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Nme editorial day london


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Nme editorial day london

  1. 1. Editorial showcaseIT insights and Europeanobservations fromNetMediaEurope Editors
  2. 2. Europe London Summit, October 2012IT & Europe ? -- First data connection between France First data connection between France and UK (1851) and UK (1851) -- First Wireless communications in France, First Wireless communications in France, Italy, UK (1890s) Italy, UK (1890s) -- First Computers in Germany and UK First Computers in Germany and UK (1940s) (1940s) -- First Massive Online Services in France First Massive Online Services in France (1980s) (1980s) -- 1991 :: A 1991 A British scientist invents the British scientist invents the world wide world wide web at the CERN (France, web at the CERN (France, Swiss) Swiss) -- 2006 :: A British designer creates a new 2006 A British designer creates a new smartphone smartphone -- ICT Spending will hit $490 billion (+3,1%) ICT Spending will hit $490 billion (+3,1%) in 2013 according to Forrester Research in 2013 according to Forrester Research -- Europe is the N°1 e-commerce market in Europe is the N°1 e-commerce market in the world (€ 246 Billion vs. € 234 B for the the world (€ 246 Billion vs. € 234 B for the US, Emota) US, Emota)
  3. 3. Europe London Summit, October 2012NetMediaEurope Group was bornfollowing a Management Buy-out(MBO) of VNU digital properties,supported by Truffle Capital. ukWith its headquarters in Paris,France, the group has subsidiaries in france germanyLondon (UK), Milan (Italy), Madrid(Spain) and Munich (Germany). italyWith the recent acquisition from CBSi, spainNetMediaEurope has strengthenedits position in continental Europe,becoming the leading IT BtoBNetwork in Europe with more than10 million unique users every month.
  4. 4. Europe London Summit, October 20121992 > 2012 : The big shift for IT journalismThe last 20 years have dramatically changed the way ITjournalists work :- Paper is dead and most publications are now digital- We have 10 times more readers but our team havedramatically decreased, as well as advertising revenues...- From monthly or weekly publications we now produce INTERVIEWScontent all day long like big news agencies (AP, reuters, AFP,..) WEB- From text journalism, we also produce databases, surveys, SEMINAR STUDIESphotos, podcasts and videos. (360° journalism) ROUND LIVE- We have to face news aggregators such as Google, Facebook TABLES BLOGGINGor Apple who cannibalize our content and our advertisers... VIDEO
  5. 5. Europe London Summit, October 2012More than a Media Group : a European Media Group Despite this new deal for journalism, NetMediaEurope remains a real Media Group, involved in producing quality content. - We are not a «content farm» and we bet on real journalists and freelances, who write 5000 stories per month, check facts, meet people and IT companies - We are not just «US content translators». We have local editorial teams to cover local markets and produce original content. - We now produce a «Euro Story» every week, talking about European People, technologies and companies. Ex : Tim Berners Lee interview, Telefonica expansion, Iliad/Free mobile success, Oktoberfest & telecoms, Italian Banks and IT, etc...
  6. 6. Europe London Summit, October 2012A massive audienceThis commitment to quality pays.NetMediaEurope media properties attractmillions of readers every monthAll around Europe, NetMediaEurope has- 500 000 Qualified BtoB Contacts- 10 million monthly readers- 1 million mobile readers 100 wembleyThis audience represents more than 100 stadiums everyWembley stadiums every month, looking forIT stories ! month !
  7. 7. Europe London Summit, October 2012Leading IT BtoB network in Europe Country NME CBSi IDG - NetMediaEurope is the only media group dedicated to IT covering all major western european countries - For advertisers, NetMediaEurope is the only «one stop shop» to target one of the largest markets for technology
  8. 8. Europe London Summit, October 2012A strong brand portfolio BtoB .deBusiness ITDecision DecisionMakers Makers BtoC
  9. 9. Europe London Summit, October 2012 Our main brandsTitle targeting CTO, Tech Title targeting tech officers in Title targeting channel Title targeting pro-sumersOfficers in big companies SMBs and CxO Officers how tech how tech solutions solutions for busy people how tech solutions products increase productivity to run companies help to sell enhance products productivity
  10. 10. Europe London Summit, October 201226 web sites Germany France - ZDNet DE United Kingdom - Silicon FR - Silicon DE - TechWeek Europe UK - ITespresso FR - ITespresso DE - ChannelBiz UK - ChannelBiz FR - ChannelBiz DE - ITweb TV UK - Gizmodo FR - CNET DE - ITweb TV FR - Gizmodo DE - ITweb TV DE Espagne Italy - ITespresso ES - Silicon IT - Silicon News ES - ITespresso IT - ChannelBiz ES - ChannelBiz IT - Gizmodo ES - Gizmodo IT - Silicon Week ES - ITweb TV FR - ITweb TV ES
  11. 11. Europe London Summit, October 2012New frontiers Strong on the World Wide Web, NetMediaEurope is also targeting internet users on new screens such as : - SMARTPHONES : iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia Phones, Web Phones, - TABLETS : iPad, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire We are also building strong relationships with our readers thanks to our social pages on : - LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing : Dedicated BtoB groups - Facebook : Over +100 000 fans in Europe Thanks to Google Currents, has +200 000 - Twitter : Over +100 000 fans in Europe subscribers since June 2012! - Google+ : Over +100 000 fans in Europe
  12. 12. U.K.
  13. 13. U.K. London Summit, October 2012 • Peter Judge, Editor 1 Degrees in Physics and Fine Art 2 Tech journalist and writer since 1985 (Computer Weekly, Ziff Davis IT Week, ZDNet, IDG TechWorld, TechWeekEurope - since 2009 3 ●  Books 4 ○  Open Systems - Computer Weekly 5 ○  The Intranet Report - Elan 6 ○  Guide To IT Standards Makers - Technology Appraisals 7 ●  Conferences 8 ○  Working With the Web (1995) 9 ○  Internet for Business (1995) 10 ●  Telecoms analyst (Infonetics)+2000 376 - 1111 11 ●  Expertise: Cloud, Big Data, Wireless, Networks
  14. 14. U.K. London Summit, October 2012UK Economic Background • Gross Domestic Product: €18 trillion • Growth 2012: -0.2% (2011: -0.65%) • Unemployment: 8.1% of labour force • Consumer Spending: up 0.2% since 2011 • SMBs: 4.5 million, turnover £1.5 billion (48% of private sector turnover)
  15. 15. U.K. London Summit, October 2012UK technological Background• Broadband penetration: 76% (12th in world)• Mobile broadband penetration: 13%• Average broadband speed: 7.6Mbps• Adults using mobile Internet 39%• Adults using social networking 50%• UK Data Centres: 5% of world market• UK Cloud: £1.2 billion (2011, 38% growth)• Mobile usage up (73 million subscribers)• Mobile revenue down 8% ARPU £22• UK ICT Market £80 billion• UK Internet contributes 8.3% of GDP• 13% of purchases are made over the Internet
  16. 16. U.K.London Summit, October 2012 UK political Background • Government Strategy: Austerity • £3.2 billion savings per year, through G-Cloud • Tech City: encouraging startups and Internet firms o Google o Amazon o Twitter • Investment in broadband (£530m) • Seek investment from US and China
  17. 17. U.K. London Summit, October 2012UK Content team and Strategy• Table stakes: audience News, Opinion, Analysis• Involvingfeaturing readerso IT Life - theo Polls - canvassing readerso Tech Success - recognising readerso Tech Club - meeting readers• Offering moreo Quizzes - entertainmento Euro Story - wider perspective • Tom Brewstero Webcasts - education • Steve McCaskill
  18. 18. U.K. London Summit, October 2012We know IT managers • IT Life Series - weekly profile o "Theres no room for manoeuvre if were late" Gerry Pennell, LOCOG o "Holographic interfaces and voice recognition" Christina Scott, FT o "Im changing IT from the No Department" Jose Mosquera, Hello! o "If you dont believe in the cloud, check your pulse" Charles Clark, Rosslyn • Some recent polls o LinkedIn better than the pub o TechWeekEurope readers are all rounders o Olympics wont break networks o Paper better than Apple Maps • Tech Success Awards o Projects, not products o Results in November • Tech Club o Face to face meetings
  19. 19. Spain
  20. 20. Spain London Summit, October 2012Manuel Moreno,editor in chief NetMediaEurope SPAIN-Journalism Degree, Complutense University in Madrid-Journalism Master, El Mundo and CEU University.-2000: IBM Spain. Marketing and Communications Department-2002-2006: El Mundo –second national daily newspaper- Economy, real estate, culture and special reports.- Editor in chief IT supplement.-Nov 2006: VNU Business Publications as Online Content Manager.-July 2007: The company changes to NetMediaEurope. ContentManager Spain-Well known IT Journalist. Top 10 most influential IT journalist inSpain-Experienced roundtable moderator. Social Media and journalism 2.0specialist 19 715 135 45 1785
  21. 21. Spain London Summit, October 2012NME in Spain • A team of specialized IT digital journalists Full time journalists at the central office in Madrid Contributors all around Spain Contributors in LATAM (Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina) • More than 50 articles everyday in all our websites. • Interviews, special reports… Video content • Social Media Integration • Liveblogging and livetweeting • Live meetings with invitees
  22. 22. Spain London Summit, October 2012Economic background • 46,7 million habitants – 3,3 million in Madrid • 17 regions. Madrid, Cataluña and Basque Country, the most IT regions. • 30,6 million Internet users in the whole country Users (65,6% penetration rate) 3,46 million companies in Spain 3.08 million are small companies. From 1 to 9 employees. 150.000 companies have from 10 to 250 employees Only 3.000 have more than 250 employees. 99,8% of the companies are SMB, +European media. IT sector represents 10% GDP in Spain. Internet represents 2,2%.
  23. 23. Spain London Summit, October 2012Political background -Crisis but the government is investing in IT sector: - Broadband and 4G plan - Plan Avanza. Helping to develop new internet business. - Government helps to develop online content - Start-up “viveros”. Local agencies to create companies. - Silicon Alley sector. IT companies based in Madrid. - NetMediaEurope is based there next to Telefonica building. -Other projects in other cities: Barcelona 22. Malaga Valley…
  24. 24. Spain London Summit, October 2012Technological backgroundWe have 41 technological campus and 108 R+D centres.12 new companies and start-up incubators.•16 millions Facebook users (34,1% penetration rate)• 8 millions Twitter users (Spain the 2nd europeancountry in twitter use)• 5 millions LinkedIn users (more than unemploymentfigures)• 55 millions of mobile telephones (11% more than the population)• 3 millions tablets.
  25. 25. Germany
  26. 26. Germany London Summit, October 2012Editorial Director Germany:Kai Schmerer1995 - University Marburg Diploma in Political Science - Subsidiary subjects: Business Administration,Computer Science1995 - Azlan (Network Consultant)1996 - PC Professionell – Editor (Print)2000 - - Senior Editor (Online)2005 - – Deputy Editor in Chief2008 - – Editor in Chief2012 - NME/NMI Editorial Director Germany (,,,, - 120 150 170
  27. 27. Germany London Summit, October 2012NME and NMI in Munich
  28. 28. Germany London Summit, October 2012 Germany: Economy - Economic growth 2012: 0,7 % (1,6% IKT) 2011: 3% (IKT 3,9%) - Consumer confidence: 5,9 % - Unemployment rate 5,5 % - IKT*-Investments 2011: 148 Billion Euros - IKT/Consumer-Export: 14,5 Billion Euros (1st half of 2012) mainly to FR, UK, NL - Number of Employees IKT: 866.000 (2011) - 4 Million Companies, 99,5 % SMBs, 35,8 % revenue, 54,6 % empl. - 75 % of IKT Companies are investing in Germany, 42 % want to increase inv. next year -Business Confidence ist increasing: 72% of medium sized companies with more revenue in Q1/2012*IKT= Information & Communications Technology
  29. 29. Germany London Summit, October 2012Germany: Technology- Broadband Access: 78 % (EU: 68 %) 4x since 2004, 31 Million- 3G-Network: 29 Million (2011) 35 % more than 2010, Data: +42 % to 93 Million GByte- 4G-Network (LTE): 15% with access to LTE-Network (2012), 2016: 34 Million, 41 % #1 in Europe, UK 39 %, IT 35%, FR,ES: 32% (European Information Technology Observatory)- Big Data: 16 Billions Euro worldwide (2012: 4,5 Billion)- E-Government: German Parliament has passed legislation in 9/2012: 50 % less visits to the authorities, 9,5 Million tax filing online- Green-IT: 81 % low power consumption is very important, 56 % would pay 5 % percent more for products with lpc- Cloud Computing: 28% of companies are using cloud technology,increasing revenue with cloud +47% to 5,3 Billion Euros in 2012- more Data:
  30. 30. Germany London Summit, October 2012Germany: Governement
  31. 31. Germany London Summit, October 2012Germany: IT trends BITKOM: German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunicati ons and New Media, represents 1700 Companies. BITKOM’s members generate an annual turnover of 135 billion Euros in total, exporting high- tech goods and services worth 50 billion Euros per year.
  32. 32. Germany London Summit, October 2012 Summary- Economic situation is one of the best in Europe- Consumers spend a lot of money- IT-Investments of companies are strong- Readers are using more and more mobile devices to access content: 10 % 4/2012 - 32 % 9/2012- We are prepared: All Editions on Google Currents: ZDNet: over 200k subscribers, 500k PIs per month, 4 Million Pis, 1.2 Million Unique Visitors + Apps for Mobile Phones & Tablets
  33. 33. Italy
  34. 34. Italy London Summit, October 2012 Emanuela Teruzzi, Editor in chief of NME online magazines, since NME was born in 1997. She has a strong experience in all kind of IT magazine: newspaper, online, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly for the BtoB and BtoC audiences. She is chairman at breakfast meetings, moderator in webinars, round tables, videointerviews in strong partnership with local players. She has strong relationships with international vendors, market research companies, local clients and Italian CIOs. She started working as a journalist after university -in 1991, as editor in Computerworld Italia by IDG -In 1994, she launched PC Shopping, a guide for users by IDG. -In 1996, she joined VNU Business Publications to launch PC Dealer -In 2000, she became editor in chief of PC Magazine -In 2004, she became editor in chief of VNUnet.+100 - 100 +1000 Now, she is the editor in chief of ITespresso, TechWeekEurope, ChannelBiz, Gizmodo.
  35. 35. Italy London Summit, October 2012NME in Italy  NME Italia has an excellent reputation in the Italian Market. Strong editorial staff with journalists in the IT Market since 1990, well known by vendors and companies: 1 editor in chief and 2 full time journalists in Milan that are in charge of daily news, opinions, interviews, hardware & software tests, newsletters and press conferences for all the sites  Staff of freelances for vertical sites: two freelances on Gizmodo, one freelance on TechWeekEurope, one freelance on ITespresso.  All teams cover local and international events.
  36. 36. Italy London Summit, October 2012Economic situation  Economic crisis, shift to emerging market  Tech Discontinuity  Slight recovery (Apps, Tablets, Cloud)  Downpricing effect  Budget IT (cost saving vs innovation ) Millenium Bug  Cost saving strategies Twin Towers  Scenario: 4.100.00 SMB with 10 persons and revenue under € 2 million. (95% of all italian companies, 47% of employees )  Trends: These companies are the embryos of Italian entrepreneurship. The number of these companies is increasing year after year  Money for business - Decreto Salva Italia by government : 1,5 billion euro in 2012 + 1,5 billion in 2013 + 3 billion in 2014 for companies that have new projects for business 
  37. 37. Italy London Summit, October 2012Some facts about Italy Europe Italy House with Internet Access 73% 62% House with BroadBand Access 68% 53% Usual Internet Users 71% 54% People have never used Internet 24% 39% People use online banking 36% 18% People online with PA 41% 23% People buy online 40% 15% Companies sell online 13% 4% Revenue from eCommerce 14% 4%
  38. 38. Italy London Summit, October 2012 Italian Digital Agenda: an ambitious project Digital economy represents a strategic asset for economic and cultural development of Italy Italian Government sets up 6 working groups to improve and speed up digital development First step of € 792 million invested into big IT projects from italian governement !Italian Digital Agenda: 101 actions to leadthe innovation National Broadband Plan within 2013 (100% citizens connected ) and Ultra fast Broadband for fixed and mobile Interoperability, open data sharing, adoption of cloud services in all economic sectors of Public Administration (e-government) Empowering of sensible data protection to promote digital transactions (e-commerce) Incentive for private industries to invest in Research and Innovation in ICT sector Smart Cities & Communities
  39. 39. Italy London Summit, October 2012€ 792 million invested into big IT projects from italian governement ! 1 Infrastrutture  Coordinato da MISE e sicurezza, 2 e-Commerce  Coordinato da MISE e Dipartimento per l’Editoria della PCM 3 e-Government  Coordinato da MIUR e Ministro per la PA e semplificazione e Open data 4 Alfabetizzazione  Coordinato da MIUR e Ministro per la PA e semplificazione informatica 5 Ricerca  Coordinato da MIUR e MISE e investimenti 6 Smart Cities & Smart  Coordinato da MIUR e Ministro coesione territoriale Communities
  40. 40. Italy London Summit, October 2012Italian companies want to invest in tech next year 18 billion euro : total amount in italian IT companies in 2012 443 million euro in cloud computing 120 million euro in security 33% CIO will introduce BYOD in 2013 48% of italian SMB started a virtualisation process 75% will virtualize IT in the next two years 75 % of CIOs will invest in security and business continuity
  41. 41. Italy London Summit, October 2012Expectations 2012 / 2013 Shadows Lights  Contraction of IT budget Effect from Digital Agenda  Stagnation of PMI demand Effect from Regional Digital  Contraction of IT spending Agenda  Financial Difficulties for IT Smart Cities / Smart Communities vendor / vendor consolidation Outsourcing  Credit crunch Cloud computing in SMB  Few new IT Projects New products & phenomena (tablet, smartphone, Os, byod)
  42. 42. France
  43. 43. France London Summit, October 2012NME France Chief EditorJerome BOUTEILLERJerome Bouteiller has degrees in Management by ParisDauphine Universty (Paris) and Sciences Po Paris.In 1999, He has created, one of the firstfrench web site dedicated to the digital economy, sold in2008 to (M6 Group)Besides NME, Jerome is a professor at the EcoleEuropenne des Metiers de l’Internet (EEMI), a BusinessSchool created by french internet pionneers (X.Neil, JAGrangon, M. Simoncini)Author of two books ("Welcome on Facebook", AlbinMichel, 2008) and "How to invest in internet media",BOL, 2010), he has joined NetMediaEurope in 2011 asEuropean Content Director and directly manages frencheditorial teams 2992 2186 3281 2614
  44. 44. France London Summit, October 2012NME in France- 25 people in rue d’Aumale,in the heart of Paris- 20 Journalists andfreelancers mixing «desktime» and outside meetings(press conferences, businessmeetings, exhibitionshows, ...)- Close to the «SiliconSentier», the «start-up area»in Paris- Meeting rooms to welcomeIT players and makeinterviews (videos)- ...
  45. 45. France London Summit, October 2012Technology in France- 70 million mobile lines, 23 million broadband (xDSL andFTTx) connections (ARCEP)- 50,2 million internet users (77,2% penetration) and 24,1Facebook users (37% penetration)- 41% have a smartphone, 15% have a tablet (Deloitte)- 5 main carriers (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free,Numericable) now involved in FTTx and 4G deployment- ICT Spending should increase by 2% and hit € 74,2 billionin 2012 (Forrester Research)- 15 % of this spending is for software development
  46. 46. France London Summit, October 2012Economy in France - 65 million people with 11 million living in Paris area - 5th world economy with a $ 2800 billion GDP (IMF, 2011) and $ 35 000 per capita Company Employees Number % Entrepreneurs 0 2 238 522 65,4 % TPE / Small 1 to 9 987 093 28,8 % PME / Medium 10 to 499 194 112 5,6 % GE / Large >500 2 515 0,7 % total 3 422 242 100 %- France has a lot of small companies, not enough «medium companies» 2010 INSEE
  47. 47. France London Summit, October 2012Technology and Politics ?- Broadband lines : With good results in DSL deployment, France is nowinvesting into FTTx (fiber) networks. We have around 1 million lines andgovernement targets 10 million lines by 2020- Mobile lines : Thanks to a fourth cellular carrier (free) bringing morecompetition, 3G rates are decreasing. Mobile carriers are now opening their3G+ DC networks (42 Mb/s) and should open first 4G networks this fall(November)- Governement has invested €250 million to create «national cloud players»such as Cloudwatt (Orange + Thales) and Numergy (SFR + Bull)- SMBs benefit from legal facilities to strengthen their R&D («Jeune EntrepriseInnovante», C.I.R. : Credit Impot Recherche)- France does not have any «Small Business Act» but we are building «clusters»(pôles de compétitivité) around specific tasks (telecoms, software, e-commerce,aeronautic, cars, etc...)- New governement is creating an «SMB Bank» (Banque Publiqued’Investissement BPI), merging Oseo and FSI
  48. 48. France London Summit, October 2012Tech trends in France? Tech managers want to - keep control of their IT infrastructure - fight heterogeneity with virtualization - efficient and low cost solutions - control data and bandwith CxO and end-users want to - forget the infrastructure (Cloud) - bring their own device - access apps everywhere - exchange data as fast as possible Tech Manager CxO
  49. 49. EuropeLondon Summit, October 2012 Q&A session
  50. 50. Europe London Summit, October 2012 TouchPointsResearch 2013 EMEA/LATAM Stéphane Parcheminal International Marketing Director Country Manager Brand Manager B2B Marketing Manager Client Director
  51. 51. Europe London Summit, October 2012What is NME‘s TouchPoints Survey?A touchpoint is a point of contact between abrand and its audience (ex: press release, pressad)Areas of interest:> IT and Business Decision Makers mediaconsumption across EMEA and Latam (with aspecific focus on B2B social media)> IT / BDM role in the decision process> What are the key criteria to convince ?
  52. 52. Europe London Summit, October 2012Geos and Companies Covered Northern Europe Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Western Europe Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands CEE Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Southern Europe Poland, Russia, Ukraine Croatia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Spain MEA Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Morocco, Namibia, LATAM Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela Companies Profile: > SOHO – SMB – Large Accounts > All industries (incl. Public Sector)
  53. 53. Europe London Summit, October 2012A massive recruitement campaign accross our propertiesMedia supportsEmail broadcast: 2.000.000Page impressions: 1.000.000Social media support on our Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn groups A Panel of Experts from
  54. 54. Europe London Summit, October 2012 TOMORROW ? new screens, new readers, new countries1234 1234 1234 1234
  55. 55. EuropeLondon Summit, October 2012 QuickTime™ et un décompresseur sont requis pour visionner cette image.
  56. 56. EuropeLondon Summit, October 2012 Windows 8 Apps
  57. 57. Europe London Summit, October 2012Let’s Celebrate Tech Success!Our Tech Success Awards are intended to celebratesuccessful projects in euro organisations.•It must be real    •It must be innovative   •It must have benefits•You must tell the story &
  58. 58. London Summit, October 2012 Latin America
  59. 59. London Summit, October 2012 Q&A about NME & NMA
  60. 60. London Summit, October 2012Thank YOU
  61. 61. EuropeLondon Summit, October 2012 15’ Coffee Break