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Painting inside the bottle


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Published in: Design
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Painting inside the bottle

  1. 1. I nner P ainting A rts 內畫藝術 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 自動換頁 Auto presentation Chinese Music : 蓮花 (Lotus)
  2. 2. The snuff bottle 有關鼻煙壺 In the late of Ming Dynasty, the snuff came to China, so the snuff bottles developed gradually. The skill made the snuff bottle very flourishing in the Qing Dynasty. The inside painting snuff bottle appeared in the Year of Emperor Jia qing. This kind of inside painting skill developed, and now it becomes consummate.  明朝末年,隨著鼻煙的傳入中國,鼻煙壺漸漸興起。清朝時期,煙壺工藝極為興盛。嘉慶年間開始出現內畫鼻煙壺。發展至今,內畫技藝已十分精湛。 Inner snuff bottle painting is a unique form of art. Inserting a specially designed slender pen with a bend at the tip through the neck, an accomplished artist working in the tight space of the bottle cavity is able to etch vivid designs and calligraphy onto the inner surface of the bottle. The result is an array of exquisite miniatures of landscapes, still life, portraits and calligraphy that delight many collectors. 內畫鼻煙壺是一種獨特的藝術。插入一支特別設計頸部彎屈的細長形筆,由一位多才多藝的藝術家,在狹小的瓶腔空間裡,將鮮明的設計和書法蝕刻在瓶子的內部。其成品是一個部署著精緻的袖珍風景,靜物,肖像和書法,為許多收藏家所喜愛。
  3. 23. The End Data and photos from w w w 所有資料及照片均來自網路