Food industry


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Food industry

  1. 1.  Impeccable food presentation and service. The executive chef and top management review the menu and eating habits every three months to keep the restaurant dynamic in meeting guest needs. Price is higher as compared to other establishments to compensate for higher operating cost such as food cost, beverage cost and salaries and wages.
  2. 2.  Most of these restaurants have extensive wine list that can also enhance the taste of the food. Reservations prior to dining are a common requirement in upscale outlets. Formal table service like the French (the most formal) and Russian service is frequently applied in these establishments.
  3. 3. Departments KITCHEN FOOD SERVICE BANQUETBrief Description The French Kitchen Provides service for Provides food and Brigade (For larger all guests in the hotel beverage service for hotels) prepares all by assisting them all events held in the food and beverage with their food and hotel. requirement of the beverage hotel. requirements.Department Head Executive Director of Food and Director of Food and Chef/Director of Beverage Beverage Food and BeverageSection Manager Sous Chef Food and Beverage Banquet Manager Outlet Manager/ Maitre d’ hotel
  4. 4. Departments KITCHEN FOOD SERVICE BANQUETSupervisory Chef de partie F&B Outlet Banquet (Station Chef) Supervisor/ Captain/ Supervisor/Banquet Sommelier/Chef du Captain trancheurRank and File Aboyeur Chef du rang Banquet servers (Expediter) Commis du rang Butcher Sommelier Commis Steward Room Service (this position is sometimes included in the housekeeping department).
  5. 5. Order takerGuest is welcomed Guest is seated by Restaurant server approaches and by host the host serves the drinks takes drink order Restaurant server Restaurant serverRestaurant server Restaurant server explains the menu checks back at delivers dessert delivers the food and takes food guest order Hotel Staff bids Check is settled inCheck is presented guest goodbye and the POS and to guest wish them to come returned to guest back again.
  6. 6.  American table service is also known as the blue plated service In the French service, there are usually two (2) waitperson that serves the guests from a food wagon or side table When the “Russian” form of service is followed, individual portions of food are placed on the plates in the kitchen or serving pantry, garnished and ready to serve. Buffet service is a type of service in which guests select their meal from an array of food. The guests either help themselves or are served by food servers behind the long table (managed buffet).
  7. 7.  Casual Restaurants Family Restaurants Quick Service Restaurants Jollijeeps
  8. 8.  Executive chef or chef de cuisine is the overall in charge of the kitchen department. Sous chef is the direct assistant of the executive chef Chef de Partie also known as a "station chef" or "line cook", is in charge of a particular area of food production.  Sauté Chef (Saucier)  Fish Chef (Poissonier  Roast Chef (Rotisserie)  Vegetable Chef (Entremetier  Cold-Foods Chef (Garde Manger  Butcher (Boucher)  Pastry Chef (Pâtissier)
  9. 9.  Maitre d’hôtel Dining room captains ( chef du rang) Commis du rang transport the order to the kitchen. Aboyeur (announcer) Sommelier (wine steward)