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Boardingg - Tweet your travel schedule


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Idea for a quick twitter-based startup that frees you of the 'travel planning' burden. Just tweet when you're boarding your airplane and reap the benefits!

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Boardingg - Tweet your travel schedule

  1. 1. Boardingg Tweet your Travel Schedule. Nano-Startup: < 96 hours, < 50$ 2009年8月9日日曜日
  2. 2. Simply tweet I'm boarding flight KL0862 to Amsterdam, two weeks of good times guaranteed! 2009年8月9日日曜日
  3. 3. Apply some Smarts: Vessel: KL0862 Current location:Tokyo New location in 13 hours:Amsterdam Expected return: now + 2 weeks Nanoformats NLP 2009年8月9日日曜日
  4. 4. Built onTwitter Through Twitter-search, whereabouts are extracted and accounts are automatically created. Will DM you when ‘interesting people’ from your Social Graph are boarding the same Vessel or have overlapping schedules. 2009年8月9日日曜日
  5. 5. Your current whereabouts Your future estimated whereabouts Overlapping travellers Fancy graph visualizations 2009年8月9日日曜日
  6. 6. Market Dopplr and TripIt require discipline and planning. DoYOU like planning? Trip information is gathered through Natural Language Parsing. So just keep on tweeting! 2009年8月9日日曜日