Introduzione a Visual Studio Online Application Insight


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Slide della sessione "Introduzione a Visual Studio Online Application Insight" tenuta da Matteo Emili durante l'evento ALM@Work 2014 di DomusDotNet il 17/01/2014

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Introduzione a Visual Studio Online Application Insight

  1. 1. ALM@Work 2014 Introduzione a Visual Studio Online Application Insights Matteo Emili ALM@Work 2014
  2. 2. Grazie agli sponsor ALM@Work 2014
  3. 3. Who am I? ALM@Work 2014 Visual Studio ALM MVP Since 2010 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Team Foundation Server Professional Scrum Master I Systems Engineering Advisor Dell Software UK
  4. 4. ALM@Work 2014
  5. 5. What is Application Insights? ALM@Work 2014 • Lightweight monitoring technology • It can be used standalone or combined with other techs (SCOM) • It provides several degrees of information, depending on the context • Health • Availability • Usage
  6. 6. ALM@Work 2014 DEMO Application Insight walkthrough ALM@Work 2014
  7. 7. Microsoft Monitoring Agent ALM@Work 2014 • The new MMA combines the SCOM agent and the standalone IntelliTrace collector • Useable for web apps, services • We can target the same application with both SCOM and AI • Real-time collection, deferred composition • Usually 5-15m delay
  8. 8. The MMA’s role ALM@Work 2014 • The MMA sends out informations on the application’s health • It is the cornerstone of all the monitoring dashboard • It provides loads of actionable information, like the IntelliTrace files
  9. 9. Techniques ALM@Work 2014 • There are several choices of techniques, but the most prominent separation is between an obtrusive one and an unobtrusive one • The obtrusive one implies you must inject some custom code into your application • The unobtrusive one is a monitoring technique based on using existing tools to create a consistent data model from the monitored application
  10. 10. The right tool for the right job… ALM@Work 2014 • The MMA provides unobtrusive monitoring for on-premise applications • Javascript code can be integrated into applications running on Windows Azure • SDKs available on NuGet for all the others applications • Services • Windows Phone
  11. 11. Unobtrusive technologies ALM@Work 2014 • The MMA is not the only unobtrusive technology • Synthetic Monitors are the unobtrusive way of getting information about the application’s availability
  12. 12. Synthetic Monitors ALM@Work 2014 • The core solution for monitoring is based on SMs • They are built on the same technology of the Visual Studio Web Tests, thus allowing you to simulate a real workflow • I can use a OOB SM if it is simple enough, or build my own one via Visual Studio
  13. 13. ALM@Work 2014 DEMO Use Synthetic Monitors to test a specific site pattern ALM@Work 2014
  14. 14. Obtrusive techniques ALM@Work 2014 • Modifying a website is an obtrusive operation… • Several helpers are available, depending on the platform • Code snippets • NuGet packages
  15. 15. Unobtrusive vs Obtrusive ALM@Work 2014 Usage Diagnostics Availability Health
  16. 16. ALM@Work 2014 DEMO Obtrusive changes ALM@Work 2014
  17. 17. FAQs ALM@Work 2014 • Can I install MMA on servers running locales different than EN-US? • Yes, but there are some known issues to be fixed • Support for Azure Web Sites or Azure Worker Roles? • Not at the moment. • Support for Java? • Yes - Tomcat 6, Tomcat 7, or JBoss 6
  18. 18. Recap ALM@Work 2014 • Lightweight monitoring solution in VSO • Currently in preview • Agent can be used on-premise • Different levels of monitoring • Integrated with the Application Lifecycle • DevOps prone
  19. 19. Do you want to try it? VSInsights1505500141 ALM@Work 2014
  20. 20. ALM@Work 2014 Per voi sono solo 10 minuti persi, per noi è utilissimo per poter crescere e migliorare!