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  1. 1. The bombing of Hiroshima and NagasakiBy: Calvin ,Bryan, Anthony, Gabriel
  2. 2. Making of the Atomic Bomb In 1941 Roosevelt thought the best defense was for the US to develop atomic weapons. It was called the Manhattan project which cost them about 2 billion$. Three atomic bombs were made in the project, in the Los Alamos
  3. 3. The DecisionDropping the Atomic bomb was the most controversial issue in the 20th centuryImportant Question about the issue: Did it have to happen?Will it happen again into a more catastrophic way?
  4. 4. Enola Gay  The “Enola Gay” piloted by Paul W. Tibbits dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima.
  5. 5. The Bombing of Hiroshima  At 6:00 a Atomic Bomb was fully armed and on board  At 7:00, Japanese detected aircraft heading toward Japan, they warned the citizens, but they saw nothing happen and didn’t believe.  2nd warning, no one believed the warning, at 8:16, Hiroshima got bombed.
  6. 6. Bombing of Nagasaki  August 9th, 11:02 AM:Bomb fell on Nagasaki  About 270,000 people people were present in the bombing73,884 were killed and 74,909 were injured.  After the bombing of Nagasaki,Japan surrenders.
  7. 7. The Effect Cancer was caused by radiation and the unborn had mental problems when born. People got burned. Some got Leukemia People also got chromosome injury The survivors of the bomb had long time radiation problems
  8. 8. Dr. Michihiko Hachiya This story is about a doctor who was one of the survivors of the bombing and he wrote all of this into his journal. "The hour was early; the morning still, warm, and beautiful. Suddenly, a strong flash of light startled me - and then another. Garden shadows disappeared. The view where a moment before had been so bright and sunny was now dark and hazy. A profound weakness overcame me, so I stopped to regain my strength. All over the right side of my body I was cut and bleeding. Where was my wife? Suddenly thoroughly alarmed, I began to yell for her Yaeko-san, pale and frightened, her clothes torn and blood stained I pressed my hand to the bleeding area, Could I go on?
  9. 9. Timeline Manhattan Project -1941 Planning to drop bomb - July 25, 1945 Bombing of Hiroshima-August 6, 1945 Bombing of Nagasaki - August 9,1945 Japan surrenders - August 14,1945
  10. 10. Key Points The bombing was for preventing the Japanese from invading other countries. The bomb affected many lives after affects by cancer. The Hiroshima was bombed of August 6th, 1945, and Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945, after Nagasaki was bombed, Japan surrenders. Koba Hillside protected some Japanese from not getting killed in Nagasaki. The bomb “Fat man” had about 10,000 tons of TNT in it.
  11. 11. END  Thank you for listening to our presentation..  <---------”fat man” and “Little boy” bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki  -Anthony -Calvin -Gabriel -Bryan