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Data Center Migration Forklift


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This process was used to move:
100’s of Servers
Over 300 Terabytes of SAN
Between multiple Client Data Centers

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Data Center Migration Forklift

  1. 1. Data Center Migration Process for Moving (Forklifting) Servers By Don Kilgour
  2. 2.  This process was used to move: ◦ 100’s of Servers ◦ Over 300 Terabytes of SAN ◦ Between multiple Client Data Centers I was the Project Manager responsible for the SAN Team Program was completed within Schedule and Budget!Overview
  3. 3. PREPARATION 60 to 0 Days prior to Forklift Client Performs PI TEAM backups1. Verify Bundles2. Provision Storage 2.a. Submit Ticket 2.b. Ticket Approved3. Migration Tickets 3.a. Submit MigrationTicket STORAGE TEAM 3.b. Migration Ticket 1. Verify BundlesApproved 2. Verify Storage 2.a. Amount of SAN 2.b. How long to copy BU PMs 2.c. Which Tool to use1. Verify Bundles Symetrics >> Open Replicator2. Hour by Hour Plan Clariion >> SAN Copy 2.a. Released to Storage WINTEL >> Host Copy 2.b. Expected return to client 3. Submit RFCs3. Priority - Client requirement 3.a. RFCs Approved4. Storage Point of Contact 4. Prepare for Migration5. System Administrator 4.a. Create LUNs6. Issue Resolution 4.b. Setup Copy Sessions7. Issue Escalation 5. Prioritize Copy Sessions8. Identify backup requirements 6. BCV Allocation
  4. 4. MIGRATION Average Start Friday at 5:00 PM or Sooner Sending DC - Server Loaded on Truck - Driven to Receiving DC Platform TEAM1. Verify Bundles2. Flash Archive Back-upExecute EMC Grabs 2.a. Analyse Grab Data 2.b. Plan Remediation3. Submit RFCs 3.a. RFCs Approved4. Perform Remediation Hands On TEAM 4.a. Re-run EMC Grabs 1. pre-forklift checkout 2. Cold Boot 3. un-racks 4. Prepares to ship 5. Informs PM PMs STORAGE TEAM 1. Informs Storage Team 1. Storage copy initiated Server is Powered Down 1.a. Captures Timestamp 2. Informs Leadership 1.b. Informs PM
  5. 5. SETUP and VERIFICATIONSTORAGE TEAM STORAGE TEAM STORAGE TEAM 2. Copy 3. SAN Allocated 5. SAN Issues Completed 4. Storage is online 6. Update CMDB 2.a. Informs PM 2.b. Informs 4a. Informs PM 7. Closing RFCs Leadership 4.b. Informs Leadership 8. Update EMC resource Sheet Platform TEAM 5. OS Configuration 6. Power Path Configuration 7. VERITAS Configuration Client testing & Sign-off 8. All Operational Agents (ECC or NAVISPHERE) 9. Re-run EMC Grabs If support is needed and there is not an existing problem ticket, the resolving party must create Hands On TEAM an incident ticket and route to 1. Racks & Installs Server Support Infrastructure. In that Data Ctr Ops ticket you should be clear what 2. post-forklift checkout Create Ticket server you need service on, 2. Connects Network exactly what you need, and also 555-555-1212 3. Powers Up Server reference the RFC that the 4. Hands Off to Ops server work falls under If support is needed and there is not an PMs existing problem ticket, the resolving party must create an incident ticket and 1. Informs Forklift Team route to Support Infrastructure. In that 2. Informs Leadership ticket you should be clear what server 3. Updates Client you need service on, exactly what you 4. Monitors progress need, and also reference the RFC that the server work falls under 5. Manages Issues and escalations