe screen and directed by Glen Morgan andstarring katie Cassidy, Mary ElizabethWinstead, Crystal Lowe, Lacey Chabert,Michelle Trachtenberg, Oliver Hudson, KristenCloke, and Andrea Martin. The film takes placeseveral days before Christmas, and tells thestory of a group of sorority sisters who arestalked and murdered by one of their housesformer inhabitants during a winter storm. It is aloose remake of the 1974 film of the samename.
  5. 5. PART 2 (SCREAM)ScreamPart spoof, part satire, part slasher, this flick manages to balance funnyand scary at a level normally reserved for that creepy uncle that wouldplay with the kids during family reunions. The post-modern twists onnormal slasher conventions (ala, multiple killers) made this film aclassic.Wes Cravens Scream series features a largecast of characters created primarily by KevinWilliamson with contributions from Craven andEhren Kruger. The series focuses on thecharacter of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell)and a succession of murderers who adopt aghost-like disguise, dubbed Ghostface, to tauntand attempt to kill her.
  6. 6. COMMON ROLES IN A SLASHER/STALKER FILMPART 1The Hero—The hero is the protagonist. The main character is usually a female (sometimesmale in other slasher films) and the most quiet, nervous one. Whenever one their friendsgoes missing (i. e. killed), they are the first to notice it.The Killer—With notable exceptions, the killer in the slasher film is usually male. His identityis often, but not always, unknown and/or concealed either by a mask or by creative lightingand camera workThe Victims—The victims tend to be young, attractive, high school or college-agedadolescents. Much has been made about the choice of victims. Some theorists claim thatthey [young people] are punished for indulging in vices such as pre-marital sex or illegaldrugs.The First Victim—Often a minority. In later films, the minority victim is actually turned into aSisyphean figure who is aware of his tragic fate, expecting to die early in the movieThe Location—Many slasher films are set in isolated locations such as on islands, deep inforests, small towns, abandoned buildings and farms. The killer may have a connection totheir chosen location, such as from a tragic event or just live/frequently visit.
  7. 7. PART 2 CONTINUEDFinal Girl—Slasher films frequently have only a single survivor. She is frequently a femalepeer of the victims but is cinematically developed in comparison to his or her cohorts. Sheusually does not indulge in the illicit activities of her friends.The Adults—Many slasher films have adults that are unaware that the youths are beingattacked by a killer. Usually after the final girl calls the police or parents, either the phone isdead or they never make it in time. In some slasher films, the adults are sometimesattacked/killed by the killer themselves and the group of friends have no help at allThe Violence—One thing that separates slashers from thrillers and murder mysteries is thelevel of violence. Slashers generally de-emphasize plot and character development infavour of violence and terror. Plots are constructed around giving the audience theexperience of watching the killer murders. The deaths are often violent and graphic, withoriginality being valued in the later films to hold audience interestThe Police— The police generally fall under one of three categories in horror, andespecially slasher films. They are either extremely slow witted, and get killed after laughingoff a threat, or are extremely competent (one example being Deputy Dewey Riley in theScream series) and either get killed, or turn up at the end of the movie when mostcharacters are dead to arrest the perpetrator.
  8. 8. CONVENTION OF MY FILM GENRE.Our film will be in the style of Todorov: in the sense that it start of happyand peaceful, then a incidence is caused to disturb the peace and theeffect of that would have severe consequences, and in the end youresolve the disruption with a solution.Our trailer could be compared to films like Friday the 13th. In the sceneeverything is peaceful and once the peace is disturbed there is a lot ofblood shed. But our trailer subverts from the stereotypes implemented onslasher stalker films because we have a female killer which is uncommon.This trailer will be set in the ‘present’ time frame, and with local settingbecause, this may make it more scarier knowing our audience can relateto a killer in the present era making it more convincing.
  9. 9.  Mise en sceneA range of props and clothing which would help portray our trailer in the way we wanted it to beportrayed and constantly keep the audience interested in what’s going on by diversification ondifferent locations used to enable the audience to link different location to different charactersthe purpose of the location has effected the scene. CinematographyA wide variety of camera angles which would portray different scenes in different way to keepthe audience guessing and not giving away much about the film.Also the use of handheld camera’s because it will create the feeling of being followed and theaudience can engage much easier and see the film through the actors eyes. SoundThe use of diegetic and none-diegetic sounds which would create different moods for the filmand also help amplify the film to a possible climax, also external sounds which may helpemphasise on certain sounds EditingA variety of editing such as; quick cross cutting between scenes to help give and idea of whatthe film has to offer and making sure that the plot is not discovered.Also seamless editing such as fade to black would be implemented because it will tie in withthat theme of mystery.Conventions