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15 West


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15 West Restaurant & Nightclub proposal

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15 West

  1. 1. 15 West... San Diego’s premier dining and lounge experience The Gas Light District... In the heart of Downtown San Diego, there is a bustling nightlife and social scene that is defying the state of the economy. In the heart of this bustling urban centre, an opportunity to create the latest, trendy hotspot awaits. Our objective is to create the premier dining and club experience in San Diego by bringing class, culture and an energized experience to our patrons. Our team will convert a 15,000 sq. ft. space in the heart of the Gas Lamp District, into San Diego’s newest hotspot. The upstairs section of the open space will be the conservative -- yet sultry -- up-scale restaurant, drawing the elite of the area’s community for an exclusively designed dining experience. The space downstairs will be the VIP dining, lounge & bar experience that will adjoin the nightclub next door. Dinner guests will be able to reserve tables & take part in the night club experience as part of the adjoined business experience. The Restaurant will be an extraordinary, beautiful, Japanese restaurant serving Robata, a form of Japanese tapas, traditional sushi, and a unique variety of Japanese cuisine. There will be a Robata and sushi bar, with spectacular patio dining in the heart of Downtown San Diego. ! 1
  2. 2. 15 WEST The Restaurant of the Stars! Sensual... Ethereal... Mysterious... 15 WEST will be a Modern Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Bar and Sake Lounge that embraces the flavor of traditional Japan wile catering to the most exclusively hip, sophisticated and famous clientele of sunny San Diego. Taking a cue from Japan’s popular sake bars and traditional Houses of entertainment, 15 WEST will serve Japanese cuisine as well as fresh sushi and sashimi dishes with a contemporary spin. Delight in our eclectic medley of gourmet plates paired with lascivious libations. Whether it’s a wrap party or a simple dinner for two, 15 WEST will be a destination point for groups of all sizes. 15 WEST wi! be the premier destination for San Diego’s VIP’s 15 WEST will provide a sexy dining experience to titillate the senses, beginning with the palate and continuing from there... 15 WEST provides the vibe, the music, and the intoxicating tones necessary to create sensuality through taste, touch, smell, and complete stimulation. Sensually dressed hostesses, traditionally dressed waitresses, seared albacore, a daring menu, Sake-Infused Martinis, Kama sutra... all lead to one thing... the ultimate evening experience. This is Sexy, Erotic, Elite... This is 15 WEST ! 2
  3. 3. ! 15 West... San Diego’s premier boutique nightclub and lounge destination The Ultimate Evening Experience 15 WEST, San Diego’s premier boutique nightclub bar and lounge destination, is at the axis of the lively Gaslight District nightlife. Rich wood surroundings, glowing low-lights and supple leather elements evoke sensory seduction, much as our gourmet small plates and medley of libations delight... During scheduled evenings, the club is designed to spring to life with vibrant festivity. Our clientele will enjoy an invigorating mix of house music or a deft blend of current hits, pop remixes and R&B by our resident and celebrity guest DJs. Whether you seek a night of dancing or a quiet niche for an intimate conversation, 15 WEST is meticulously designed to create an atmosphere of class, desire, sensuality and discerning taste. ! 3
  4. 4. Inside the Playground UPSTAIRS 15 WEST top level boasts ambient lighting and a blend of intimate lounge and banquette seating accented by a gold, orange and red color palette. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan, the upstairs lounge is the perfect vantage point to watch an unforgettable evening unfold. MAIN Our airy main floor features atmospheric lighting, a vast dance floor & lounge, upholstered banquettes, and a beautifully appointed mahogany bar traversing the room. DOWNSTAIRS Plush couches and mirrors line 15 WEST’s cavernous downstairs lounge, also known as “The Basement”; is exclusively reserved for private functions & VIP. Exclusive VIP Atmosphere VIP The key to much of our success in the inner circles of the music & entertainment industry has been our celebrity Meet & Greet Packages for industry insiders and fans. For this Grand Opening, we are planning an ! exclusive “Meet the Stars” event with hors d’ oeuvres, food and champagne. We are working in collaboration with Clear Channel Communications, A-List Celebrities, professional sports franchises and the industry’s hottest music artists to create a MASSIVE Marketing campaign to promote this venue throughout Southern California – especially in San Diego County To the victor go the spoils... ! 4
  5. 5. Exclusive Atmosphere Tables Only Because of the A-List crowd that will be driving patrons to this event, the entire ambiance within both the restaurant and nightclub will be of posh elegance, decadence, exclusivity and success. Entry to the nightclub at VIP events will require purchase of a table with a 2 bottle minimum. This policy guarantees a certain caliber of clientele and a maximum profit per client. High-end alcohols Clients with discerning tastes will find that 15 West are purveyors of fine wines, champagne and spirits from around the world. Even the most sophisticated aficionados and celebrity guests will be given the opportunity to pre-order their cocktail menus to ensure that their beverages of choice are in stock. First Class Service What inevitably will distinguish the 15 WEST experience from so many other night spots, aside from the ambiance and celebrity guest list, is the world-class service and attention to detail. Only the most experienced, exciting and engaging professionals will be hired as part of our staff. Setting The Stage – Design First Impressions The interior design of the restaurant, lounge and night club will be created to be contiguous in theme while inspiring a sense of royal elegance that bespeaks success, desire, exclusivity and sensuality. The first and last impression of every client are meant, by design to be awe inspiring. ! 5
  6. 6. Estimated Startup Expense Low-End High-End Type of Expense Estimate Estimate Rent (security deposit & first month) $3,000 $12,000 Leasehold improvements (heating/air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, kitchen $25,000 $150,000 upgrade, restroom upgrade, flooring, smoke detectors) Interior Design and Refurbishing (including tables, $15,000 $45,000 chairs) Equipment/Fixtures (audio/lighting lease payment, DJ sound system, bar equipment, lasers, smoke machines, $35,000 $125,000 stage sets, mirror objects, other equipment) Kitchen Equipment (draft dispenser, microbrew equipment, commercial kitchen, hand sinks, concession $10,000 $40,000 equipment, etc.) Cash Reserves $50,000 $150,000 Signage (exterior, exit signs, etc.) $5,000 $15,000 Legal Fees, Licenses and Permits $18,000 $40,000 Point of Sales systems (including merchant accounts, $10,000 $35,000 credit card terminals, etc.) Fire Fighting Enterprises (fire sprinkler systems, fire $15,000 $30,000 alarm, fire extinguishers, etc.) Beginning Inventory (bar supplies, food) $15,000 $40,000 Opening Salaries Deposits $15,000 $50,000 Insurance $500 $4,000 Grand Opening Marketing $1,000 $25,000 TOTAL START-UP EXPENSE $239,250 $837,100 Creating the Brand & Marketing Product Branding and Marketing are the lifeblood of any restaurant and/or nightclub business. In order to draw the expected 5,000+ customers per week, we must design innovative ways to promote the business, increase the level of awareness about the nightspot within the target markets, and reach new customers while keeping the regulars. Some of the most common marketing strategies employed by our Branding and Strategic Marketing teams include: Advertising & Promotions. Our management team uses advertising to promote their business. Radio advertising has proven to be a potent tool for bringing customers to nightclubs. However, because of our intimate affiliation ! 6
  7. 7. with A-List celebrities and athletes, the Local and National tabloids are an innovative method of cross-branding with TV personalities to draw massive attention to our venture. Brand awareness can also be enhanced with promotional methods such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook when promoted by celebrity personalities directly to their fan-base and peer groups. Grand opening. Our management team has leveraged decades of relationships in the entertainment industry as well as personal relationships as an invaluable investment that, when coupled with a significant portion of the marketing budget, is guaranteed to not only make a big splash for the opening event, but in essence, completely brand the endeavor as the Premier venue in the San Diego Area. The public relations activity as well as advertising work towards creating excitement about the new night spot will be a unique and multi-faceted venture. Our relationships with Clear Channel communications and the number One Radio stations in Southern California will give a massive push for our contests and events giving away VIP passes to our Celebrity Studded Grand Openings and Premier events create awareness about the nightclub. Events marketing. Club events organized by themes have become essential marketing tool for nightclub facilities. Events typically bring up the entertainment factor in the club a notch, more so if the event features celebrities. Because of the national attention our celebrity affiliates bring to the venture, our nightclub can host large-scale, indoor/outdoor events, frequent concert-style shows, product release parties, etc. B2B Marketing. Because of affiliated business ventures, our Branding and Strategic marketing teams have leveraged relationships with Professional Sports Franchises, Record Labels, Radio Stations and TV Personalities. These relationships in turn generate peripheral marketing buzz on their own and in turn generate more publicity, driving status of access no all new heights. Word of mouth. The hip factor, quality of our service, exclusivity and the overall reputation of this nightclub will fuel positive word of mouth. Coupled with other marketing efforts, such as Celebrity Twitter accounts and MySpace, word of mouth is THE essential crowd drawer in our niche of the nightclub business. For example, people are more willing to check out a club highly recommended by their friends, peers, or relatives, more so if word spreads around that the club is where the hottest celebrities hang out at night. Web site. A company’s web site is coming to be an integral element in nightclub marketing. Web sites can be an effective tool for raising awareness, catching attention and letting everyone who was not able to attend know just what is being missed by not being in the mix. ! 7
  8. 8. The Target Market – Research San Diego has an exceptionally well insulated economy that has weathered the storm of our nations economy far better than most communities. With several exclusive, oceanside communities spanning the western span of the County, the demographics speak for themselves. San Diego is experiencing an increase in median income, property values and net worth. With an average age of 35, this community is completely primed to host THE newest Southern California premier location for entertainment, fine dining and special events. ! ! 8
  9. 9. Investment Term Sheet Amount Requested: $550,000 USD Term of Use: Up to Sixty Calendar Months and One Day with possibility of mutually agreed extension based on account settlement. Return on Investment: 20% return on Principal invested per annum, for a contract return of 100% ROI plus return of principal. Payments to be made on the first day of each month starting 90 days after initial investment. Purpose of Funds: To facilitate the Rapid launch of Marketing Contracts, Acquisition of Venue, retainer of Artist & celebrity sponsors, perform per contract and remodeling of nightclub & restaurant: CONTRACT CONTRACTED EXCLUSIVE MARKET ACCESS 15 West Remodel $100,000 Design & Remodel of 15 West Restaurant & Lounge $350,000 Marketing & Promotions $50,000 San Diego, Los Angeles Orange Counties Grand Opening/ VIP Meet & Greet Event $50,000 Project Budget $550,000 USD All invested funds will be distributed according to contract and investor agreements. The entire financial aspect of the investor funds in the transaction will be handled through the Attorney Trust Account of Lisa A. Cervantes, Esq. Cervantes & Associates An Entertainment Law Firm T: 323.333.2553 | F: 310.315.1404 ! 10