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  1. 1. REGIONAL POLICY FOR TOURISM 6 Major Priorities Regional consolidation Enhancing the value of our natural and constructed heritage Contributing to employment Innovating, professionalizing Qualifying production Promoting the identity of the Midi-Pyrénées
  2. 2. CRITERIA FOR REGIONAL INTERVENTION IN THE TOURIST SECTOR Qualifying and promoting tourist production • Actions in terms of tourist accommodation • Support traditional quality catering • Enriching and diversifying the range of tourism product lines by putting in place structuring equipment Supporting and accompanying the territorial organisation of tourism • Areas, Regional Natural Parks, Conglomerations • Pyrenean resorts and tourist centres Qualifying and promoting tourist production • Help and advice • Knowledge for action: tourist economy observatory • Managing information and information and communication technology (ICT) • Accompanying regional tourism players (objectives contracts)
  3. 3. LE COMITE RÉGIONAL DU TOURISME Promotion and tourist communication Marketing assistance In France and ten foreign markets : • through actions of communication and direct marketing, • the organization of promotional demonstrations, public relations and events, • the realization of thematic editions and catalogues of products, • relations with the media... Through the regional booking service Midi-Pyrénées Vacances Loisirs  : • more than 500 referred products, • 3 313 000 € sales turnover, • 7 000 contracts, • a sales development all seasons Marketing, tourism observation, information management • Animation of local, departmental and regional partners, • Collection, processing and diffusion of the regional tourism data • Implementation of the Regional Network of Tourist Information (animation and technical support ) • Websites development, actualization of information … • Assistance with territorial organization and business developers • Technical Support to professional organizations in product’s qualification • Specific sectors of intervention: Associative and Social tourism, Hydrotherapy and Health tourism, Country holidays… Production - development
  4. 4. REGIONAL NETWORK OF TOURIST INFORMATION Organisation séjour Mesure de la satisfaction Fidélisation Communication Séduction Achat produit Information sur place Processus de décision d’achat Consommation Service « après-vente » Processus de décision d’achat Consommation Service « après-vente » Réseau des OTSI CDT Information and consumption
  5. 5. REGIONAL NETWORK OF TOURIST INFORMATION Network organization Outils de géocodage de l’information information géolocalisée