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  • *PRESS BUTTON*Hello, I am Dominic Rose, candidate number 6023 and this is my A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaAnd I am going to be presenting my coursework of brief 2, A promotion package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer, together with a poster for the film. And a film magazine front cover, featuring the film;*PRESS BUTTON*Here is my evaluation*PRESS BUTTON*
  • *PRESS BUTTON*QUESTION 1;In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?*PRESS BUTTON*I first reminded myself of the forms and conventions I found in research and planning.Ancillary text; Film magazine front cover• Photo of main character• Prop significant to the plot• Title of film and tagline• Title of magazine• Adverts for other films• Photo shows: plot, genre, main character, sums up the story in one, inviting for viewers to read.Bearing these in mind I deconstructed my own magazine cover*PRESS BUTTON*I use the forms and conventions ofPhoto of main charactersWebsiteTitle of film / Main articleTitle of magazineTagline And Protagonist in front of the titleThese are used so that a reader can recognise that this is a film magazine front cover*PRESS BUTTON*I developed the form and convention of Colour schemeBecause I chose to use red; Red is a very striking and draws a consumers attention yet, Red connotes love and romance which is the genre of the film.Red also connotes anger, this anger is shown in combination with the photo because Jay is looking past Charlotte as though he is angry and annoyed with her. Charlotte is looking directly at the camera which is exactly as her focal character persona shows. *PRESS BUTTON*I challenged the forms and conventions ofBarcodeOther articlesOther tagline of magazineThe barcode and other tagline are combined together to show that the magazine is a free magazine available at cinemas. The use of a barcode show the consumer that this magazine is worthy enough to have a barcode because it is good enough to be sold yet having ‘FREE’ across it shows that the magazine is being offered to use as a privilege, that the fact that the magazine is free isn’t what is selling the magazine. It’s the content.My other articles are shown in two places of the magazine in the bottom right corner and to the centre left of the magazine.Those at the centre left take the typical form and convention of a film magazine by showing what’s in the magazine showcasing famous names such as Julia Robert and Helena Bartholomew.Yet the articles in the bottom right corner are shown with thumbnails and article titles, this gives the reader a more professional idea of what is in the magazine without having to look at the contents page.Each article is revealant to the magazine. News shows the poster of ‘Charlotte’ and interviews with Ross Wilkes and Charlotte Denness, Ross’s name is first to reinforce the fact that he is the protagonist.Reviews shows a picture from Date de la morte a short film that my other class mates made and are reviewing, so I used this so that there review could be in my magazineReleases shows a picture of a recent performance for my a level performing arts which I made into a thumbnail for a release of a low budget film of Marat / SadeSo in my magazine front cover I feel I have successfully used, developed and challenged the forms and conventions of real media products.
  • *PRESS BUTTON*Like before I reminded myself of the forms and conventions Ancillary task; Film Poster• Tells the plot• Appealing (artistic)• Title• Producers company• Company names and Titles• Tagline• Release Date*PRESS BUTTON*I used the forms and conventions ofTaglineAge ratingCompany names and titlesInstitutionWebsiteRelease dateAndFilm titleSo a consumer would recognise this as a film poster.*PRESS BUTTON*I developed the form and convention ofUsing an appealing artistic photosI used hearts as a background to show the genre of the film. Yet I used an artistic approach of having one blue heart beside Jake as this shows the cold-heartedness in Charlotte and Jake’s relationship. I had the cast lying down to show that Charlotte and Jake were relaxed and comfortable where as Jay was sat up looking to the audience.*PRESS BUTTON*I challenged the forms and conventions ofColour schemeActor / Actress’ namesTelling the plot through the photoI chose to use a colour scheme of a darkish blue as opposed to the usual colour scheme of romance films being red, white or pink this is because I am aiming my film at a different audience to them. This represents the protagonist being a male and the male influence of the film. It also like the blue heart connotes the cold-heartedness throughout the film between Jay and Charlotte, Charlotte and Jake and Jay and Rachel.I challenged the form and convention of the actor and actress names by having Charlotte my main actress placed at the end of the list of actors and actress’. You can still tell that she is a lead actress as her name is larger than James and Helena. I did this so that it showed how far apart Jay and Charlotte are and that Ross is the lead actor. Telling the plot throughout the film poster is different to most as they will usually have their lead actor in the middle so that the audience focuses on them. Yet I have placed Ross to the left with eye contact with the audience to show that he is the lead actor yet the films focus is on Charlotte and that’s why she is in the middle*PRESS BUTTON*
  • *PRESS BUTTON*For my teaser trailer I refreshed the forms and conventions form my researchMain task: Teaser TrailersShort. Often between 30-90 secondsReleased a long before the actual film is releasedTold through titlesMusic in backgroundTells the story vaguelySnippets of the plot and best parts of the filmShows the institution that makes the filmChange in music at significant point*PRESS BUTTON*I then deconstructed my teaser trailer.I use the forms and conventions ofHaving a short trailer mine being 82 seconds longUsing titles (friendship, complications, love)And Showing my institution at the beginning I show Rose films and mountain entertainment*PRESS BUTTON*I developed the form and convention ofUsing music in the backgroundI chose to use the coral – dreaming of you a hit released in 2002 although being such an old song it still encompasses everything about my film, it is more upbeat and fun compared to pixie lotts broken arrow but still shows exact what the film is about. It is widely different to other romance trailer songs as they as usually by top selling female artists.*PRESS BUTTON*I challenge the forms and conventions ofTells the story vaguelySnippets of filmChange in musicI tell the story vaguely but a bit more in depth than other trailers, such as showing the scene between Jay and Charlotte kissing. This was done so that my audience would understand more clearly about the film seen as though I am not actually going to make it. I feel this is still kept within the forms and conventions as only dialogue and voiceover show the main point of the film such as the conflict between Jake and Jay. Jay’s love of Charlotte and how Charlotte goes to Jay with her problems.The snippets of the film are shown mainly through the sequence between the title ‘Love’ and when Jake speaks. I tried to make the section be able to stand on its own so that only if you just watched this section you would still understand the film. What stands out of something that been made for a trailer and not for the film is the hand sequence. Reflecting on it this could have been improved by adding another shot in between to make it seem not so rehearsed.I did not change my music in the trailer. I simply cut out the section in the middle of the song so that I would have more instrumental so that an audience would focus more on the action on screen. The shows that the focus throughout the film stays the same yet the story carries on and becomes more intense.Throughout the trailer I used varied camera angles, shot distances and camera movements, such as in the letter writing scene I shoot from a high angle as I move around him. This along with the editing between the 5 costumes shows the passing of time whilst writing the letter, this along with the different shots in the love to Jake sequence shows the passing of time because I wanted to try and include the whole film within the trailer.The mise-en-scene on the pier scene it what I thought really made this trailer professional, even though it is shot in ‘gritty’ England the lights reflecting of the water show that everything is pointing towards charlotte that even the lights go into the water on this moment showing that it is the pinnacle moment in the film.
  • *PRESS BUTTON*QUESTION 2;How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?*PRESS BUTTON*The combination of my tasks are very effective as there are strong links between all three such asThe Tagline is used as the titles within the teaser trailer and on the film poster. Using these three words of ‘friendship, complications, love’ encapsulates the film and the repetition of this gives my target audience an insight to the film.,The Institutions from the teaser trailer and on the film poster are the same this shows the consistency through my work and that I all elements are the same and as if from a real film.The release date of Winter 2011 are the same on teaser trailer and film poster. These needs to stay the same as they are both advertising the film and when an audience can see the film is important to the advertising as without it an audience cannot access the product.Charlotte being the focal character is shown throughout my three texts. On the film poster Charlotte is shown with eye contact to the audience immediately building a bond with them, Charlotte is centre in the film poster, showing she is the focal character yet with Jay sitting up and eye contact we can tell he is the protagonist. Charlotte is shown as the focal character in the teaser trailer by starting the film with her and the majority of shots being on her. This constant focus on charlotte reiterates throughout each text the narrative of the film which is what my texts are trying to do sell the film and it’s narrative.The use of red throughout my texts emphasizes the genre of the film being romance, Red is used in the poster and magazine through it’s background. In my teaser trailer it is shown through Charlotte’s hair keeping us fixed upon her and the café scene when the lighting is all red behind them creating a love scene.I have used my poster on my film magazine cover in the News section as this is because my audience would have seen the poster and the magazine makes reference to the poster to reinforce what the article is about.*PRESS BUTTON*I feel that the combination of the texts are strong and look as though they are all about the same film and could be used as successful promotion pack of a film. This is because all of my texts are targeted at the same target audience this is what professional promotion packs do as with out targeting at the same audience then the movie would not sell as it would be trying to draw in audience from all different areas where as mine targets the niche audience and tries to represent and appeal to them throughout. Which I feel confident in saying that it does. *PRESS BUTTON*
  • *PRESS BUTTON*Question 3: What have you learnt from your audience feedback?*PRESS BUTTON*I got my audience feedback from different places;Firsty from youtube where I posted the videoHere shows my comments; one said ‘well edited, great voice quality, titles flow well, style remains relevant to genre, music choice good, conflict represented, ‘gritty’ British film’From this audience feedback I have learnt that what I feared most about the trailer was actually pretty good, this was the voice over as I felt unhappy with it yet it appears to work acording to my target audience, I have learnt also that without realising it I have shown a typical british film this is a bonus with my trailer as I have shown this through the mannerism of the characters the locations and choice of music. After this feedback has lead me to believe that my film would sell better in britian as apposed to america.*PRESS BUTTON*Focus groupAfter seeing my draft teaser trailer my focus group said that most scenes were to dark and couldn’t see them and couldn’t understand the plot because of this.After fixing that for my final trailer my focus group said that the teaser trailer is very well rehearsed and looks very proffesional the only downfall is the handheld camera.These feedback saying that my main problem with the trailer is the accessiblity to filming equipment, which is something I could hardly change due to availbilty of equipment in school. I tried the best by using lots of pans and moving shots so that I would not need to show the handheld qualities throughout the trailer yet having still shots are a form and convention of teaser trailer and I feel that I did the best with what I had. I did use a tripod when avaible to me such as on the café and the beach scene. Top improve this for further work I need to be able to use better equipment than what I used to film this production.*PRESS BUTTON*I posted my teaser trailer on facebook where my peers could comment on the trailer.8 people liked the trailer1 friend commented on the letter writing scene, and 2 others liked this. After posting it on facebook I had comments from my peers at schol saying they loved the trailer especcialy the letter writing scene.From this I have learnt that the letter writing scene is so popular because I tried some experimental camera work whilst Jay changes clothes whilst writing the letter to show the passing of time. I need to use more experimental camera work to improve my marks for next time.
  • *PRESS BUTTON*QUESTION 4;How did you use new media technologies in the research and planning, construction and evaluation stages?Throughout the production I used Blogger – as this is how you the examiner are seeing my workYouTube – as this is how I am putting my videos onto blogger for you to see them and so that other youtubers can see themThe internet – as again this is how you are seeing my work and where I can upload all of my production. I also used the internet to look at previous a level students work and professional work so I can get an understanding of what I am to do.*PRESS BUTTON*During my research and planning I used iPhoto as this is the program on my Mac that lets me upload photos to the computer. This helped me as it allowed me to use photos that I had taken so I can see how my final construction would look like.I also used iPhoto in my construction of my film poster and magazine cover as this allowed me to add more saturation and brighten the image to make it more appealing to an audience. *PRESS BUTTON*Throughout my construction I used GIMP this is a program similar to Photoshop yet free to the school and free to download the enabled me to construct my film magazine cover and film poster as this program would let me cut around images choose backgrounds and tell me use a variety of texts.I used iMovie to construct the main of my teaser trailer I had to construct the teaser trailer without music on iMovie as this program wouldn’t let me fit music to specific parts that I wanted. I also used iMovie to voiceover my work and to add the titles and editingWindows live movie maker was used to add in the music and to add in extra details such as the age rating and the names of company and producers at the bottom giving the teaser trailer a proffesional touch.*PRESS BUTTON*In my evaluation I used Facebook so that a mass audience could see production and give me feedback. Which I then used to answer question 3.Overall I feel that I used new media technologies to the best ability throughout my production.
  • *PRESS BUTTON*I am Dominic Rose, candidate number 6023 and this is my A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaAnd that brings my evaluation presentation and my whole portfolio to a closeThank-you for watching
  • Evaluation - Dominic Rose

    1. 1. A2 G324:Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />1. Research and Planning<br />2. Construction<br /> Teaser Trailer –(Main Task)<br />Film Poster – (Subsidiary Task)<br />Film Magazine Front Cover – (Subsidiary Task)<br />3. Evaluation<br />Evaluation<br />
    2. 2. A2 G324:Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />QUESTION 1;<br />In what ways does your media product use develop or <br />challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />Ancillary text; Film magazine front cover<br />• Photo of main character<br />• Prop significant to the plot<br />• Title of film and tagline<br />• Title of magazine<br />• Adverts for other films<br />• Photo shows: plot, genre, main character, sums up the story in one, inviting for viewers to read.<br />http://www.empireonline.com/magazine/<br />http://www.totalfilm.com/<br />http://www.bfi.org.uk/sightandsound/<br />Use;<br /><ul><li>Photo of main characters
    3. 3. website
    4. 4. title of film / main article
    5. 5. title of magazine
    6. 6. tagline
    7. 7. protagonist in front of magazine title</li></ul>Develop;<br /><ul><li>Colour Scheme</li></ul>Challenge;<br /><ul><li>Barcode
    8. 8. other articles
    9. 9. other tagline of magazine</li></li></ul><li>A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />QUESTION 1;<br />In what ways does your media product use develop or <br />challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />Ancillary task; Film Poster<br />• Tells the plot<br />• Appealing (artistic)<br />• Title<br />• Producers company<br />• Company names and Titles<br />• Tagline<br />• Release Date<br />http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_poster<br />Use;<br /><ul><li>Tagline
    10. 10. Age rating
    11. 11. Company names and titles
    12. 12. Institution
    13. 13. website
    14. 14. release date
    15. 15. film title</li></ul>Develop;<br /><ul><li>Appealing (artistic)</li></ul>Challenge;<br /><ul><li>Colour Scheme
    16. 16. Actor / Actress names
    17. 17. Telling the plot</li></li></ul><li>A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />QUESTION 1;<br />In what ways does your media product use develop or <br />challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />Main task:Teaser Trailers<br /><ul><li>Short. Often between 30-90 seconds
    18. 18. Released a long before the actual film is released
    19. 19. Told through titles
    20. 20. Music in background
    21. 21. Tells the story vaguely
    22. 22. Snippets of the plot and best parts of the film
    23. 23. Shows the institution that makes the film
    24. 24. Change in music at significant point</li></ul>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaser_trailer<br />Use;<br /><ul><li>30-90 seconds long
    25. 25. titles
    26. 26. show institution</li></ul>Develop;<br /><ul><li>music in background</li></ul>Challenge;<br /><ul><li> tells the story vaguely
    27. 27. snippets of film
    28. 28. change in music</li></li></ul><li>A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />QUESTION 2;<br />How effective is the combination of your main <br />products and ancillary texts?<br />Film magazine<br />cover<br />Film poster<br />Teaser Trailer<br />Tagline<br />Institution<br />Release dates<br />Charlotte being the focal character<br />Use of red <br />Poster on cover<br />Target audience<br />
    29. 29. A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />QUESTION 3;<br />What have you learnt from your audience feedback?<br />Well rehearsed and professional; downfall of handheld camera <br />
    30. 30. A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />QUESTION 4;<br />How did you use new media technologies in the <br />research and planning, construction and evaluation stages?<br />
    31. 31. A2 G324: Advanced Portfolio in MediaDominic Rose 6023<br />Thank-you for watching<br />