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Winter Edition 2011/2012   Gabby1 Recruitment is the culmination of a pool                           of talent: It is the ...
The ClientGabby1 is owned and managed by a team of directors and consultants who haveworked at senior levels within the se...
The Candidate             Gabby1 is no ordinary recruitment company!             We consider the welfare of our candidates...
G Our underlying aim always is to find the RIGHT candidate for the RIGHTThe Process             job at the RIGHT company. ...
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The Gabby1 Brochure


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The Gabby1 Brochure - an overview of Client and Candidate Services provided by Gabby1 Specialist Recruitment Consultancy. Permanent and Contract Employment Solutions to the Construction, Engineering, Energy and IT&C Sectors in London and the UK

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The Gabby1 Brochure

  1. 1. Winter Edition 2011/2012 Gabby1 Recruitment is the culmination of a pool of talent: It is the next step in the evolution of the recruitment process. Established in direct response to the increasing demand from industry for a truly professional, dedicated and committed provider of quality services, Gabby1 was specifically created to address the actual needs of the client and to lead the way in developing and constantly improving the standard of service offered by the recruitment consultancy sector. Gabby1 provides Permanent, Interim and Contract recruitment to the following major sectors: G Construction G Engineering, Renewable Energy and Manufacturing G IT and Telecommunications G Retail The recruitment industry in the UK and Europe is a growing and competitive one. The need for outsourced recruitment has become so necessary that in far too many instances the services provided are profoundly lacking in the key elements that the client fundamentally requires. Gabby1 is committed to relentlessly refining the service to which both the client AND the candidate is entitled and which are, in our opinion, a precondition to an all encompassing and fully comprehensive Recruitment Consultancy Package. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Gabby1 has instead re-evaluated, fine-tuned and advanced the recruitment process. Try as we might to make it sound more complicated than it is or to portray the services we provide as anything other than straightforward, the fact is recruitment, if managed professionally and diligently, is an outsourced mechanism designed specifically to save the client time and money. No amount of colours, bells and whistles will change that. A twenty page brochure or scientifically proven analytical terminology can never substitute for a personal and professional hands-on service. Whilst we do indeed employ various tools to vet and score our candidates, ultimately the success that Gabby1 enjoys comes about as a result of the way in which we interact with the client and the candidate, adhere to our proven philosophy and live up to our guarantees, reputation and ethos. Importantly though, Gabby1 provides so much more to both the client AND the candidate…
  2. 2. The ClientGabby1 is owned and managed by a team of directors and consultants who haveworked at senior levels within the sectors that we supply services to. We understand yourrequirements and rather than dictating what you want, we listen and provide what you need.But finding staff is the easy part and something that any agency can do and invoice for: However, thereis more to it that just reading a few CV’s! Gabby1 has developed a comprehensive recruitmentprocess that assures the client will receive the perfectly matched candidate every time. To compliment theconscientious and dedicated advice given by our team of recruitment consultants, the services that Gabby1provides to all its clients automatically include:G A personal and obligation-free assessment meeting with a Senior Gabby1 ConsultantG Full candidate vetting and profiling, “right-to-work” confirmation, competency and skills testing, CRB, referencing and one-to-one interviews with a Gabby1 ConsultantG Assistance with creating Job DescriptionsG Interview assistance (if required)G Individually negotiated terms of businessG Client and Candidate follow-up after placementG Full feedback and reporting during the recruitment processG 24-hour availabilityG No jargon, just a clear and concise process and serviceG Automatic invitation to receive a Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card* Paramount to the success and results of the Recruitment Process is communication. An integral element of the service that we provide to all our clients is our ability both to observe and * The Gabby1 Platinum to understand the atmosphere, principles Reward Card is a unique and and culture of our client and their Exclusive Rewards Programme environment. The whole ethos of Gabby1 that provides members with invaluable is to not merely provide a candidate who recruitment resources and substantial corresponds to the job description but savings on the costs of recruitment. It rewards who will ALSO fit in with their new clients for repeat business. For further details, workplace, colleagues and habitat. please speak to your Gabby1 Consultant or The advantage to this approach contact the Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card Manager. offers two major benefits to the client: Firstly, it maximises staff retention thus reducing the need for further recruitment and, secondly, as a consequence, it minimises the client’s costs of recruitment.
  3. 3. The Candidate Gabby1 is no ordinary recruitment company! We consider the welfare of our candidates to be as EQUALLY important as the wellbeing of our clients. The whole approach of Gabby1 is reinforced by our policy to always match the RIGHT candidate to the RIGHT job with the RIGHT company. To achieve this, Gabby1 believes it is essential that the candidate is involved with the process and treated with the same level of respect and appreciation as we accord to all our customers. Whether you are a school leaver or graduate, a second jobber wanting to move up the ladder, a contractor seeking a new assignment, a middle manager looking for a more demanding role, a senior professional in need of a career change or a new applicant from overseas, Gabby1 is here to help you and guide you through the process of finding new employment and a new employer. Gabby1 is very pleased therefore to be leading the way in the recruitment industry by offering to all of our candidates a consultancy service and free assistance on issues such as: G Interview technique and preparation G CV appraisal G Skills training and assessment G Obtaining appropriate “Right-To-Work” status G National Insurance Number G Tax Returns and Self Assessment Speak to a member of the Gabby1 team to discuss your position and to find out how to register with us for future vacancies. To be able to register and activate your availability, you will need the following information – proof of valid and current identification (passport, drivers licence, ID card, etc.), documentation confirming you have the right to work in the UK, your full contact details (including permanent address and mobile telephone number), appropriate trade certificates or proof of qualification and two references from your most recent employers. If you have anyenquiries or would like additional advice, simply telephone the Gabby1 office and ask to speak to a candidate advisor.
  4. 4. G Our underlying aim always is to find the RIGHT candidate for the RIGHTThe Process job at the RIGHT company. To achieve this we devote a great deal of time, effort, expense and experience. G Through our agreed network of 82 offices nationwide, we can accommodate candidate interviews at locations close to most clients. G A step-by-step, jargon-free, proven and efficient recruitment procedure – full accountability and regular progress updates are guaranteed to the client during each stage of the placement process. G Whilst the process is an established formula, it is impossible to sacrifice time without compromising quality. Therefore, no Gabby1 consultant works on more than three projects simultaneously. This ensures sufficient attention is always paid to each client through to successful contract completion. G In providing to all our clients a fully transparent and comprehensive package of exceptionally high quality, Gabby1 offers a quantifiable and measurable service that is becoming a benchmark in the recruitment industry by which our competition define themselves. We lead, they follow, you benefit. G Anyone applying to be accepted onto the Gabby1 Candidate database needs first to provide all the relevant documentation before being considered for an interview with one of our consultants. A client will NEVER be referred a candidate that has not been fully vetted, tested and interviewed by us first. G Our attention is focused very much on our client’s staff retention levels. The candidates we provide and the positions we fill are done so with a long-term objective. Therefore, any candidate you receive from us will possess the highest possible score in relation to relevant competency and be fully qualified for the role as per the client specification. Further, unless we are confident that the candidate and client match in terms of “values” and “attitude” we simply will not put him or her forward for the position. G Gabby1 is so confident in its abilities to optimise candidate suitability that we offer all our clients a guarantee in the form of an extended rebate period! (Up to 16 weeks for clients who possess a Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card*) As a company in need of staff (either contract or permanent) you will know that outsourcing your recruitment is economical, effective and efficient. You will also know that there are costs attached to using such a service. Those costs should be affordable. However, those costs also need to reflect the service you receive. In our experience, there are essentially two levels of service available to any customer from any provider – a cheap, quick fix that gets the job done, but requires constant amendment, repair or replacement; or a fairly priced one that gives you what you want, when you need it, has added benefits and which lasts. Gabby1 is a bespoke provider of quality, long-lasting and professional recruitment services specifically tailored to each client and unique requirement. Our costs accurately mirror our abilities and professionalism.Lakeside House, We are 100% confident that we offer true value for money AND can make a1, Furzeground Way, significant and beneficial improvement to your workforce.Stockley Park,London, UB11 1BD. To arrange your free, no-obligation consultation with a senior member of theTel: 0845 5197 566 Gabby1 Staff and Recruitment Team, please contact us and allow us to introduceTel: 0208 622 3361 our processes and philosophy to you personally.