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Parky Ebony


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better than banning precious woodspecies for import into the west (i.e. pushing them toward processors in China) is to minimise wood dimensions (thin, short and narrow) and applying them for decorational purposes only. Veneer engineered woodfloor are therefore by principle sustainable. Especially when FSC certified.

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Parky Ebony

  1. 1. . Makassar Ebony, high gloss Supplied and installed glue down by Parky Italia – New Bond Street, London UK
  2. 2. Ebony wa s the firs t woods pe cie s to be give n a na me . The na me de rive d from a ncie nt Egyptia n hbny . During the time of the P ha ra os , e bony wa s us e d for s a rcofa ge a nd golde n ma s k de cora tion. Via the Gre e k a nd the La tin Ebe num, the middle Englis h be ca me comon. Ebony is known for its he a vy bla ck, fine gra ine d with irre gula r te rra cotta color line s he a rtwood. By contra s t, the s a pwood is white . It ta ke s a bout 20 ye a rs for a n Ebony tre e to be come bla ck. Due to the he a vine s s of the wood, the s a pwood is us ua lly re move d in the fore s t a nd not ha rve s te d. Ma ka s s a r Ebony tre e s a re s ma ll to me dium s ize d e ve rgre e ns , re a ching ma ximum 25 m ta ll. Ebony ha s a s ma ll 2 cm be rry fruit, s imila r to a s ma ll pe rs imom. Ebony is the worlds mos t inte ns e bla ck wood. Combine d with its he a vy de ns ity a nd its a bility to be polis he d s moothly, it ha s be come the worlds mos t va lua ble orna me nta l wood.Plaster relief from the temple of Beit el-Wali, Nubia , showing gifts to the pharao (British Museum, London)
  3. 3. During the 17th ce ntury, the Dutch, a t tha t time the bigge s t comme rcia l fle e t inthe world, ha rve s te d Ma ka s s a r Ebony in the a re a of P ort Rotte rda m,S ula we s i, Indone s ia . Ma ka s s a r, the loca ls na me for P ort Rotte rda m, be ca methe na me for the pa rticula ry be a utiful kind of Ebony wood. Initia lly the woodwa s us e d for s hipbuilding. Its s tre ngth a nd ha rdne s s we re a dis tinguis hingcompe titive a dva nta ge to the Dutch fle e t.Fe w de ca de s la te r, a ls o the Fre nch s ta rte d s ys te ma tic Ebony ha rve s ting.Fre nch us e d Ebony for luxury furniture . By the e nd of the 18th ce ntury,Antwe rp be ca me a ce ntre of fine Ebony ca bine t ma nufa cturing. Afte r a whilea ls o in P a ris ca bine tma ke rs be ga n producing e bony pa ne ls . S oon the y we reca lle d "é bè nis te rs ".Ce nturie s of uns us ta ina ble ha rve s ting ha ve ca us e d a lmos t a ll Ebony s pe cie sto be come thre a te ne d a nd e nda nge re d. In mos t we s te rn countrie s , importre s trictions on s olid Ebony a re in pla ce . Mode rn us e of Ebony is re s tricte d tos ma ll s ize d mus ica l ins trume nts (pia no, violin), che s s pie ce s , la ce ma kingbobbins a nd je we lry.In ma ny ca s e s , ins te a d of Ebony, s o ca lle d e bonize d wood is a pplie d.
  4. 4. Mercedez Benz Pappas Gruppe, Salzburg, Austria
  5. 5. Makassar Ebony at De Beers, Printemps, Rue Haussmann, ParisDesign by Caps Architects, Zurich, CHSupply and installation by Floor Tade AG, Schindelegi, CH
  6. 6. Makassar Ebony, auditorium at House of the Futurre, Brussels
  7. 7. . Makassar Ebony