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Shinnoki, hospitality case study


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installation of veneered panels in new constructions upon remote locations is often a pain in the neck: bubbles, scratches, non consistent gloss levels, lacquer defects. Classic defects that make all the hard work of grading and selecting nice veneer useless.
Shinnoki comes in mixed matched veneer gradings, mildly stained, mildly UV blocked, matt lacquered and covered with a protective transparant foil. This allows the builder to process real wood panels as if they were melamine. Also when reordering, consistent panels in color, pattern and lacquer finish are avaible. Even more, the same is available in Parky for flooring.

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Shinnoki, hospitality case study

  1. 1. Hotel Lobby - case study
  2. 2. Consistent Gloss
  3. 3. no lacquer defects
  4. 4. 20 contemporary colors
  5. 5. mix matched veneers for pattern consistancy
  6. 6. creme or antracitemelamine backs for clean inner sides
  7. 7. consistency for all interior woodworks: walls, furniture and floors
  8. 8. Transparant protective film
  9. 9. ceilings at Taj Hotel Resort, Coorg, India
  10. 10. all kinds of edgebendings
  11. 11. pens for finishing touch