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  2. 2. ““. . .hate targeted at them & all gays. . .hate targeted at them & all gays that aren't accepted in this world! uthat aren't accepted in this world! u don't hav 2 like us, but don'tdon't hav 2 like us, but don't disrespect any1 that u know nothingdisrespect any1 that u know nothing about!”about!”
  3. 3.  ““. . .living in a world. . .living in a world where individuals could not love themwhere individuals could not love them as they were. To those who feel aloneas they were. To those who feel alone in this world, just know that indeed "itin this world, just know that indeed "it does get better."does get better."
  4. 4. My wish is that people willMy wish is that people will understand that being gay is NOTunderstand that being gay is NOT a disease-People who are gay area disease-People who are gay are not looking for a cure, they arenot looking for a cure, they are looking for ACCEPTANCE andlooking for ACCEPTANCE and EQUAL RIGHTS. Promote Love &EQUAL RIGHTS. Promote Love & Acceptance! NOT hate!! STOPAcceptance! NOT hate!! STOP
  5. 5. ““Yay for national coming outYay for national coming out day! Be very gay today”day! Be very gay today”
  6. 6.  
  7. 7.     
  8. 8. "It is not our differences that"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability todivide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebraterecognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”those differences.”
  9. 9. ““Homosexual, Heterosexual, orHomosexual, Heterosexual, or Bisexual. Transgender orBisexual. Transgender or Cisgender. Whatever you are, ICisgender. Whatever you are, I support you, because we don't allsupport you, because we don't all have to be the same. ”♥have to be the same. ”♥
  10. 10. .... I guess it's cool to only think in a.... I guess it's cool to only think in a heteronormative, sexist, elitistheteronormative, sexist, elitist perspective so that I don't have toperspective so that I don't have to think or include groups unlike me.....think or include groups unlike me..... never been so happy to be the uncoolnever been so happy to be the uncool catcat
  11. 11.  
  12. 12. ““Happy gay day!Happy gay day! celebrate the factcelebrate the fact that you arethat you are still livin andstill livin and can stillcan still love!”love!”
  13. 13. ► Lawrence KingLawrence King February 12, 2008February 12, 2008 15 year old gay man killed for15 year old gay man killed for being gaybeing gay Steven Domer October 26, 2007 62 year old gay man killed for being gay Satender Singh July 5, 2007 26 year old gay man killed for being gay Michael Sandy October 8, 2006 29 year old gay man died for being gay Ahmed Khalil May, 2006 14 year old Iraqi gay teen executed by police Philip Walsted 2002 Young man who is thought to have been murdered because he was gay. Sakia Gunn 2003 Lesbian teenager stabbed to death, because she was gay. Octavia Acuna January, 2005 Gay rights and health activist stabbed to death in Mexico. Ronnie Antonio Paris January, 2005 Three year old baby killed by father (to make him tough b/c he didn’t want him 2 grow up gay). Richie Phillips Richie was a 36 year old man, who the prosecution felt was lured to motel room and murdered for being gay. Jason Gage March, 2005 Gay man murdered. Fannyann Eddy September, 2004 African Lesbian activist raped and murdered. Scotty Weaver July, 2004 Gay teen was murdered. He was beaten, strangled, stabbed, cut and burned. Billy Jack Gaither was brutally beaten to death with an ax handle by two men, then his body set ablaze on a pyre of old tires. Bill Clayton 1978-1995 Another child driven to suicide Aaron Webster March, 2005 Gay man murdered by a gang of people. One judge described the murder as sounding like Nazi youth gangs looking for victims. Gary Matson Winfiel Mowder gay couple murdered in their beds while sleeping. Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni July, 2005 Two gay Iranian teenagers executed for being gay. Gay Pride Day 1973 - The Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans was destroyed by a firebomb. Thirty People were killed. Matthew Shepard was 21 years old. He was tortured and subsequently died from his injuries in October of 1998.
  14. 14. Terrel Williams