Domino Vs. Ms Exchange


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Lotus Domino is the Best Upgrade
for MS Exchange.

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Domino Vs. Ms Exchange

  1. 1. Domino vs. MS Exchange Lotus Domino is the Best Upgrade KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS for MS Exchange. • Collaborative Applications. Domino™ offers more than just messaging. With Domino, you can easily build If your organization runs Microsoft with more e-mail clients and mobile powerful collaborative applications. Exchange, it's time to carefully evaluate devices, and delivers superior messaging your messaging infrastructure. Upgrading Exchange 2000 is still primarily an and PIM capabilities to Web browser to Exchange 2000 requires a significant e-mail system. users. And Domino provides full or selec- effort, and may not provide the collabo- tive offline replication. Most important, • Reliable Performance. Domino offers rative capability you need. Migrating to Domino delivers the power of collabora- superior clustering, load balancing Lotus Domino is easier than an Exchange tive applications. That's something and failover capabilities, and upgrade. And Domino delivers the col- Exchange simply doesn't do. supports single mailbox backup laborative applications you need to stay and recovery. Exchange has no An Easy Migration Path to Domino ahead of the pack. clustering capability of its own. For current Exchange users, migrating Failure of one mailbox means A Market Leading Choice to Exchange 2000 means installing downtime for everyone. More than 68 million people use Lotus and integrating with Windows 2000's • Multi-Platform Support. Domino Notes® and Domino, the world leaders in complex Active Directory architecture. messaging and collaboration. Domino is is available on all major platforms, This process can slow your organization a robust, secure, full-featured messaging including AS/400,® Linux, Solaris, down. In contrast, it's easy to migrate to and collaboration solution. And because HP/UX, S/390,® AIX,® OS/2,® Windows Domino. Domino Upgrade Services, it's backed by the commitment and Migration Packs, and solutions devel- 2000, and Windows NT It supports . technology of Lotus and IBM,® Domino oped by Lotus Business Partners provide a broad range of e-mail and browser will continue to offer a secure, reliable everything you need for a quick, cost- clients, and mobile devices, and solution far into the future. effective migration. provides superior Web-based messaging, collaboration, and PIM A Clear Advantage Over Exchange 2000 functions. Exchange runs on Take a closer look at Domino, and Windows 2000 only. you'll find it's a better choice than Exchange 2000. Domino's reliable archi- tecture minimizes downtime. Domino scales with no limitations. Domino sup- ports more operating systems, works
  2. 2. The Domino Advantage “Notes/Domino remains the collaboration tool that all competitors want to beat.” Network Computing, October 2, 2000. Used with permission. Domino Gives You Messaging Domino Provides the Reliability and Collaboration You Need Collaborative applications. Domino Superior architecture. Domino supports provides a variety of collaborative appli- six-way active/active clustering, even cations, including integrated document across network links, which can be used management, workgroup-based project for both fail-over and load balancing. management, intelligent messaging, ad Only Domino provides a true “Hot Site” hoc workflow management, discussion clustering model. In Exchange cluster- databases, information management, ing, all servers in a cluster share a single directory services, knowledge manage- disk drive. Failure of the drive means ment services, and Web workflow. failure of all servers in the cluster. Unified messaging. Domino lets anyone Flexible clustering. Unlike Exchange 2000, in your organization send and receive Domino's clustering does not require ➤ e-mail, anytime, anywhere. With “advanced” or “datacenter” versions Domino you can bring together diverse of the underlying operating system. Domino Upgrade Services simplifies communication channels, including Domino clustering can even run on migration. support for PDAs, pagers, and other a freeware Linux server. mobile and wireless devices. Single mailbox backup. Domino supports A choice of tools. Domino is one of single mailbox backup and recovery, the most open, flexible application regardless of messaging architecture. environments available. In addition to Exchange 2000 provides no utility to Domino Supports the Platform of the complete GUI development environ- backup or restore an individual mailbox. Your Choice ment of Domino Designer, various open Like Exchange 5.5, any failure of an Your choice of systems. Domino provides interfaces and connectors are provided Exchange 2000 mail database will affect support for all major operating systems, from Domino. These include COM, all the users in that database. including S/390, AS/400, Windows NT , CORBA/IIOP XML, FrontPage, C, C++, , Time-tested protection. A decade of con- Windows 2000, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, and Dreamweaver, and NetObjects Fusion. tinuous improvement has helped Lotus Linux. Exchange 2000 can run on only Instant messaging and collaboration. build a Domino architecture that is one platform-Windows NT . Domino supports Lotus Sametime,™ unsurpassed in its reliability. Domino is Your choice of clients. Domino supports bringing the power of synchronous a mature, proven solution for messag- more clients than any other platform, collaboration to your organization. ing and collaboration. including e-mail programs such as Lotus Sametime lets you instantly find out Notes and Microsoft Outlook, and who's online, communicate through browser clients such as Internet Explorer instant messaging, and even share files or Netscape Navigator. It also provides and applications-all over the Web. complete support for Web and wireless users.
  3. 3. The Top 10 Reasons to Migrate Domino Supports Web and From Exchange to Lotus Domino Wireless Users Unified Domino mailbox. Domino makes Leadership it easy to deliver the support for mobile Domino is the World's Choice for users that today's distributed organiza- Messaging and Collaboration. tions need. You get one unified mailbox Collaborative Applications for Domino and Internet mail, a light- weight mobile directory, full or selective Domino Provides Web Access, Document and Project Management, offline replication, and synchronization Workflow, and more. with PDAs, pagers, and other mobile and wireless devices. Reliability Domino Advanced Security Keeps Mobile collaboration. Even on the go, Your Messages Safe Domino is a Mature, Reliable Solution. Domino users can access collaborative Public Key Infrastructure. Domino's easy Scalability applications using any client, as well to manage PKI provides the foundation Domino Grows with Your Dynamic as mobile and wireless devices. And for numerous security features, includ- Organization. Domino offers superior Web-based ing digital signatures and per-recipient messaging and PIM capabilities. That encryption, access control down to the Easy Administration means the people in your organization individual field level, execution control Domino Lets You Manage From a Single can be doing the work they need to lists, local data encryption on Notes Console. do, instead of just reading about it. clients, and trust relationships in multi- Platform Flexibility organization and Extranet applications. Domino Means Lower Cost Domino is Available on All Major Virus protection. Domino Execution of Ownership Platforms, and offers the best Web- Control Lists (ECLs) protect your comput- based mail/PIM experience available Reduced administrative expense. Domino's ing environment by checking any for browser users. reliability and ease of administration attempted action against the signature means less downtime for end users, and Advanced Security of the developer. Any developer not a better bottom line on your IT budget. Domino Keeps Your Messages Safe authorized in the ECL will trigger an You'll spend less time solving problems- and Secure. Execution Security Alert. This lets you more time using technology to give avoid the security problems with Interoperability your organization an edge. Exchange and Outlook that created Domino Offers Native Support for All A cost-effective solution. Studies have entry points for “Melissa,” “Bubbleboy,” Internet and Messaging Protocols. shown that Domino has the most and “ILOVEYOU.” complete feature set of any messaging Support for Mobile Users Single sign-on. Domino delivers secure product available today. A single invest- Domino Offers a Unified Mailbox, Full or single sign-on in a variety of configura- ment in Domino not only pays off with Selective Offline Replication regardless tions, including Windows NT and secure, reliable messaging, but with of client, and Synchronization with PDAs, Windows 2000 workstations, when the unlimited ability to quickly and Pagers, and Other Wireless Devices. using Microsoft IIS as its HTTP protocol easily develop the powerful collabora- Lower Cost of Ownership layer, and when integrated with IBM tive applications your company needs Websphere. Domino Reduces Administrative and to compete successfully. Server Costs. Reduced server cost. Domino's unlimited scalability means you'll experience direct savings in the areas of server acquisition, implementation, and administration. Domino can grow comfortably with your organization no matter how fast it's expanding.
  4. 4. Domino Upgrade Services 5.05 Exchange to Domino Conversion Chart Microsoft Exchange / Outlook data Notes equivalent User name Full name Exchange directory Person documents in Domino directory Contacts (Outlook) Notes PAB with person documents Personal address books (.PAB file) Group document in Domino directory Distribution lists Group document in PAB Personal distribution lists Still thinking about an upgrade to Exchange 2000? Consider these Red Flags: Nested groups Nested distribution lists Folder in mail file archive database Personal folders (.PST files) ➤ Upgrade Requirements Folder in mail file archive database Archives/backups Before installing Exchange 2000, you have to Folders and subfolders Folders and subfolders be running Windows 2000 AND Exchange 5.5 Drafts folder Outbox folder service pack 3, and have Active Directory Sent folder Sent folder properly configured and deployed-no easy task. Trash folder Wastebasket folder Several configuration changes and service Messages Messages modifications are required before beginning cc recipient list the Exchange 2000 installation. cc recipient list bcc recipients bcc recipients ➤ Security Issues Sender and recipient information Sender and recipient information The “Melissa,” “Bubbleboy,” and “ILOVEYOU” Return receipts Return receipts viruses got their start in an Exchange/Outlook Trash folder Deleted items environment. Exchange 2000 does not offer an Message date, priorities and attachments Message date, priorities and attachments integrated Public Key Infrastructure. Instead, it Msgs with attached MS Office document Microsoft Office documents requires the investment in and administration Rich Text, embedded images, OLE attachments Rich Text, embedded images, OLE attachments of two additional Microsoft server products. Calendaring and scheduling information Calendaring and scheduling information ➤ Reliability Questions Notes appointments Meetings & events To do tasks Tasks and notes According to Creative Networks (November 5, Categories Categories 1999), 42% of Exchange environments are NOT meeting their uptime targets. Further, Exchange Notes appointments Group meetings 2000 is built on top of Windows 2000, linking Mood stamps Sensitivity levels the infrastructure of the mission-critical messag- ing system to a relatively new foundation. Domino Upgrade Services Simplifies Domino Migration Packs Provide ➤ Administrative Difficulties Migration End-to-End Solutions The Exchange 2000 interface is even more • A powerful administrative tool. In just a few • All key components. Lotus Professional Services complex than that of Exchange 5.5. In the clicks, Domino Upgrade Services (part of the Domino and Business Partners have developed a set of Active Directory Users and Computers view, Administrator) lets you import users from a server- migration tools and services to fit the needs of based foreign directory, register imported users, auto- virtually any organization making the move from for example, dialogue boxes have as many as matically create Notes files for registered users, and Exchange to Domino. Lotus Migration Packs are 16 tabs. Some administrative operations in convert mail, calendar, and directory data from available in several different versions, providing Exchange 2000 may even require the assistance Exchange into the Domino environment. increasing levels of the key components required of a programmer. for an easy, successful migration - software, migration • Support for coexistence. Domino supports your tools, education, consulting, and support. coexistence plan with tools that allow the seamless exchange of e-mail and calendar information • Additional customization. Specially enabled Make the upgrade to Domino today. between Domino and Exchange users. Business Partners and Lotus Professional Services can Visit and help you to customize Domino for your organization. • End user support. Domino end-user wizards make we'll give you all the support you need! it easy to convert data such as Exchange archives (PST files) and private directory information. For more information on the Migration Packs and to find a Lotus Business Partner in your area visit © Copyright 2000 Lotus Development Corporation. Lotus Development Corporation, 55 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02142. Lotus Development Canada Ltd., 10 Bay Street,Toronto Ontario M5J2R8. Lotus also has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. Lotus and Lotus Notes are registered trademarks and Domino, Sametime, and Lotus Sametime are trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation. IBM is a registered trade- mark and the e-business logo is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.12/00 Job No. MES-2103|AA Part No.CC7RPNA